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[ SUFOKIA ] FRIDAY EVENTS! July 3rd (8:00pm -Midnight EST)

By Pyronamic101 - MEMBER - June 30, 2015, 03:41:28


Hey everyone! It's the Friday before government elections, and for all you event lovers out there.... you know what that means!

Sufokia Government would like to invite you all - no matter what nation you call home - to our Event Friday! Swing by our beatiful Citronana Republilc's Outpost (i.e. Sufokia Outpost) for some fun times!

It'll be on Friday July 3rd, and will run from 8pm EST to 12am EST (that's 5pm to 9pm PST for our west-coast friends). Prizes and fun for all!

There'll be two events, hosted by myself and Vice-Governor Wetrew. Here's a quick summary for those that don't want to read the full details

Wetrew's Pun Contest
Sufokia Outpost, Friday 8pm EST
We'll give you five categories to make your best puns in
Judges will vote, and winners will get kamas!

Isaac's Trivia Contest
Sufokia Outpost, Friday 10pm EST
True/False Wakfu Trivia, with a new point system!
Top three players of each category will get kamas!

Interested in either? READ ON!

If you have any questions, queries, qualms, or cries of anguish, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM in game, or ask any member of Sufokia's government.

Signing off,

Governor of Sufokia


Wetrew's Pun Contest
This event will be happening Friday July 3rd at 8pm EST at Sufokia Outpost

Got a wit sharper than a Breath of Life?
Are you the one making your buddies look like Iops with your wordplay?
Have a bunch of cringeworthy Wakfu puns that would make Evangeline and Amalia facepalm?

Come show your talent for quick thinking in five pun categories. Guest Government judges will choose the top three puns in each category, and those players will receive some nice kama prizes! Feel free to prepare puns ahead of time!

These are the five categories

i. Character Class
ii. Player Names
iii. Nation Puns
iv. Wakfu Monster Puns

The mystery topic will feature an impromptu pun contest in which players will have a few minutes to prepare their best pun upon receiving a category. Since the stakes are so much higher, the prizes will be DOUBLED in value.

First Prize: 50 000 kamas
Second Prize: 25 000 kamas
Third prize: 10 000 kamas


Isaac's Trivia Contest
This event will take place on Friday July 3rd at 10pm EST in Sufokia Outpost

Know all there is to know about the World of Twelve?
Are constantly correcting other players on the correct pronunciation of "Iop"?
Read up on every little bit of Wakfu lore you can find?

Come to my fourth-ever True-False Trivia Night!

For those of you that were not at the last trivia event, here's a quick rundown of rules: I will call out a statement (i.e "In the Wakfu Animated Series, Yugo is a female eliatrope") and all participants have 10 seconds to walk their character to the TRUE room or the FALSE rooms of the haven bag; these rooms are indicated by the corresponding letters, T or F, in the wheat below the rooms (See figure below).

IMPORTANT: Players that are in the correct room GAIN A POINT. Players that are in the incorrect room DO NOT GAIN A POINT. First player to 10 points wins! In the event of a tie, the player who moved to the correct room first, or the incorrect room last, will receive the prize.

First Prize: 100 000 kamas
Second Prize: 50 000 kamas
Third Prize: 25 000 kamas
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