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Singleboxers, unite!

By De-Tox - MEMBER - March 15, 2014, 17:15:39
Sick of leeching off your multiboxing friends just for the slightest hope of the loot you need dropping to your bag while they get 2-5x the amount of loot you get and they finish what they needed and you're stuck waiting days til you can find others to group with? (Please Ankama, we need a dungeon Queue!)

Let's eliminate this! Post your character names, class, levels, content you're most interested in, and your times you're generally available!

Name: Kahlua
Class: Enutrof
Level: 145

Name: Boogies
Class: Eniripsa
Level: 125

Content: Anything Bilbiza and Up! Really interested in later Otomai material dungeons and Empelol runs!
Time: Just try me from 11am-2am EST as I usually have Wakfu at least open.

Here's a template for you to copypasta :3



Thanks, I really hope this picks up!
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Single Boxer! Multiboxers are lame (90% of wakfu)

Name: Miku'H
Class: Feca (Tri-elemental)
Level: 145

Name: Miku'Append
Class: Masq (Fire/Air)
Level: 145

Content: Anything from jelly dungeon and up.
Weekday Time: 5pm-12am EST
Weekend Time: 12pm - 1am EST
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Name: Kewkky
Class: Sram
Level: 145

Dancehall and higher, I pretty much solo everything Mussly and below. Up for Celestial Strich too!
My game times are usually weekends all day, my job demands my full attention during weekdays.

Also, Boogs, party me!
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Name: Nia Teppelin
Class: Eni (Air/Fire)
Level: 141

Name: Adiane the Elegant
Class: Panda
Level: 114

Content: Jelly dungeon or Higher
Weekdays: 9pm- 1am EST

Love this idea biggrin

ps. Dancehall is my bain wacko 
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Great Idea ! (:

Name: Dazzelz
Class: Sadida
Level: 145

Content: Lately I've been into Necro ( for solo frags) and everything up. (:
Time: All the time with afks in between.

Name: Seductions
Class: Sadida
Level: 17

Content: Anything I can level on. I should be like lvl 60+ in a day or two. biggrin
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Name: Kolechia
Class: Cra (Air/Fire)
Level: 123

Name: Dulce
Class: Enutrof (Fire/Water)
Level: 122

Name: Wool
Class: Iop (Air/Earth)
Level: 123

Content: Celestial Strich and beyond
Weekdays/Weekends: 11pm - 3am EST (when I'm most available for runs)

Would definitely love to help others and myself gather Otomai mats! Those strich beaks... :s
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Name: Cataleya
Class: Feca earth
Level: 113

Content: Anything from Hagen up
Weekdays/Weekend: 12pm - 1am EST usually
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Name: Nine O'Tock
Class: Water/Air Xelor
Level: 117

------Tick ----------------Tock-------------
First I Giveth, Then I Taketh Away

Right now I am having a blast just hunting castuci(?) in saharash. But I am down for pretty much anything jelly and higher. Really Im down for anything I am just sick of playing alone most of the time.

Ok confession time, I have more than 1 account but thats only so I can have one of each class. I only have 3 accounts and I really don't enjoy playing more than 2 at a time. I mostly enjoy playing one with a full group of other ones though. There is much more chit chat and nonsense that makes wakfu great!

I am on all the time randomly throughout the week. My main guaranteed time is night time after 12am MST.
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This is a awesome thread, thumbs up!

You go Single boxers!
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Name: Koroune
Class: Osamodas
Level: 130

Name: Saruno
Class: Iop
Level: 129

Name: Rakino
Class: Masqueraider
Level: 127

Content: Black Wabbit, Empelol, Zwombittt, and Poonkitus dung
Time: 9 am-2 am CST
Score : 3409
I'm not a single-CLIENTER (boxes imply multiple computers or virtual computers...) but I do enjoy the company of others. I'm usually willing to drop 2-4 from my army, depending on the class of those coming.

My enu, eni, sadi and panda are the ones I usually drop for others. Their roles, in order, are Damager, healer/marker, damager/healer/shielder, tank/locker. If you somewhat fill those roles, drop me a PM. I enjoy Cactus dungeon, black wabbit, and Sylargh most. o3o Not a fan of mobs outside dungeons, so don't expect me to do much besides key farming outside dungeons.

Name: Sydney
Class: Fire/Earth Osa
Level: 130

Name: Manseed
Class: Water/Earth Sadi
Level: 126

Name: Fuzzbucket
Class: Fire/Water Eca
Level: 125

Name: Shiseido
Class: Water/Fire Eni
Level: 126

Name: Curmudgeon
Class: Omni Enu
Level: 126

Name: Pandruff
Class: Tank/Lock Panda
Level: 121

Content: Sylargh and up. UBs minus Excarnus or Milkar.
Time: Thursday through Saturday night by US time, Friday through Sunday Japanese time.
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Class: Fire Sac
Level: 122

Name: Han Solo
Class: Earth/Air Rogue
Level: 126

Name: Arde
Class: Water/Earth Feca (600 Lock)
Level: 110

Content: Any dungeon above level 100. This includes Ultimate Bosses and the Villains.
Time: Tuesdays and Thursday-Saturday pretty much all day so long as I'm not at work or studying.
Score : 580
Name: Kiki Shochu
Class: Pandawa Earth/Fire
Level: 108

Name: Ameliorate
Class: Earth/Air Cra
Level: 106

Name: Sylvanii
Class: Sram Water
Level: 108

Up for anything, though mostly been wanting to hunt down Solomonk fragments off ice skeletons.But i'm up for anything for fun or gear-grinding.

Times i'm available are literally almost everyday, except if something comes up to delay me.
Score : 181
Name: Tosado
Class: Cra
Level: 117 and climbing.

Content: Anything level 90+, not looking for anything in particular.
Time: My time is usually consistently 4PM EST - Whenever I get bored and fall asleep ~3-5AM. (With the exception of Tuesdays where I usually don't get on until ~10PM EST)
Score : 783
Name: DigTheMoon
Class: Enutrof water/fire
Level: 92

Name: MilkMoon
Class: Panda water/fire
Level: 96

Name: FlipTheMoon
Class: Ecaflip earth
Level: 88

Name: SuMoon
Class: Osamoda dragon earth/air
Level: 87

Content: anything really
Time: sat-sun any time
mon-fri: 4:00 PM (cst) - 2:00 AM (cst)
Score : 6681
Name: Rizarealm
Class: Feca
Level: 132

Content: Shustuft Crust, Wabbit Island Dungeons, Frigost Dungeons, Sashrash Dungeons, Jelly Dungeon, and Ultimate Bosses

Time: Not really fixed some times in the morning, other times in the afternoon or

Score : 48
Name: Fartz
Class: Air Cra
Level: 131

Content: Most higher content, love doing dungeons and farming relic frags. I've got some PP gear, so with 2-3 of us and MM we could easily break the pp lock on frags.
Time: I'm on the west coast, so most hours during the day...but I keep some odd hours as well. Usually on for 4+ hours a day.

I'll add most/all of you already on the list, feel free to do the same. Hopefully we can get something going.
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Name: Lord of Blood
Class: Fire/Earth Sacrier
Level: 145

I basically live at spores but will do spore dungeon, black wabbit, and basically anything 110+.
Score : 3356
Name:Tavish Degroot
Class: Iop

Name:Aspis Degroot

Name:Gokai Black

Content: Anything really, but would prefer Whispers and up. Also, my Iop can get over 100 PP without losing much damage.

Mon-Wed: anytime
Thurs and Fri: Before 2:00 and after 10:30 Eastern
Sat: After 10:00 Eastern
Sun: After 3:00 Eastern
Score : 35
Name: Garliqueknot
Class:Air/Earth Cra

Contentbiggrinungeons, Dungeons and more dungeons!! And DP cause I need that gear
Time: Weeknights, but kinda spotty unfortunately
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