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Want to Buy or Trade

By JackOfSnakes - MEMBER - May 29, 2020, 20:35:57

I'm looking for these items (see below) and I have things I'm willing to exchange or sell.

-Shiny Silver Ore
-Shadow Fragment
-Eternal Orb
-Any blighto, panda, or dor mor monster mats
-Poison Bone
-Chaos Chili
-Blood-Drenched Nettle Leaf
-Iridescent Obsidian
-Eye of Badgerox

I have mats from Eths and Dreggons that I'm willing to exchange for mats from other monsters of the same rarity, and I have a few objects such as an Ax of Reason (M), zinit Hat (S), and Belt of the Winds (R) that I'm willing to sell or exchange for other pieces of gear. If anyone knows someone who would like to buy, sell, or exchange these items, let me know. =)

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