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Could use a hand dropping the last part to my lvl 100 setup

By Jferg - MEMBER - November 28, 2013, 05:36:57
Hey, so trying to get a tanked top for my sacrier to finish up my lvl 100 build as the bp allows me to be 10/6. I'm a level 93 highly mobile fire sac that plays the sac as an all rounder with dmg and support. Also my gf is a level 95 summon/heals sadi that will be joining as well.

Need just 2 people just for numbers to break pp lock if nobody has pp gear on
93 sac and 95 sadi is what we have now
will be grinding on bilbiboy and bilbigirl mobs to drop it
anyone bored or whatever and able to help it would be appreciated ^^

Send me a line in game: Maddness
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Hey if you're still looking for people, I'd be game. IGN Bulwark. Just send me a tell if you still need the body.
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