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[ SUFOKIA ] Event Double Whammy (Saturday June 6th, 8-10pm)

By Pyronamic101 - MEMBER - June 04, 2015, 03:25:51


After the postponement of last week's proposed event due to EXP weekend, Gu Wuya and I decided to try again, but put both trivia and scavenger hunt events on the same day.

The Event Double Whammy will be happening on Saturday June 6th, with Wuya's Scavenger Hunt starting at 8pm and Isaac's Trivia Contest starting at 9pm (both times EST). Both events will meet starting at Sufokia Outpost, but may move into either a haven bag or throughout the nation.

We have planned for the Scavenger Hunt event to run for less than one hour, so there's no overlap in events. Come to either, or come to both! It's up to you!

Players from all nations are welcome to attend!
Details of both events are listed below.

I understand that the Bonta government has run a similar trivia event in the recent past. So here's a little friendly competition: Governor Forunia, send your best trivia challengers our way! Let's see the best Bontan brains that you guys have to offer, and pit them up against superior Sufokian smarts!

Have a question? Send a PM to Gu Wuya or IsaacEnning in-game, Ankabox either of us, or leave a reply here.

Hope to have some fun with you guys!

Gu Wuya and IsaacEnning
Sufokia Government


This event will take place at 8pm EST (5pm PST) on Saturday June 6th.

Explore all of Sufokia while chasing the prize, and speaking of prizes, be assured there is much loot to be had!

The rules are simple:

There are five rounds, each one increasing in difficulty. At the start of each round, I will give you a clue as to where the next checkpoint is. If you find the checkpoint in the allotted time, you will gain a point for a prize! The first two rounds will last about 5-10 minutes each. The third and fourth round will last up to 15 minutes and the last round will last 20 minutes, to allow for walking time.

First three people to cross the final checkpoint will be given the big prizes. If you aren't one of the first three peple to get to the final checkpoint, fret not! So long as you do so within the time limits, you'll receive a Completion Prize of 20 000 kamas!

PS: Think carefully about the clues. This is Sufokia after all- we’re known for being fishy (pun intended), and you might come across a few red herrings in there…

A Random Costume, A Garden Haven Gem, and 250 000 kamas

A Garden Haven Gem and 100 000 kamas

50 000 kamas



Not the fastest typist, but know the game inside out? Want to show off your knowledge of professions, ecology, combat, or more? Want to make some kamas?!

Come out to my third-ever True-False Trivia night!

It will be taking place Saturday June 6th at 9PM EST (6 PM PST) in my Haven Bag. We'll meet at Sufokia Outpost and go from there.

For those of you that were not at the last trivia event, here's a quick rundown of rules: I will call out a statement (i.e "In the Wakfu Animated Series, Yugo is a female eliatrope") and all participants have 10 seconds to walk their character to the TRUE room or the FALSE rooms of the haven bag; these rooms are indicated by the corresponding letters, T or F, in the wheat below the rooms (See figure below). Players that are in the correct room survive the round, and players that are in the incorrect room, or have not moved, are eliminated.

To speed things along, we will be going by a SINGLE ELIMINATION system. But due to the brevity of the game, we will have the chance to run multiple times.

Prizes will be scaled based on your level, so there's something for everyone! In the event of a tie, the player who moved to the correct room first, or the incorrect room last, will receive the prize.

Winner level 0-60: 25 000 kamas
Winner level 61-120: 125 000 kamas
Winner level 121-175: 250 000 kamas

Winner level 0-60: 15 000 kamas
Winner level 61-120: 75 000 kamas
Winner level 121-175: 125 000 kamas

Winner level 0-60: 10 000 kamas
Winner level 61-120: 50 000 kamas
Winner level 121-175: 100 000 kamas
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Aw, glad to see other nations joining in with this stuff. Catch up, Amakna!

Quick question: For the second event, are there three different competitor pools based on level, or is it just one competitor pool, with a different reward depending on what level you are?

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Hey there!

There will be differing rewards depending on the level. The reason for this is because we want the prize to be relevant to all winners, but not excessive; no point in giving a level 20 a quarter of a million kamas!

Hope to see you there!

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