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Ugly Sets!!

By ms-qina June 17, 2014, 02:34:57

Ugly sets, anyone? You need the ugly set to get past the gate to do the ugly dungeon. Im working on some professions, and youre way too pretty. So I need your help! In exchange for materials to make ugly, you will get an ugly set!
The set is 3 pieces, all equally hideous. Cloak, wig, and breastplate.

For 1 complete set, these are the materials-
21 toad tongues (from toads)
17 horror cloth (from scarecroolates)
52 reinette hairs (from toads)
40 barley straw (farmer profession)
24 grawn (fisherman profession)
30 red thread (tailor, made from 300 flax flower so either/or will work)
117 toad slobber (trapped from toads)
13 essence of luck (herbalist, 39 clover)
15 flimsy support (armorer, or 45 chestnut planks, which is 135 chestnut wood)

If you are too pretty, PM me in game or send message via ankabox.
Viyel-Chan :3

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