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Update 1.76.6

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - August 30, 2022, 09:45:00
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1. Miscellaneous

  • Due to several technical malfunctions, major changes to the sidekick Hippolyre have been made.
    • Support Melody no longer triggers on the gains of mastery.
    • Rousing Melody increases the damage inflicted by the ally. It is no longer a fixed damage replica. In return, the boost value is increased from 10% to 15%.
    • Reactions are only triggered if the ally has a state applied by the companion itself, not if the ally has a state applied by another Hippolyre.
    • The entries in the dungeon ranking that include Hippolyre have been deleted.
  • The amount of gear obtained in the end-of-season chests is adjusted downwards.
  • The Tundrazors Dungeon Chest can now be opened correctly.
  • The Bwork and Kokokobana Dungeons Chests have the right content.
  • Players can no longer be on the same tile.
    • It could occur especially near the Pandalucian's extraction altar.
  • A problem that occurred when leaving the exchange and that blocked the client is fixed.
  • Steel Beak's HP is still correctly locked at 20% of its max HP in Phase 3 rather than 16,000.
  • Sham Moon can no longer use his Moon Hammer of Death spell outside of his phase 2.
  • The Sistzerkers can no longer move players onto Stake tiles if at least one tile is free around the Stake tile.
  • It is no longer possible to get stuck at the end of the 3rd room of the Hushquarters without ending the combat.
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Score : 351

Rousing Melody was 20%, not 10%. Changing it to 15% is NOT an increase.

16 -3
Score : 5641

Does fighters not occupying the same cell also fix enemies walking through your cell when hunter triggers?

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Score : 852
  • Rousing Melody increases the damage inflicted by the ally. It is no longer a fixed damage replica. In return, the boost value is increased from 10% to 15%.

What is this? Isn't this nerf from 20 to 15? How can it be boosted value? There seems to be no increase on ovation too if that's what it means. Care to clarify?
And what does "no longer fixed damage replica" even mean? Can't see any changes on the text except pure nerf to 15%.

Not only rousing too, everything is nerf, sweet from 30 to 25,  support from 40 to 33.
And now there's the official nerf "no triggers on mastery" with what's written on patch notes.
Its a disaster.

Can't even test it, there's (bug?) no more damage replica on the dummy too. The Hippo just do his thing with no damage output anymore.

Sidekicks need buffs to be relevant, especially since they cost real money, not nerfing & ruined. Please be responsible to your consumers.
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Score : 3761

Players : Abusing Hippolyre
Ankama : fix abuse
Players: gonna hate 

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Score : 852

Not even sure what's the abuse about, doesn't look like a fix, more like a nerf without much context.

Even if it is a abuse, then fix the issue, not lower the % at all across Hippo skills in the name of fixing abuses/bugs what not.

And its now broken last I test, there's no more damage replica on my toons at least, can't even know what's change except seeing all the lowering of % here in patch notes.

Bad implementation, where there's no further explanation, is just plain bad, period.

And its not the first time devs "fix" things in the name of technical issue, rendering sidekicks/character builds useless, thus wasting player's time and effort plus cash.

Oneday when changes appear and it drop & hit you on your toes, you wouldn't be as conceited as now. Just saying.

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Score : 852

It has been 2 days since the update and "fix".

Hippo is still left broken without able to do replica on damage thus its still broken and ruined, yet there's still no statement or response from the devs.

And the mastery nerf also affected the buffing on my Krosmoglob's WP skill (buff crit mastery), all Hippo do now is dance without effect and tank damage, basically a moving potato dummy.

I know sidekick don't generate income like Heroes, but it doesn't deserve to be treated like this, its not free, we had to purchase either through time saving Kamas or straight up money.

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Score : 351

Hippo no longer replica on damages. He now only gives % damage inflict.

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Score : 14791

Welp, it is sad to see Hippolyre's main gimmick go away but it was going to happen sooner or later to be honest. He is still a very solid companion.

Some issues I've found:

  • Support Melody isn't triggering on Armor buffs as it used to. The animation is shown but the value isn't changed whatsoever.
  • Support Melody is no longer triggerin on Flamming as it used to.
  • The dmg buff from Rousing Melody isn't displayed on the Character Info Screen (P), it is shown on the chat window but not on the main stat screen.

Time to update the guide ph34r
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