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Need Panda Help !. How come people perfer Milk Fountain over Splash Of Milk and Milky Breath and Any commets on Blisskrieg

By masker419 - MEMBER - November 06, 2018, 07:42:17


So why is a 5 ap spell that does little to no damage on single targets considered to be the most used by all players ?
... At a distance its kinda helpful but once the gap is shorten it does nothing!... Ive become a little jealous of other players after seeing the damage they put out with just 6 out of 12 of their Ap used, compared to my own preferred choices. it became sad after a while when i just thought i stated my pandawa wrong but even with properly placed points most highly praised spells become a disappointment.

As For the earth branch spell which is Blisskrieg i feel like its a hindering spell for panda.. taking up a slot of your spell deck since it can only be used once and adds Scalded which might not even be used for that turn. it adds 10% more damage with barrel but isnt really noticeable plus with barrel hop and karchamrak what good is it's teleport when your built to be a crowd controller ??

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never heard about that people prefer milk fountain that much, but it has some advantages, it applies 6 dizzy for 5AP 1MP, has a huge range and can put dizzy on allies without hurting them, huge disadvantages: 1MP cost is totally unreasonable, only if it would have 5AP cost (no MP cost), the damage would be ok for that spell

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Dizzy on allies isn't really helping the matter, unless your gonna help yourself from the dizzy stacked on your allies with six roses to heal but that just a desperate attempt. i myself have play with the panda for like 3 years and always thought that spells was necessary until reviewing it's history. As for range i tend to realize that most panda prefer close combat opportunities, since Karchamrak and other close range spells factor in... you barely find a panda using it unless his running for his life, which points to the question why should a tank player be running for his life right ?

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Trade section; were you trying to buy or sell?

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Also, putting excessive punctuation in a subject title does not make it any easier for people to understand or help you.

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want to buy Champion of champions costume, headless knight and frigost costume.
are excessive punctuation that difficult to use in a conversation ?

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