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Returning, might sell makas, price check please

By poiuy0987 - MEMBER - September 30, 2019, 17:59:52

Could someone please tell me the current values of Makabrisdom, Makabrakfire, Makabraspekting, Noxine? 
Also, I have all maka weapons. Are any valuable?

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Noxine sell pretty quickly on the market and can be anywhere from 1mil to 14mil that i have seen on the kelba market  not sure about the other items though but noxine dont stay up on the boards for long. it took several months and  lot of luck for me to get one. But considering how quiet the server is as of late im not sure if that will still be the same or not but when noxine does show up you can bet someone will grab it for sure.

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keep anything rare you get. money is worthless on nox. there are people with literally trillions of kamas. the items are more valuable.

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