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Dungeon Runners

By Razikale August 13, 2013, 08:27:37
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Score : 3917
Name: Miku'Append
Class: Masq
Element: Fire/air
Level: 160

Any high level dungeons & any UBs
Score : 3766
Name: Greek Yogurt
Lvl: 145
Class: Sram
Element: Tri

Name: Honey Yogurt
Lvl: 146
Class: Sadida
Element: Water/Earth

Name: Vanilla Yogurt
Lvl: 136
Class: Osa
Element: Fire/Air
Score : 1313
Name: Toasty
Class: Sacrier
Element: Earth - Lots o' Lock and gaining more every day.
Level: 115
Score : 299
Name: Danceswitshovel
Class: Enu
Element: Fire/Water
Level: 87

Up for whatever is needed. I am looking for a vamp dungeon group 
Score : 218
Name Doslocos
Class: Rogue
Element: Earth
Level: 84

I'm up for running anything my level.
Score : 191
Name: Sacora
Class: Sacrier
Element: Fire/air (battlefield control and damage)

I am on at random times throughout the day,
and be warned since I am an active roleplayer I hardly get out of the mood, and so during fights I talk, almost constantly.
Usually shouting catchphrases on attacking, and being provocative when getting hit (towards allies and enemies) (not super naughty, safe for work stuff hehe)
Score : 858
Name: Droxenu
Class: Enu
Element: PP water/fire
Level: 127
Score : 1978
Name: Bulwark
Class: Feca
Element: Lock/Earth (300 all resists except 250 air, 450 lock)
Level: 127
Score : 4
Name: Paper Faces
Class: Masq
Element: Air/Water
Level 116
Score : 1342
118 lock sac 463 lock looking for jelly and hagen runs Need hagen amulet and blueberry to finish out set. I'll gain like 30 lock next lvl putting on hagen epps as well. will be breaking 500 once I get full set.

Element: Earth/Lock
Score : 116

Name: Tomek
Class: Ecaflip
Element: Fire / Earth
Level: 30

I'm fairly new to the scene, would like to run some early dungeons with other newbies, if I could.
Score : 181
Name: Tosado
Class: Cra
Element: Fire/Air
Level: 114

I'm usually up for anything within a reasonable level. You can catch me on most days anytime after 3PM EST.
Score : 88
Guanyin: 124 Heal/Support Sadi

Mostly spec water, but use Earth for def and air for lower res.

Usually around 10PM eastern time. Looking for UB's and high Lvl dungeon stuff.
Score : 783
Name: DigTheMoon
Class: Enutrof water/fire
Level: 92

Name: MilkMoon
Class: Panda water/fire
Level: 96

Name: FlipTheMoon
Class: Ecaflip earth
Level: 88

Name: SuMoon
Class: Osamoda dragon earth/air
Level: 87

Content: anything really
Time: sat-sun any time
mon-fri: 4:00 PM (cst) - 2:00 AM (cst)
Score : 14026
shirayuki sadida water 145
Score : 453
Name: Lifewater
Class: Iop (Fire/Air)
Level 108
Score : 67
Name: Feical
Class: Feca
Element: Fire/Earth
Level: 83

Looking for any runs around my level or leveling services. smile 
Score : 8
Name: Hairy Di (and a whole bunch of others)
Class: Ecaflip
Level: 15X
Element: Fire 12 AP build OP.

I'm down for any dungeons literally 120-160 and above. Hit me up.

I go by the Rokar. When you contact my Ign.
Score : 161
Name : Souloo
LvL: 85
Class: Eni
Build: Fire/Water Healer

Score : 37
Name: Jasti
Lvl: 77
Class: Eca
Element: Water/Fire
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