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Update 1.75

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - March 29, 2022, 12:45:00
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1. Major Changes


1.1. Osamodas


General Mechanics

  • The WP of the Osamodas and their summons are shared.
  • The Osamodas regains 1 WP at the end of the turn.


The number of capturable creatures has decreased in order to play more balanced and more interesting summons and to have deeper gameplay and interaction with the Osamodas class. All summons can be played and are viable at all levels.

  • Creatures are summoned at the same level as the Osamodas.
  • When a summons returns to the Gobgob or dies, the Osamodas cannot summon it again for several turns.
  • Summons' spells only cost WP → Casting spells with the summons costs the Osamodas WP, since the latter shares them with their summons.
  • The Osamodas's characteristics are partly transferred to their summons:
    • The highest mastery out of Melee and Distance is converted into Elemental Mastery.
    • The same applies to the highest mastery out of Area and Single-Target.
    • All other characteristics are transferred as they are: Elemental Mastery, Berserk Mastery, Critical Hit, MP, Block, etc.
      → Osamodas are free to play with any mastery they like, but they are encouraged to keep their characteristics consistent.
  • Each summons has a passive archetype that provides bonuses and penalties:
    • Offensive Summons:
      • 25% damage inflicted, 2 MP
      • -100 Elemental Resistance
    • Defensive Summons: 
      • 100 Elemental Resistance, 200% of level as Lock
      • -50% damage inflicted, -2 MP
    • Support Summons:
      • 50% heals performed
      • -50% damage inflicted
    • Neutral Summons:
      • No bonus/penalty

→ Summons are naturally oriented toward a role while keeping the Osamodas's basic characteristics.

Capturing Summons

  • Only 2 capturable creatures are available per level bracket, for a total of 30 possible summons.
  • The Gobgob can contain 10 summons at once. 
  • You cannot have the same summons twice in your Gobgob.
    → Osamodas are encouraged to vary their summons among a wider choice than at present and to use different summons in the same fight.
  • You can capture a summons of a higher level than the character's level.
  • A creature must be killed by the Osamodas themself for it to be captured.
  • The "level-adjusted" Gobgob has been removed.
  • You can give your summons custom names. A filter is applied to restrict the potential names.
  • When the Osamodas summons a creature, it must play after the Gobgob.

→ The summons adapts to the Osamodas's level. It is thus possible to go capture high-level summons from the beginning of the game. This system allows us to get around the problem of the level-adjusted Gobgob: The Gobgob is unique and remains the same regardless of how the Osamodas's level is adjusted.

Built-In Spells (automatically unlocked at the start of the fight in the "third bar")

Summoning is central to Osamodas gameplay. The aim is to make using it more flexible and dynamic. So, we decided to move the summoning mechanic to the third bar.

There can only be one creature from the Gobgob per team.
However, you can summon your creature and Gobgob simultaneously and keep both on the field.

  • Summons
    • 0 AP, 1 to 4 Range
    • On a free cell:
      • Summons the summons selected in the Gobgob
    • On the summons:
      • Removes the summons
      • Returns 3 WP to the Osamodas for each turn the summons stayed on the field
    • On a capturable enemy creature:
      • Captures the enemy when killed by the Osamodas
    • 2 uses per turn
  • Dragon Form
    • 2 AP, 0 Range (0 AP to disable)
      • Enables or disables dragon form
      • The Osamodas no longer regains WP at the end of the turn
      • An Osamodas's single-target elemental spells can only be cast on the Osamodas or their summons
      • They are done around the target in a 1-cell cross
      • Single-target mastery is converted into area mastery
      • An Osamodas's area-of-effect elemental spells have no casting constraints, but they gain additional effects if the target is the Osamodas or their summons
    • 2 turns to recharge

→ Dragon form offers the Osamodas really powerful area-of-effect capacities if they can use their positioning and that of their summons. The appearance of dragon form has changed to present more human characteristics.

  • Gobgob
    • 3 AP, 1 Range, non-modifiable
      • Summons a Gobgob
      • The Osamodas regenerates 1 WP at the start of the turn if the Gobgob is on the field
    • 4 turns to recharge

Gobgob's Spells

  • Astral Exchange
    • 1 WP, 1 to 3 Range
      • Switches places with the summons or the Osamodas
    • 1 use per turn
  • Lunar Aura
    • 1 WP, 1 to 3 Range
    • Places an aura on the summons (2-cell circle) (3 turns)
      • When starting turn in the aura:
        • 96 Light damage
        • Inflicts 20% less damage on the bearer of the aura
  • Solar Aura
    • 1 WP, 3 to 5 Range
    • Places an aura on the summons (2-cell circle) (3 turns)
      • When starting turn on the aura: 
        • 63 Light heal
        • 50 Elemental Resistance (1 turn)
  • Starry Motivation
    • Free, 1 Range
      • 2 MP (1 turn)
    • 1 use per turn
  • Nova
    • Free, 1 to 3 Range for the Osamodas
    • Dies and gives 3 WP 
    • 1 use per turn

Elemental Spells

Osamodas elemental spells have been simplified and made easier to understand.
The values shown are the spell values at level 200.



  • Incendiary Crow
    • 3 AP, 3 to 6 Range, without line of sight
    • 69 Fire damage
    • 23 additional Fire damage if the target is outside the line of sight
    • 3 uses per turn
  • Flaming Whip
    • 2 AP, 2 to 4 Range, in a straight line
    • 54 Fire damage
    • Scalded
    • 3 uses per turn, 2 uses per target
  • Flame Tornado
    • 4 AP, 1 WP, 2 to 4 Range
    • On an enemy:
      • 92 Fire damage
      • The target suffers 30% additional damage from the summons
    • On an ally:
      • The target receives 30% additional heals from the summons
    • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target
  • Fanning
    • 2 AP, 1 WP, 2 to 4 Range
    • On an enemy:
      • 60 Fire damage
      • The summons is healed by 200% of the damage inflicted
    • On an ally:
      • Heal: 10% of max HP at the start of the ally's turn (3 turns, not stackable)
    • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target
  • Dragon's Breath
    • 5 AP, 3 to 4 Range
    • 135 Fire damage (2-cell cross)
    • Dragon, on summons, or on self:
      • The target loses 10% of the current HP
      • 66 additional Fire damage
    • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • Sandstorm
    • 4 AP, 1 WP, 1 to 2 Range, non-modifiable
    • 125 Earth damage
    • If the summons is adjacent to the target:
      • 100 Elemental Resistance
      • 200% of the Osamodas's level in Lock
      • 30% Block
    • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target
  • Gravity
    • 2 AP, 1 to 2 Range
    • 48 Earth damage
    • Removes 50% of the Osamodas's level in Lock and Dodge
    • 4 uses per turn, 3 uses per target
  • Impalement
    • 5 AP, 1 Range, non-modifiable
    • 160 Earth damage
    • 2 uses per turn
  • Gambol
    • 3 AP, 1 to 3 Range
    • 75 Earth damage
    • The Osamodas gains 1 MP for the current turn
    • 3 uses per turn
  • Crackler Punch
    • 4 AP, 0 to 5 Range, without line of sight, non-modifiable
    • 100 Earth damage in a 2-cell circle
    • Dragon, on summons, or on self: Attracts aligned targets in a 5-cell cross by 2 cells, then inflicts damage
    • 2 uses per turn


  • Whip
    • 4 AP, 1 to 5 Range, non-modifiable
    • 112 Air damage
    • Double damage on summons
    • 2 uses per target
  • Plucking
    • 3 AP, 2 to 5 Range, non-modifiable
    • Turns the target around
    • 75 Air damage
    • 3 uses per turn
  • Transfer
    • 3 AP, 1 WP, 1 to 3 Range, in a straight line
    • The target switches places with the summons (up to 7 cells away)
    • Dragon: The summons and the Osamodas switch places (up to 7 cells away)
    • 100 Air damage
    • 1 use per turn
  • Repulsive Breath
    • 2 AP, 1 to 6 Range, in a straight line
    • Enemy: 54 Air damage
    • Pushes 1 cell
    • 3 uses per turn, 2 uses per target
  • Feather Tornado
    • 3 AP, 3 to 4 Range, without line of sight
    • 69 Air damage in a square (except on the summons)
    • Dragon: 75 Air damage in a 1-to-1-cell ring (except on the summons)
    • Cast on an empty cell:
      • The summons is teleported to the cell (up to 2 cells)
    • 2 uses per turn

Non-Elemental Spells

  • Last Breath
    • 3 AP, 1 to 5 Range
    • Cast on the summons:
      • 4 MP
      • 4 Range
      • Dies at the end of the turn

    • For each turn spent on the field (by summons):
      • 10% damage inflicted
      • 10% heals performed
      • The Osamodas regenerates 1 WP
    • 3 turns to recharge
  • Motivating Shot
    • 3 WP, 0 to 2 Range
      • Ally: 2 AP (1 turn)
      • Summons: The Osamodas regains 2 AP
      • 20% damage inflicted (1 turn)
      • The target cannot receive High-Energy Shot for 3 turns
    • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target
  • Velocity
    • 1 AP, 1 WP, 1 Range (non-modifiable)
    • Cast on an ally:
      • Transfers all current MP to the target (1 for 0.5, max 4)
      • On the summons: 1 for 1, max 8
      • 25% melee damage (1 turn)
    • 2 turns to recharge
  • Weakening Cry
    • 3 AP, 1 to 4 Range
    • Places "Weakening Cry" on the target
    • When the target suffers damage from the summons:
      • Damage is decreased by half
      • -70 Elemental Resistance (1 turn)
    • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target
  • Relay
    • 3 AP, 0 to 5 Range, non-modifiable
    • At the start of the turn, the ally switches places with the summons (up to 7 cells away)
      • If there is no summons, switches places with the Osamodas
      • If the Osamodas targets their summons or their Gobgob, the Osamodas instantly switches places with them
    • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target
  • Animal Link
    • 4 AP, 1 to 5 Range
    • Transfers up to 25% of max HP in armor to the target (fixed armor)
    • The Osamodas regains 2 WP
    • 3 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • Boowolf Fury
    • Summons have -75 Resistance
    • At the start of the turn:
      • The summons gains 15% damage inflicted, 15% Heal, and 1 MP (max 3)
  • Animal Gift
    • The Osamodas regains 1 WP at the start of the turn if their summons is on the field
  • Crobak Vision
    • The Osamodas's summons no longer block line of sight
    • 2 Range
  • Summoning Warrior
    • 20% damage inflicted
    • Summons' healing and damage are reduced by 20%
  • Solitary Summoner
    • At the end of the turn, if there are no summons on the field:
      • 3 AP for the next turn
  • Dragonic Power
    • In dragon form:
      • 25% damage inflicted
      • The Osamodas loses 1 WP at the end of the turn
      • The form is removed if the Osamodas has no more WP
  • Phoenix Spirit
    • The summoning cooldown is now 2 turns
  • Taur Strength
    • 30% single-target damage
    • Reduces Dodge to 0
  • Animal Synergy
    • The Osamodas regains 2 WP when a summons kills an enemy
      • -20% damage inflicted
      • Summons inflict 20% additional damage
  • Symbiosa
    • When a summons returns to the Gobgob (no matter how):
      • On the Osamodas:
        • 30% melee damage (1 turn)
        • -100 Resistance (1 turn)
  • Dragonic Transcendence
    • In dragon form:
      • Spells are done in a 2-cell cross instead of a 1-cell cross
      • -20% ranged damage
  • South Star
    • The Gobgob's auras apply an effect on fighters while they are in the aura
      • Stellar Aura: -20% damage inflicted on the summons's allies
      • Starry Aura: +2 Range and +15% damage inflicted
  • Animal Sacrifice
    • +3 WP
    • Summons now has a non-modifiable range
  • Eastern Star
    • The Gobgob's auras can be applied to the Osamodas
    • Auras now last only 1 turn
  • Animal Devotion
    • -25% damage inflicted and heals performed
    • Single-target spells on an ally apply effects instead of inflicting damage:
      • Fire: Applies Flaming (10% of the Osamodas's level/AP)
      • Earth: Applies Armor (200% of the Osamodas's level/AP)
      • Air: Heals the target by 3% of its missing HP for each AP
    • Effects are doubled on the summons
  • The Art of Taming
    • The Osamodas can summon 2 creatures simultaneously
    • Damage suffered by summons is transferred to the Osamodas
    • Summoned creatures gain Summoning Sickness (1 turn):
      • -40% damage inflicted
      • Regenerates 1 WP for the Osamodas at the start of their next turn
  • Animal Sharing
    • -100 Elemental Resistance
    • Summons gain 100 Elemental Resistance
    • If the Osamodas suffers damage from an enemy, the summons gains 10% damage inflicted and 1 MP (1 turn) (not stackable)

1.2. Cosmetics Inventory

Devblog article: click here.

1.3. Dimensional Rifts

Two new dimensional rifts are available:

  • Shustuft Crust Rift
  • Shustuft Crust Ultimate Rift

These two rifts can be accessed from Fallen Souls' Crossing.

Exclusive sublimations can be obtained in these two rifts.
The following values are at level 2 (Mythical).

Classic Rift

  • Ambition
    • At the start of the fight, if secondary masteries are ≤0:
      • 10% Critical Hit
    • Max level: 6
  • Brawling
    • -1 Range
    • 100% of level as Lock and Dodge
    • Max level: 2
  • Critical Preparation
    • On each Critical Hit performed: 
      • +4 Preparation for the next turn (5 activations per turn)
    • Max level: 4
  • Locking
    • 8% damage inflicted on targets without line of sight and 3 or more cells away
    • Max level: 6

Ultimate Rift

  • Delay
    • At the start of the turn, if the player didn't use any WP the previous turn:
      • 10% damage inflicted
      • 10% heals performed
    • Max level: 3
  • Carapace
    • -1 AP
    • 75 Elemental Resistance
    • Max level: 2
  • Heavy Armor
    • -1 MP
    • 10% damage inflicted
    • Max level: 2
  • Featherweight
    • At the start of the fight, per MP above 3:
      • 4% damage inflicted (max 24)
    • Max level: 4

2. Combat

  • Characters no longer become invisible after quitting a fight.
  • Resistance penalties are correctly updated when an effect expires.
    This avoids issues if multiple penalties were stacked on the same target. When one resistance loss expired, the other resistance loss was not recalculated and did not run.
  • A fighter's death no longer interrupts the fight for the duration of the animation; if several fighters are KO'd by the same attack, their animations follow each other more quickly.
  • Characters are correctly oriented at the end of their turns.
  • Quitting a fight no longer causes the camera's behavior to change.
  • Adding a hero after removing them no longer causes them to appear in the world.

3. Classes

  • Class summons (except Osamodas) run when moving in combat.

3.1. Enutrof

  • The Tax spell is now limited to 1 time per target instead of 2 times per target.

3.2. Pandawa – Karcham

The Pandawa class has a new state: Imbalanced. This state is stackable and can be applied in two ways:

  • When the Pandawa is carrying an ally at the end of their turn, the carried ally gains Imbalanced.
  • When the Pandawa suffers damage while carrying an ally, the carried ally gains Imbalanced.

Imbalanced applies a penalty of 10% damage inflicted and 10% heals performed per level of the state. The state lasts 2 turns.

4. Monsters

You no longer need to adjust to level 200 to fight Ogrest.
The dungeon settings window (Stasis, modifiable difficulty) no longer appears; you enter the dungeon immediately using the "ENTER" button. This change also applies to Rushu.
  • Access is no longer restricted by attempts per week: 
    • Key fragments can be obtained in the dungeons of Mount Zinit: Badgeroxes' Lair, Or'Hodruin Volcano, Dreggons' Sanctuary, and Iced-Over Crest.
    • These key fragments let you craft the key to reach Mount Zinit Peak to fight Ogrest.

Ogrest tokens can no longer be obtained or traded in for equipment. Character's old tokens can be traded in for keys (60 tokens) to reach Mount Zinit Peak.
  • Ogrest has a combat mechanic that is similar to Rushu's:
    • He gains damage based on the damage inflicted score.
    • Players have a loot bonus based on the damage inflicted score.
  • New loot brackets have been added with level-230 rewards.
  • A new resource can be obtained 100% and is limited to 1 per character from the first bracket.
    • This resource is used in recipes for new level-230 rewards.
  • The I.D.S. is now limited to 1 use every 4 turns instead of every 3 turns.

5. Items

  • An aura has been added to the Anti-UH Boots.
  • The Toothed Belt now has a recipe to improve it from rare to mythical.
  • A penalty of 5% Armor given and received has been added to Abandon. This penalty increases with each level of the sublimation.
    • At level 6, Abandon gives 3 WP, 3 Range, and -30% Armor given and received.
  • AP Return: The AP renewal is no longer done outside of the player's turn (glyphs, summons, poisons, etc.). This change is intended to fix cases where the player couldn't use the sublimation properly during their turn because they had triggered the sublimation's AP renewal (limited to 2 per turn) outside of their turn by finishing off enemies with their summons, glyphs, poisons, etc.
  • The Theory of Matter penalty has been transferred to the Osamodas's summons and the Masqueraider's Masked Spirit.
  • Many items have changed: They were mostly old items that were copied based on a mechanic of stat rolls obtained during the crafting process.
    • These items have now been standardized and have only one way to obtain them and one list of possible effects. Obsolete copies now have the "Old Item" rarity.
    • You can no longer craft an item with stat rolls.
  • Belts and epaulettes no longer grant Prospecting and Wisdom bonuses. These bonuses have been reintroduced in the form of a global passive for all players based on their level (current or adjusted), and it is applied at the start of the fight.

    • Level 1 to 79: bonus of 10 Prospecting and Wisdom
    • Level 80 to 119: bonus of 20 Prospecting and Wisdom
    • Level 120 and up: bonus of 30 Prospecting and Wisdom
    • Prospecting and Wisdom bonuses didn't carry weight, so items have not been rebalanced accordingly.

We have not ruled out reintroducing these bonuses in another form or through another mechanic in the future.

The Sigma's characteristics have changed:

  • Old:
    • 1 MP
    • 1 Range
    • 1 WP
    • 195 HP
    • 189 Mastery of 3 elements
    • -10% Critical Hit
  • New:
    • 1 AP
    • 1 Range
    • 207 HP
    • 155 Mastery of 3 elements
    • -10% Critical Hit
    • 10 Elemental Resistance

The Punt Boots' characteristics have changed:

  • Old:
    • 2 AP
    • 449 HP
    • 250 Mastery of 3 elements
    • 35 Elemental Resistance
  • New:
    • 2 AP
    • 347 HP
    • 140 Lock
    • 6% Block
    • 210 Mastery of 3 elements
    • 30 Fire & Water Resistance

5.1. Pets

Pets that used to give Wisdom, Prospecting, or Kit now have different characteristics.

We have not ruled out reintroducing these Prospecting and Wisdom bonuses in another form or through another mechanic in the future.

  • Adventurer Gemlin (old):
    • 20 Wisdom
    • 30 HP 
  • Adventurer Gemlin (new):
    • 10 Elemental Resistance
    • 20 Elemental Mastery
    • 20 HP
  • Bilby (old):
    • 40 Wisdom
  • Bilby (new):
    • 3% Critical Hit
    • 20 Force of Will
  • Dragoone (old):
    • 40 Wisdom
  • Dragoone (new):
    • 30 Elemental Mastery
    • 20 Force of Will
  • Bow Wow (old):
    • 25 Prospecting
    • 25 Wisdom
  • Bow Wow (new):
    • 30 HP
    • 15 Elemental Resistance
    • 30 Elemental Mastery
  • Baby Schnek (old): 
    • 40 Elemental Mastery
    • 20 Wisdom
  • Baby Schnek (new):
    • 60 Lock
    • 60 Dodge
  • Friendrake (old):
    • 40 Elemental Mastery
    • 20 Wisdom
  • Friendrake (new):
    • 60 HP
    • 10 Block
  • Ghast (old):
    • 40 Prospecting
  • Ghast (new): 
    • 100 Dodge
  • Quaquack (old):
    • 40 Prospecting
  • Quaquack (new):
    • 60 HP
    • 100 Rear Mastery
  • Young Drheller (old): 
    • 40 Prospecting
  • Young Drheller (new):
    • 100 Lock
  • Gobgob (old):
    • 40 Elemental Mastery
    • 20 Prospecting
  • Gobgob (new): 
    • 50% Trapper harvest quantity
  • Chewer (old):
    • 30 HP
    • 20 Distance Mastery
    • 20 Prospecting
  • Chewer (new):
    • 30 HP
    • 10% Armor given
  • Arachnee (old): 
    • 60 HP
    • 6 Kit Skill
  • Arachnee (new):
    • 30 HP
    • 10% Armor received

6. World

Dialogue portraits have been added for the following characters:

  • Father Deepboar (past)
  • Bring Comedead (Bilbiza)
  • Katrina Slevastan (Al Howin event)
  • Decepticod's Henchman / Merkator
  • The Astrub and Wabbit Island maps have been reworked to offer improved esthetics.
  • Several issues in the world have been fixed, including locations where environmental quest monsters appear.
  • Fixes for heroes: achievements and clan master bonuses.
  • An option in the cosmetics inventory now lets you show or hide your character's hat. This option can only be used if a costume is equipped and shows the basic appearance of your character's head.

We are making the following changes to compensate for the removal of pets' Prospecting and Wisdom:

  • The average area bonus is now 30 Wisdom and Prospecting (instead of 10)
  • The max area bonus is now 60 Wisdom and Prospecting (instead of 30)
  • The territory control bonus is now:
    • 1 HP for each territory controlled (no change)
    • 15 Wisdom and Prospecting if 20 or more territories are controlled (instead of 5% damage inflicted)
    • 15 Wisdom and Prospecting if 30 or more territories are controlled (instead of 10% Wisdom)
    • Nothing beyond that (instead of 10 Prospecting from level 40)
  • Combat challenges all give 10 additional base Prospecting and Wisdom compared to previously
  • Combat challenges give 5 additional Prospecting and Wisdom for three or more players and for five or more players
  • Each challenge completed as a team of six thus giving 20 additional Prospecting and Wisdom

6.1. Dimensional Rifts

  • In order to compensate for area bonuses that are not applied in dimensional rifts, a Prospecting and Wisdom bonus has been added in the rifts for every X waves defeated:
    • Every 5 waves defeated in a classic rift: +5 Prospecting and +5 Wisdom (max 40)
    • Every 2 waves defeated in an ultimate rift: +10 Prospecting and +10 Wisdom (max 40)

7. Interface

  • In combat, the box showing the selected fighter's information (at the bottom of the timeline) now shows armor points.
  • Health bars in spectator mode now have a different color for each team.
  • Map token filters are now turned on by default.
  • You can now filter crops to show only those that give experience. 
  • The profession interface shows the base experience value for crops and recipes when hovering over them.
  • An ongoing exchange will automatically close when one of the two players teleports.
  • The unit price is shown when hovering over items that have or have not been sold in the marketplace.
  • The range of random colors available in the character creation interface has improved to offer more dark colors and fewer fluorescent colors.
  • Several interface textures can now be changed when creating custom themes.
  • The fighter details and timeline bonus interfaces are no longer distorted when the fighter has a very high number of health points.

8. Miscellaneous

  • Restarting the servers will no longer disable temporary guild bonuses. 
  • Book and scroll interfaces' text has a specific color in the theme.
  • The "Transfer character to an account" feature can now take the equipment the character is currently carrying.
    Therefore, it is no longer necessary to put all the items the character has equipped in their inventory.
Reactions 51
Score : 1402

R.i.P. all Wisdom Pets, my Dragoone "Roger" will be missed which had served me for nearly a decade.

9 0
Score : 3334

what was the point in completely removing wisdom and prospecting?
10 years of these pets, and gear items, now just thrown away
like the 10 years people put into their haven worlds
or enutrofs, or osamodas.

5 0
Score : 357

Big "F" for wis/pp pets :///

10 0
Score : 1182

F's for Single Target Distance mastery Dragon Osas =\

11 0
Score : 1632
why did not recieved tokens for my costumes in my inventory? i had took them off those that i had x2 x3 and keep them in my bag = no tokens, wtf? 
  • why is there no option on the machine to trade them in for tokens????!

we deserve to get tokens same as those who had them on (linked ones) on all characters!, we did same affort to get them now we have to trash that effort because we took them off as safety and those who had them on take all the benefits???!!! leaving us as only option to trash the linked ones SO UNFAIR!

you said to be prepare, this is bs .
10 0
Score : 106

Anywhere we can check what the new summons list is for the osamodas?
Jumping in and having to check every monster in existence is a bit awkward

3 0
Score : 1632
3 0
Score : 12592

Brakmar is so red that even the rifts don't open up there XD
Still no food from divine/infernal spices?
Any changes for the battlefields? At least to have 2 on Sunday sad 
and I don't really support changing relic/epic items where people invest money to get the changed item. probably just as well, people are not very supportive of changing pets that provided a bonus to wisdom and prostepcting. but if you have good reasons, I will not try to criticize this decision.
as for praise

Such a big patch you uploaded very quickly today. It makes me personally like for it! 
Many positive changes, such as NPCs, visual improvement of some maps, fixing sublimations so that they work better with classes. Maybe Ogrest's tears will become more frequent with these new changes. Osa looks as if a lot of work was put into it.
Thank you for 1.75

4 -1
Score : 11282

Dang it, I was looking forward to the "hide hat" option but you guys HAD to fumble with that on...

4 -1
Score : 16

Welp, there goes every pp/wisdom pet sleep.

1 0
Score : 1

welp sorry didnt read enough hehe my bad

0 0
Score : 355

GG to everyone who wasted their hard earned kamas to buy a wisdom pet. Once again devs find another way to mess over their players...

4 0
Score : 3568

I dislike this new update when it comes to pet skins.
My combat pet (Bontarian Bow Meow) had a Wodent skin with goggles on, my Satchull had Baybitoot skin, my Geist had Pandawa Cup skin, my Kalypsor had Gerbichon skin, my Snoofle had Redfoux skin.

After this new update it no longer remembers my preferred pet skins on each of my pets.
Why did you have to go backwards and change this system?
Now I have to navigate through 2 windows whenever I switch back to my combat pet because my Wodent skin goggles are not available in Cosmetics window. And don't get me started on switching to pet skins everytime I switch pets (combat to gathering and vice versa), I have to apply everything over and over again.

I liked the old system a lot more, everything was available under 1 window, it was a lot more user friendly and it remembered each pet skin on every pet!

4 0
Score : 147

It is irritating to have to replace hard bought sets for a class once it has a revamp. My osa's (yes I have 3) all must be set up again, why change the class to drop all needs for distance mastery, my earth osa is kinda fine but the other two need complete overhauls.  I enjoy it so far but having to replace the sets will take ages

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The updated looks promising, but the thing with how the new dragosa looks like bugs me a lot, why removing the dragon traits for the face? instead of make the dragosa looks more dragon-ish? example Ouginak or enu maybe, where they have transformation that looks more beastly. That's maybe the thing that bugs me a lot, rip dragosa design

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Score : 1

I was thinking the exact same thing, I really have to wonder if there was demand to make the Dragon from less dragon-like or it was just an arbitrary change they made.

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Dear Ankama.

I have 3 osamodas. In a fight, just one of them can summon a creature. Is the total number of summons fixed for all osamodas team mates?
Is this bug or feature?

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Score : 2

i'm having the same problem

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Well now i have no idea how to play dragon osa... RIP my brain ohmy

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U need to have at least bachelor degree of wakfu university to play it

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After update 1.75 (Osamosa revamp) Osamosa's passive spell "Inhalation" (120 initiative , 10% Dam.Inf.) don't work, 120 initiative NOT add.
Does anyone same?

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Score : 44

trying to capture summons and it wont let me .no capturable symbol on groups just highlighted ones that are supposed to be capturable.

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Score : 664

Gonna copy & paste my opinion of the update from the Osa thread, as there's no telling if the devs will take their time looking there. What do I know, maybe not even here but this class is the last string of attachment for me to Wakfu. So here it is:

Even though I do not like how the poke-style had changed into, and have /turn limitation, I think its Okay-ish if I think of it like a compromise for letting the devs having a better time doing adjustment to summons & future ones like they claimed to be.

However, I am not okay to being forced to have to unsummon/re-summon because the mechanics makes it so.
For example, I have multiple monsters weak to water, and now I have no WP, I had to unsummon my existing Water-hitting summon to recover WP, and then summon a weaker version water hitting summon, or worst, not a water hitting summon because of how limiting it is.
While there are other way of recovering WP, it is not cost-efficient and clunky too. eg, sacrificing 25%hp for 2WP, sacrifice gobgob. Which also cost not so little AP and gobgob also has turn cooldown.

And I also tried doing two summons and the penalty is just too big:
1) Damage to summons = damage to player
2) penalty of 40% damage inflicted first turn making using attacks not wp efficient
3) I still recover only 1 WP naturally, not counting the second turn passive of double summoning.

And with the (1), I no longer able to use tank summons cause I'll get myself killed instead, which is just ridiculous, what's the use of tank if that tank transfer the damage back.

Double summons is already very WP heavy, and now with those crippling penalty, less damage + share damage received to summoner, I feel double summon is just novelty instead of practicality.

And off topic about summons, the whole single-target/area target specialization got reversed. Before, its area for summoner, single for dragon dps. Now its the opposite, and I have to redo my equipment which I don't think the revamp of OSA is attractive enough of a motivation.

And then there's the future control rework yet which no one knows how it is and if it will messed up my build again if I put in time now.

I gonna give a non-passing mark for OSA revamp now, at least at the summoning mechanic. Hopefully some passive revamp can be done to help with that.

And one last thing and its the worst, whole battle can only have 1 summon (2 with passive) even if there's 2 osa in party, making this game leaning more towards playing solo(heroes).
Who in the right mind will have two osa summoner in the party now? Sorry pal gotta kick you (osa summoner) cause the dev makes it only one stays. (I am looking at you, mono-server, aka last saving grace of Wakfu)

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Score : 341

RIP Osamodas.
It was nice having a monster catching and taming class while it lasted. 

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Score : -1324

One's man dislike is another man like. I so much like new osamodas, and seem now everybody have one.

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