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Grimmer's Tourney

By WhaleMan - MEMBER - September 16, 2015, 23:42:55

Hello everyone, my ign is Grimmer. I've recently returned from a 2 year hiatus and feel like having some good ol' community fun. So I'm hosting a tourney =).

Just so you know, I didn't wake up this morning and say "I'm going to make a forum post about a tourney. This past week/weekend I've been contacting guilds and gauging interest and it seems to exist so I figured it would be nice to host. I would like to thank those guilds for responding and giving constructive feedback. This is also not the first time I've hosted a wakfu tourney, so I know how much of a time commitment it is on my end. Furthermore, I've noticed that people have tried to do tourneys and those tourneys have fallen through. I understand that it sometimes is beyond their control, but I can assure you that I absolutely will follow through with it. That being said, on to the specifics.

1. The barebone basics
- 3v3 tourney
- No level cap
- No entry fee
- Will be held at Ecaflipus
- The prize will be glory and fun had by all
- You do not need to be associated with a guild and teams can comprise members of different guilds
- There is no limit to how many teams a guild can have (in line with the above rule)

*When: It will be hosted on either a Saturday or Sunday evening sometime within the next 2 weeks. The date and time WILL BE ANNOUNCED when 8 teams have posted their teams via the template below. Once these teams register, I will determine the best time (hours) to have the tournament, since one of the parts of the template is for availability (see section 3). The reason I want at least 8 teams is so that we can at least have a normal 3-stage tourney.

*Where: The tournament will take place in Ecaflipus. Each round (Quarter finals, semifinals, finals etc.) will be held in a different arena in Ecaflipus. Ecaflipus is located in Astrub and is indicated on the map (in the event that it is not obvious, I will post a picture of where on the map).

*How: Since I will not be participating in the tournament, I will be the referee, although there are very few rules that would need to be enforced. With that said I am looking for volunteers that can do anything from videography to reffing a match if we want to have 2 at a time. If you have an idea of what you might want to do to contribute to the success of the tourney, feel free to let me know via Ankama box or by pm'ing me in game (as said, ign Grimmer).

2. The Rules

1. No team can have 2 or 3 of the same class.

2. No multi-boxing (using multiple accounts)

3. No PKing
-The tournament will use only "friendly fight" challenges so the losers can see the rest of the tournament. It goes without saying (but i'll say it anyway) that PKing any teams, helpers, or audience members is against the rules and the team responsible will be disqualified.

4. No AFKing mid fight.
-If an entire team does not move within 2 turns, they are eliminated.

5. No food items or blessings
-Do not use food before the fight or pray to the almanax before the tourney.

6. Ref calls
-If someone is in violation of a rule, the ref holds the power to disqualify the team.

7. Indefinite fights
-If a fight is determined to be indefinite, only I can call the fight. From what I've heard, there aren't any "indefinite" fights anymore. Before, there was an Eni v Sac fight that could have gone on for several hours due to the lack of balance between the two classes. For the sake of specificity there will be 2 rules that will render a fight indefinite. The first is the current length of the fight and the second will be theoretical cause. If the fight goes on past 30~45min, the crowd can call for an indefinite fight. This must then be supported by cause (the reason the fight is indefinite). In the case of Eni vs Sac, the eni could very nearly outheal the damage the Sac could cause. As a result, if the match was carried over an infinite amount of time the Sac would have won. I do not know if I am remembering the example correctly, but it would follow the logic I outlined. I do not know of when this rule can even be remotely applicable, but it wouldn't hurt to have it just in case.

8. Team Submission
-This can be done in advance (via replying to this forum). In the event that you just hear about this tourney the day of, please PM me and I will register you up until 20 minutes before the event itself (at that time i will be entering the info for the bracket).

Basic requisites for a team are as follows
- A team name (no vulgarity please)
- 3 characters
- Abiding the rules of the tournament mentioned above
- A designated team captain
Direct any questions to my ign Grimmer or ankabox me (ankabox is better, i will not always be online). The purpose of replying to this forum should be to submit a team (although feel free to ask any burning questions).

3. Team Submission Info

Please follow the template and submit your team by replying to the thread. In the case that your team needs to dropout of the tourney, please reply to the thread and cross out your previous post
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Team Submission Template~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Team Name:
Team Availability:

-Team Captain: ( Character Participating) (Nickname) (Level) (Class)

-Member 2: (Character Participating) (Nickname) (Level) (Class)

-Member 3: (Character Participating) (Nickname) (Level) (Class)

General Questions/Comments:

Template Key:
-Team Captain, Member 2, Member 3 are just place holders that go next to the name, nothing needs to be put in them

-(Team availability) What the best days and times are for your team to compete in the competition on either Saturday or Sunday

-(Character Participating) means the exact character that is entering the competition. There can be no alt substitution because it changes the team's dynamic and causes complications

-(Nickname) the name that most people in the community know you by if you have one, if not, pick the name your most comfortable with (ex. Grimmer can be shortened to Grim).

(Level) (Class) your Level and what class you are (you can include build info if you want, but its not necessary)

(Team availability) What the best days and times are for your team to compete in the competition on either Saturday or Sunday

comment: anything you want to say that you feel distinguishes you to your competitors

General questions/comments: anything the team wants to say to their competitors or general questions that want to be asked to me. I will do my best to address these questions as they come up.

4. Addressing Concerns

I understand that there may be a few concerns with the way that the tourney is right now. The big one is probably about the lack of a level cap or the implementation of a team level such that all the players are not lv 175. The truth is there are a lot of players at lv 170~175 who enjoy pvp and the interest is mainly there. In the future, I do want to have tourneys where there is an implemented team level and possibly other zanier rules, but for the first one I want to keep it simple.

Lastly, lets have some fun. I know the only prize is glory, but getting together and either engaging in pvp or watching others do it can be really fun. Having held a successful tourney in the past, I can look back on it as an incredibly fun experience that I want to replicate and at the same time have it be different and new. If this goes well, I'll likely host more in the future. Once again if you want to help coordinate this tourney please contact me.

If you have any questions, notice any faults in the post, or believe there are any inconsistencies, please reply or let me know some other way,


~~~~~~~~Registered Teams as of (5:42pm est, 9/16/2015)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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I'm available if anyone wants to team up

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