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Characters looking for action.

By Deashotshooter - MEMBER - September 29, 2013, 02:49:57
I'm looking for some action! (obviously) I'd like to get my chars (not including Herm) into plvling groups or dungeon parties. So.....if you need to fill a spot or are looking for an active player for parties I'm here biggrin 
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What are the names of your other alts? I think that would be a good idea if people want to contact you!
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uh well theres my main (Ederick lvl 110 Air/Earth Cra) and my two minors (Dusty Eagle lvl 106 Air/Fire Rogue, Anima Plus lvl 79 Air/Earth Osa)
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I have a few accounts I use usually play looking for more with me and couple guildies, 118 Earth Cra - Water Enu 116 and 103 Water Eni, Which are my Characters, You can messages Epic Shots if you every feel like partying or doing dungeons,
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cool I'll friend you and your alts in-game once your on
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I'd be down to party.
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probably going to be grinding all tommorrow seeing as im impatient and poped a mea. [email protected] confessed conviction
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