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Birch wood cuttings

By otaryu - MEMBER - December 18, 2018, 21:47:46

I'm pretty sure everyone noticed the update and its changes.
 One change im having an issue with is finding birch wood trees now. States they are only in astrub like ALOT of materials. I assume they will fix this later, but does anyone have a handful of birch wood cuttings they can spare? 
Ill even give a few kamas for them if needed.

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They are... legitimatly extinct now in Nox. Only in the people does it exist now. Birch, and everything made from it essentialy is gone forever until the government does somehting about it.

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May be try to search at  Singing Fields in Amakna? And try ask the local Clan Member for possible selling the cuttings too?

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I actually found a 1 tree i believe a player planted and just spammed the cuttings till o had 60+.  

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