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Kelba Market's Loot/Resource Swap and Purchase List (2019)

By YessiuCandy - MEMBER - January 29, 2019, 19:45:45

Hi there!

If you have large stacks of monster drops (non-gear loot) or resources, please sell them to me or trade them for other resources!

Price Guide:

Monster Drops
lv1-50: 125,000 kama for every stack of 600
lv51-79: 150,000 kama for every stack of 500
lv80-100: 250,000 kama for every stack of 450
lv101-149:  250,000 kama for every stack of 350
lv150-185: 350,000 kama for every stack of 350 (Shushu drops excluded)
lv186-200: 350,000 kama for every stack of 250

Boss Resources

lv141 (Blopzart Essence, Ancestral Teechnid Bark, Riktus Standard, & Puddle Royal):
50,000 per 1
lv156 (Riktus Chief Cloth, Show-Stopper Nail, Stalagmama, & Remington Fragment): 75,000 per 1
lv185: 25,000 per 1
lv200: 150,000 per 1   

Super Glou:
lv50-70: 150,000 kama for every stack of 250 
lv80-100: 300,000 kama for every stack of 250
lv110-120:  1,000,000 kama for every stack of 300

For swaps, I currently have the following resources:

lv1-125 farm crops
lv1-125 herbs
lv1-125 wood
lv1-100 trapper resources
lv1-125 fish
lv1-125 ore

Rare Resources (Orange/Mythical Quality)
All Available

For equal level resources, I will trade at a 1:1 ratio.

If you have higher level resources that you want to swap for lower level resources, I am willing to trade at a 1.5:1 or 2:1 ratio--depending on the level difference.

PM me on the forum. You can message me ingame on Kelba Market or message me on Discord @ onion#2846.


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