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[Nox] 2 New players LF 2 people to play with (Ridiculously Acitve)

By Loliplz July 22, 2013, 01:39:14
AS the title says, me and my friend are looking for 2 other people to play with. We're currently a 15 water enu and 15 air cra. Please post here or add Echetti ingame.
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Message me in-game: Judeau
im usually on around 5pm cst - evening and a few hours in the morning. My friend and I are looking for more people to play with too
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Message "Haterade" in game, I'm pretty active in the game! (Level 29 Sadida)
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Join my guild ,Illuminati. We'll be glad to enjoy this game with you guys still you choose to leave or stay. biggrin

We are usually all on around 5 pm est.

IGN: beezy, rayzi, enini, enira.
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