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chrismast bug

By cabanacn December 13, 2013, 02:13:33
hello I just acomplish ur chrismast invent by killing the grinch.. but when I recive the red costum.. I was not able to put it in my inventorie.. so I make place but still not able... so I try many time.. and I finaly try to reconect but my costum was gone.. can u help to have it again please smile 
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Wrong section. Should be in bugs.
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Hi Caba!

Your best bet would be to start a thread in the Bugs section of the forum. In that thread include:

Account Name:
Character Name:
Description of Bug:
What you think should have happened:
Do you think this bug can be reproduced:

Just remember to be patient Caba! Support are very slow these days so don't expect an immediate fix within the next few days. If you ever experience a problem, then using the Technical Issues and Bugs sub forum is the place to go. This section is usually used by those who want to organise events in game smile

Congratulations on getting your red costume! I do hope it gets fixed for you so you can enjoy it biggrin
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