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SAVE MIYA! A Sufokian Valentine's Day Event (Friday Feb 12, 9pm EST/6pm PST, Sufokia Outpost)

By Pyronamic101 - MEMBER - February 10, 2016, 07:27:35
It was the eve of Valentine's Day.

Everyone was getting ready to spend some time with their sweethearts.

When suddenly....


Sufokia's lovable Vice-Governor, Miya-Koi, has been kidnapped!

We've looked far and wide and checked around everywhere, but we just can't find her.

Reports have it that she's been kidnapped by the Army General, Thousand. He's a crafty bugger - adept at hiding, and even more sharp of wit - it'll take every bit of help we can get to take him down and rescue Miya.

So this Friday, February 12th* at
9pm EST (6pm PST), swing by Sufokia Outpost to join in on the fun!
We'll be doing three things:

i) Thousand is probably hiding somewhere in Sufokia, but we're still trying to piece together some clues! We'll have to go on a scavenger hunt to find the kidnapper!

ii) When we find Thousand, we'll have to defeat him in a contest of trivial wisdom! So brush up on your knowledge of the World of Twelve, cause it's trivia time!

iii) Miya will undoubtedly be ecstatic at being rescued, so she'll give all contestants a chance to win her over with disgustingly cheesy pickup lines in a variety of categories!

Prizes, from consumables to pets to costumes, will be provided to those that help out the most in each of the three categories

Players from all nations of the World of Twelve are welcome! We'll be needing all the help we can get!

Hope to see a few of you guys there!

Governor of Sufokia

*So as to not interfere with your ACTUAL Valentine's Day plans wink
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;w; save me!

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this is great! very creative, lets hope its not like the "Adream incident"
Btw laughing my asse off rn

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you can keep her. eheheh.

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;o where hath Nutella's pet gone?!

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(Unless Thousand is an Osa, sorry, not that knowledgable about Thousand) At least Miya won't be abused by Osas anymore! :'D

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Just a quick reminder that this event is TODAY! We spent a good chunk of time writing questions, getting all the event plans in order, and preparing contingency plays - just in case. Things are right on track!

So we hope to see a few of you peeps there.... we'll be needing all the help we can get!

Friday February 12
9pm EST/6pm PST
Sufokia Outpost

Be there or be square.

Governor of Sufokia
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Thanks to everyone who came out to the event last night!

Here are some pictures as well as a quick summary of event. Scroll to the bottom for the list of prizes to be distributed over the course of the next week.

The Hunt for Thousand Begins!

Featuring a mysterious guy, having a duet with Turfo Canyon's Clan Member

Secondly, some fantastic turnout from the Trivia Event

And finally.... the Pickup Line Contest, to wrap up a fantastic event

Overall, we had over 60 players turn up for the event night, including some members of other governments.

Here is a list of winners of each of the events (and their prizes in subsequent brackets)

Scavenger Hunt, Part 1
1st: Wetrew (100kk)
2nd: Soul The Wanderer (50kk)
3rd: Tashibi (25kk)

Scavenger Hunt, Part 2
1st: Tashibi (100kk)
2nd: Bebop (50k)
3rd: Arkenvane (25kk)

Scavenger Hunt, Part 3
1st: Xannos (100kk)
2nd: Arkenvane (50kk)
3rd: Wetrew (25kk)

Trivia Contest
1st: Tashibi (Forfut Mystery Box + 10 Prospecting Flasks)
2nd: Wetrew (Forfut Mystery Box)
3rd: Aeruna (5 Prospecting Flasks)

Pickup Line Contest, Part 1:
1st: Aeruna (Any 900-ogrine emote)
2nd: Crazie (50kk)
3rd: Tashibi (25kk)

Pickup Line Contest, Part 2:
1st: Aeruna (Any 900-ogrine emote)
2nd: Soul The Wanderer (50kk)
3rd: Bebop (25kk)

Pickup Line Contest, Part 3:
1st: Varuru (Any 900-ogrine emote)
2nd: Thefishking (50kk)
3rd: Crazie (25kk)

And the overall winner, for placing the most times in all combined events, and winning a prize of 3000 ogrines-worth of items from the shop (PM me to claim this)....


As for prizes.... There were too many to distribute over the course of the event, so it was decided that the prizes would be distributed over the next week or so. I should be online for a few hours every night, between 8pm EST to 12am EST. Shoot me a message and I'll schedule a chance to meet up with you for the prizes.

Again, thank you for all who turned out, as well as to the rest of Sufokia Government - Miya Koi, Nutella Covered Balls, Thousand, Dropkick, Mistion, and Lord Vanille - for helping with the planning and running of this event. Couldn't have done it without you!

That's all for now, see you in-game

Signing off,

Governor of Sufokia

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Tashibi here, I'd like to post a clarification! On the scavenger event I actually got third in part 1, not first. Wetrew was first, and soul was a couple seconds before me.

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