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Government of Bonta: Guild Match Program

By Eidolus - MEMBER - October 29, 2013, 12:57:20
As potential Governor of Bonta, I would like to see new players being helped more.
Thus, if elected, I would like to suggest doing this:
Representatives for various guilds can be stationed around the Headquarters, Village, Monty's Prairie, etc. and are available to help out newer players with any questions in exchange for being able to recruit there.
If you have other problems with guild recruitment, please respond with your own feedback!
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*cough* I'm not a member of Bonta but I have to say that I do like the idea in general. It can sometimes be a daunting task for a new member to find a guild without being invited out of the blue so to have kind of a "Guild Rush" sort of thing is a nice idea. Maybe even make it a user event.
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Yes it can be hard to find a guild when you are a new player. However a guild SHOULD be doing what you are asking to begin with, many cant seem to be bothered. And yes im not a Bonta resident either, but having a recruitment event simply makes more sense in Astrub.
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Write on the politics message that if anyone's looking for a guild, they should contact you with what they want a guild to have. I think this is a good approach to our problem of a lack of community.
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I can understand trying to help people find guilds, but as a leader of a small guild I see that the problem is more small guilds trying to find enough new players to join. Also, throughout whatever time I have been guildless, it takes about 5 minutes for someone to see that you're not in a guild and try to recruit you. It's a good start to try to help the lack of community though.

Not that it makes too much difference to me since I'm not from Bonta either.
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what itadakimasu said ^
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