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How do you craft bone flour?

By GuardianAbraxas - MEMBER - June 09, 2018, 23:07:06

I am doing the Charles-Henri of Vileadent quest and I am at the stage where I require:
- 10 x Chafer bones
- 2 x Bone Flour

I have the 10 x Chafer Bones but don't know what I should grind or do in order to craft Bone Flour.

This description says that I need to grind the Chafer Bones but I do not know how many.

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I believe bone flour was a trapper harvest, not a craft. Try harvesting option on either the "living" or "corpse" chafers, should be one or the other.

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how do you make bone flour

it is not on the corpse sad
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Did you check "living" chafer harvests also, like I mentioned previously?

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