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[Nox] The Spooky Hunger Games

By KHfan22 - MEMBER - April 11, 2014, 04:42:27
Happy Al Howin folks! Well not really. But what better way to celebrate Al Howin 5 months early than to have a celebration of wicked PKs, on the edge survival skills, dark stormy clouds and a gloomy atmosphere?

That’s right! The Hunger Games are back and it’s never been so scary!
Victims in all nations will come out Saturday, April 19, 2014 to fight for their own survival and a prize.
The event will take place at Forfut lower level. Boundaries are shown below.

(Disclaimer: Excuse the bad picture editing, Skai has done her best with simple caveman programs)

The time to meet for the event will be at:
  • 3:00 PM (Pacific)
  • 4:00 PM (Mountain)
  • 5:00 PM (Central)
  • 6:00 PM (Eastern)

At the location shown below (It’s the Phoenix)

(Disclaimer: Excuse the bad picture editing, Skai has done her best with simple caveman programs)

Here's how it goes:
  • Meet at the Phoenix of Forfut at your respective times.
  • Complete details of the event rules will be explained and questions (if any) will be answered.
  • Once the Tributes have been noted the Tributes will be released.
  • All Tributes will hunt down each other using PKs to take down their opponents.
  • The event will continue until there is a last man standing.

What is allowed?
  • Bread
  • Food Buffs if you have any
  • Everyone will be able to use their full gear, this includes Relics if available.
  • You may borrow gear from your friends prior to the event. No trading is allowed in the event.
  • Note: Spectators are able to walk on fighting grounds. They must wear no costumes and gear.

What is Not allowed?
  • (2+) vs. (1) fights. Both members on the teaming side will be considered disqualified from the event. This is a 1v1 last man standing event.
  • Re-entry after loss. By participating in this event you agree to accept defeat if you lose a battle against your opponent. Please be fair and do not cheat.
  • Trolling, verbal abuse, Verbal harassment. Please be respectful to your peers
  • No hiding in Haven Bags.
  • Multiboxing. All competitors are allowed only ONE character each.
This is a PK event but it's designed to use the PK system for fun.

  • Winner: 100k Kamas
  • Hidden Prize: ?? *

*Secret event:
There will be a surprise after the event. Losers are advised not to leave the competition upon death.
All Questions of this event will be turned down until the briefing of rules on the day of the event.

Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor!

Brought to you by Skai and Goldenclockwork
Funded by Skai
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will there be food
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^^ it's a potluck!
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I'll try and be there.
If I remember and am home.

Could use with shooting someone!
Score : 6251
Just a few notes:

Hatespawn I'm sorry I didn't remind youuuu ;o; come to Musical Chairs! or I'll let you PK me in angers -hides-
To all participants, I JUST realized after the event I was speaking in Politics (government only chat) so no one could hear me except for Goldenclockwork. It was my mistake and I'm sorry if you guys were confused. The event still went well I think. ._.?

To GoldenClockwork, Omg I'm so happy to have you co-host so you could properly inform the public. even though you didn't know I was talking in government only you still did your job as a host.

Congrats to Reville who won 100k kamas

As for the secret Event, the rules were that the winnow will choose a loser to join him/her to fight the Hosts (Skai and GoldenClockwork) for 50k kamas each.
Reville chose Ultramonte and they both won the fight earning themselves 50k kamas each.

Thanks for participating and Hate I'm sorry for not reminding you XD I had a delicious sandwich to finish. -hides under a rock-

Stay tuned for Musical PK Chairs!
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