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Come to Sufokia for a Market/Services Day Sunday 6/30

By Caedryn June 29, 2013, 01:44:10
Fellow citizens, my name is Caedryn and I am Sufokia's appointed Treasurer for this term.

I'd like to promote international trade in Sufokia but feel as though the traditional Haven Bag/Board system is limiting and as Bonta has the most established market, a suggestion for only that system offers little benefit to everyone over the current locations. To counter this, I offer a simple proposal, with your approval: Create a well managed market for services that exist outside of the traditional items.

My Plan would be this:

  1. People would leave either their items in their bags at the Gutted Plaza bridge, or post them for as long as they desire on the Sufokian Boards. (A 24 hour period, the length of the Market Day is 1/3 of the 5% tax rate hat is the lowest option for posing in you bags, and also allows for a more efficient searching method for buyers to meet sellers.)
  2. I would also like to encourage crafters and power levelers to offer their services for what they feel are reasonable rates (I feel like 1 kama = 1000 exp is a decent conversion for the PL, if you needed a suggested rate.) and to post their offerings to the trade channel in Gutted Plaza as well. This is an idea that has not been offered in previous market weekends nor is it a system Ankama could even implement themselves do to the player driven nature of the idea.
  3. I would offer my services as a money exchange for these service transactions so that players could feel comfortable that they wouldn't be shorted by a stranger. I would take no percentage of the fees; I would just act as the go between for goods and money should people choose the option. I would also stay in Gutted Plaza the entire day to facilitate this exchange. Should any sense of wrongdoing on my part be accused, I would urge players to either murder me horrifically and forever or report me to a GM. Again, this is an entirely optional service as well.

I welcome any feedback on the event and would like to hold this market weekend on Sunday, July 30 starting at 11:30 am
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