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Crafts Galore! All profession resources and crafting components organized for easy browsing

By CraftingService - MEMBER - March 10, 2019, 22:00:15

Need crafting material or a professional craftsman to help you finish a craft? I've got you covered at Crafts Galore!

Come visit my haven bag to procure your missing resources or components, get something crafted, or both!

Resources are organized by profession and components are organized by level tier.

Please see below for a visual overview of the haven bag layout (click to enlarge):

Here's what my professions look like as of March 10, 2019:

I'll keep this post updated as I move my haven bag around and when I max out another profession.

Currently located in Astrub near Pappy Pal:

Reply to this post if you need me to log in to help with a craft or if an item that you need is out of stock.

Stop by my little lenald bag today to fulfill your crafting needs!
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