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[Nox] Hunger Games IV

By KHfan22 - MEMBER - February 10, 2014, 05:03:44
The Hunger Games are back!
The last man standing event will take place in Emelka, Amakna on Saturday February 15, 2014 at 4 PM PST
Edit: The event will take place on Saturday, March 1st at 4pm PST/ 5pm MT/6pm CST/7pm EST

Edit: Due to complications this event will be postponed for the next governor's term (whether I have a second mandate or not)

Here's how it goes:
  • Meet at the Clan Member of Emelka at 4PM PST/7PM EST
  • Questions will be answered.
  • Once the Tributes have been noted the Tributes will be released into Emelka.
  • All Tributes will hunt down each other using PKs to take down their opponents.
  • The event will continue until there is a last man standing.
What is allowed?
  • Bread
  • Food Buffs if you have any
  • Everyone will be able to use their full gear, this includes Relics if available
  • You may borrow gear from your friends prior to the event. No trading is allowed in the event.
  • The event takes place in Amakna but ANY nation may join (even other members of the government!)
What is Not allowed?
  • 2v1 Fights. Both members on the teamed side will be considered disqualified from the event. This is a 1v1 last man standing event.
  • Re-entry after loss. By participating in this event you agree to accept defeat if you lose a battle against your opponent. Please be fair and do not cheat.
  • Trolling, verbal abuse, Verbal harassment. Be respectful to your peers
  • Sorry Amaknian cabinet, You'll be on monitor duty smile
This is a PK event but it's designed to use the PK system for fun,

Prize?? Where??
  • There will be a prize this Hunger Games! The prize is donated by yours truly, Skai.
  • The last man standing will receive a fabulous, chique, and devious Vamprada!
Sign up in the comments below or give me any questions if you have any.

May the odds be in your favor,
Guild Mistress of Illuminati
Governor of Amakna
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I wish you the best of luck! Wish support would fix my sub so I could join in. smile 
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Thanks Fleur! If you're interested in how it went I will be recording the event and will set up the video the next day or Sunday. :]
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I'd love to watch it! Thank you!
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Brakmar News 5 will be there to report and record aswell. Hopefully.—Tulish 
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Score : 6252
Spread the word! Hunger Games postponed date is revealed!
May the odds ever be in your favor! wink 
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