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WTB Materials to Create a Large Scale Haven-Bag-Based Shop for Astrub

By GandalfGrey248 - MEMBER - May 09, 2018, 05:11:02

My goal is to create a large scale shop where a variety of materials, food, equipment, etc. can be bought in effect creating a privately owned marketplace that will not have as dramatic price fluctuation as the Global Waku Markets. This enables Waku players to have a consistent vendor to turn to. The shop will also feature a professions section which will bring a smaller side income to the shop allowing for some items and resources to be sold at a much cheaper price without the shop itself incurring a dramatic loss. This also makes it convenient for players as they can find all of their needs in one area.

The current planned location for the shop is in Astrub behind the Astrub Center Zap. Any critique is gladly accepted. I have the materials I am seeking to buy to make this dream a reality listed below with a price which I am willing to purchase at next to it. Note that if the value of an object is incorrectly appraised, please just comment below and I will reevaluate

This List will be updated with time.
IGN: Goriku

Very Important: 
-Equipment Display: 15,000 Kamas (~10 needed)
-Consumables Display: 10,000 Kamas (~10 needed)
-Kit Display: 25,000 Kamas (~5 needed)
-Miscellaneous Display: 5,000 Kamas (~10 needed)

-Bread Oven: 100,000 Kamas
-Armory: 100,000 Kamas
-Millstone: 100,000 Kamas
-Polisher: 100,000 Kamas
-Sawmill: 100,000 Kamas
-Stove: 100,000 Kamas
-Tailor's Workshop: 100,000 Kamas
-Tanner's Workshop: 100,000 Kamas
-Wood Lathe: 100,000 Kamas

-Doors: 500 Kamas each (max 5)
-Quest Items Display: 30,000 Kamas (~3 desired)

//(5/8/18) - Based Typos
//(5/8/18) - Price of Miscellaneous Displays Dropped from 50,000 -> 5,000
                      Price of Consumables Displays Dropped from 50,000 -> 10,000
                      Price of Equipment Displays Dropped from 50,000 -> 15,000
                      Price of Kit Displays Dropped from 50,000 -> 5,000
                      Price of Quest Items Displays Dropped from 50,000 -> 30,000

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