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Trading Max Lvl Paunchy Bow meow On Nox!(SOLD!)

By EaterOfSouls55 - MEMBER - December 24, 2017, 18:29:24
I have a lvl 50 Paunchy Bow meow that I don't need, but i would like to trade it for equal value, Ill be Accepting Costumes, Kamas, and Gear! 

For Gear, i could use a better helmet, and a better amulet.

Wobot Medal(Amulet)
1 AP
130 HP
20 Lock
40 Elem Mastery, two elements
10 Melee Mastery
20 Elem res Fire
20 Elem res Air 

Wobot Glasses(Helmet)
1 Range
122 HP
20 Lock
10 Initiative
1% Block
40 Elem Mastery 2 Elements
15 Melee Mastery
25 Elem Res
1 Kit skill
If you can PLEASE find a better helmet than this with 1 kit skill. that would be awesome, thanks! 

IGN on Nox: Sinful-Byte
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