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By WingedPolarBear August 10, 2013, 16:17:12
I am currently hoping to revive this event, and for those of you who don't know here how things work:

Next friday night I will spend 100,000 kamas at crusty road, this will be spent on items off the market board or haven bags from one person. Because I have limited funds there will be only one winner this time but if the event is successful and i will work to be able to have more prizes with higher rewards as time goes on.

I don't have a set time for the event yet, but I am thinking about spending the money at about 10pm PST. If this doesn't work for you you can post suggested times or message me ingame.

If you're interested tell your friends!

IGN: Loony

Because the original Winner and the runner up didnt have 100kk worth of stuff i had to share the love between three people spending a total of 100kk tonight biggrin Congrats to Maet, Shini Sama, And Calisto Lockette!

Ill do this again as soon as i get more money biggrin 
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