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Did someone make an accidental purchase on the Haven World/Kelba Market Board?

By YessiuCandy - MEMBER - January 14, 2018, 22:12:35
I incorrectly listed the fragments at 10m kama per fragment instead of 10m kama for the set of 100. If you purchased a fragment from me for 10m kama today, please contact me ASAP, so I can give you the rest of the 99 fragments. 
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Wow, gratz on the attitude! We need more people like you.

But, you know, unfortunately, not everyone is like you. So how will you know if the person isnt lying to you?
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He did not say which relic's fragment it was, so whoever claims to have bought the fragment has to show the fragment bought. It is possible to guess tho based on the price but we'll have to trust the Wakfu community in this case. biggrin
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