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Shhhudoku Kingdom – The Crackler’s Symphony

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - December 08, 2020, 12:15:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

Main Feature: Shhhudoku Kingdom Revamp

The Shhhudoku Kingdom has been completely revamped. Four game areas are now available, each with a quest, a dungeon, and new items:

  • Murmoor and its Whisperers (level 96-110)
  • Inside Grampar and its Scramshells (level 201-215)
  • Tundra and its Plantiguards (level 201-215)
  • Pingwins' Ice Floe and its Pingwins (level 201-215)

In addition, it includes a sequel to the main quest in Eliocalypse. In this new adventure, you’ll journey throughout the Shhhudoku Kingdom to find the lost melody.

For more information:


  • Transparency: Fighter transparency will apply correctly to all fighters and not just the ones visible on the screen.




  • Classes and their summons can no longer exceed their armor limit.


General Mechanics:
  • Overheating and High Pressure only lose one level per turn (if the condition for maintaining them isn't met).
  • Overheating and High Pressure can be reached, at most, at level 6.

Fire Path

Blazing Fire

  • 15% extra damage on targets with over 65% of their max HP.

Fire Thrower

  • If the Foggernaut has 4 or more levels of Overheating:
    • 30% extra damage.
    • Range penalty increases by 1.
    • The Foggernaut loses 1 level of Overheating.


  • No longer has an effect (ranged or melee).
  • +10% extra damage per level of Overheating.
  • Applies 1 level of Incurable per level of High Pressure.

Water Path


  • Cast from a distance: Steals 10% Critical Hit (1 turn).
  • Cast in close combat: Steals 10% Block (1 turn).


  • No longer converts High Pressure into Overheating.
  • Range increases to 5.
  • Cannot be cast if the Foggernaut is stabilized.
  • Cast on the Foggernaut:
    • Swaps High Pressure and Overheating.


  • No longer converts Overheating into High Pressure.
  • Cast in close combat: Pushes the target back 2 cells.
  • Otherwise: Moves the Foggernaut closer to the target.
  • Can be used in close combat if the Foggernaut is stabilized.

Earth Path


  • No longer pushes the target away.
  • The spell grants more armor than before.
  • Cast on an ally (costs 1 level of High Pressure):
    • Grants Armor.


  • Can now be cast on the caster.
  • Cast on an ally or on the caster:
    • 1 Range and 100% of level as Lock and Dodge (1 turn).
    • Casting the spell in this way will count as a use of Bombardment.



  • If a target is stasified at the start of the Foggernaut's turn:
  • +20% ranged damage inflicted from a distance on this target (1 turn).


Wakfu Reactor

  • Now applies a 10% bonus to damage inflicted (1 turn) at the start of combat.

Gear Amputation

  • Overheating and High Pressure are reapplied at level 2 on each turn.
  • This passive can therefore now be used to consume Overheating or High Pressure.

Cyclic Battery

  • Overheating and High Pressure are completely removed if the positioning requirement isn't met and level 6 has not be reached.

Stasis Reservoir

  • It is no longer necessary to have full WP to be able to activate this passive.

Limiter Removal

  • +1 max WP
  • When starting a turn with level-6 High Pressure:
    • 20 Force of Will, 1 MP (1 turn)
  • When starting turn with level-6 Overheating:
    • +1 AP (1 turn)


General Mechanics:
  • Collision damage can be focused (and therefore take Rear Mastery).

Fire Path


  • If the target already has its back to you, the spell pushes them one cell.


  • The spell's damage increases.

Air Path


  • Becomes a single target.
  • Pushes the target one cell.
  • Moves the Masqueraider back one cell.
  • (2 uses per turn).



  • The bonus is now 25% damage inflicted.

Support Collisions

  • Instead of granting 20% damage inflicted, the passive now grants:
    • 20% Critical Hit.
    • 10% healing on a critical.
    • 10% damage inflicted on a critical.


Changes to passive effects:
  • -20% damage inflicted.
  • All Masqueraider spells remove resistance from the direct target of the spell being cast:
    • -15 Elemental Resistance per AP/MP.
    • -30 Elemental Resistance per WP.
  • The Masqueraider must not be wearing a mask.
  • The resistance penalty is always removed at the start of the Masqueraider's turn.

Debuff Pushes

  • The passive also grants a +10 Force of Will bonus.



Corrections to a visual issue that summon "dummies" in the combat bubble.

Corrections to undesired behaviors on glyphs:

  • Increased earth glyphs no longer remove MP multiple times from combatants.
  • Increased glyphs no longer inflict double damage on bosses within a 9-cell radius.

Water Path


  • Now costs 3 AP

Earth Path


  • Reflects 25% of damage (up from 20%).


The Best Defense Is an Attack

  • The passive also grants a 10% damage inflicted bonus.

Eye for an Eye

  • The passive bonus is now applied at the start of the Feca's turn and lasts until the start of their next turn.

Herd Protector

  • The passive's HP bonus is now 300% of the level.


Non-Elemental Spells
  • Damage from a Canine Glyph penetrates armor.



Non-Elemental Spells
  • Karcham and Chamrak are always in the same order.


  • Particles (Visual FX) added for the Heads or Tails spell. The particles vary depending on whether the Ecaflip possesses Trance in their deck.


  • Any loss of QB (e.g. by using a spell) will correctly be interpreted as a loss of WP so that the linked effects will be triggered. Examples: Yeah Rune, Feca's Volcano Shield, etc.


  • Unlinking a costume from a Hero will correctly remove it from the Hero instead of from the main character.



Mineral Tower

  • The animated scenery on floor 50 of the Mineral Tower matches the setting
  • Floor 215 of the Mineral Tower has animated scenery.



Sham Moon

  • The spell Moon Hammer no longer inflicts irreducible damage on turn 1.

Pet Drheller

  • The Pet Drheller spell Defensive Blow now removes 200 Armor from the spell's target only, instead of from all units in combat.


  • The trees Mystical Sakura and Magic Kwismas Tree can be planted in all vegetation slots in Astrub.

Boss Smasher
  • A new costume has been added to the Boss Smasher rewards. 




  • The value displayed for certain enchantment bonuses was incorrect when the bonus applied to a double slot and rounding was required; this has been corrected.

General Sublimations

  • The Solidity sublimation is no longer triggered by indirect damage, in accordance with the description.
  • The old epic runes and relics are now converted to sublimations at login. This modification is almost transparent, though it allows the sublimations of certain items to be removed correctly, particularly the Prismatic Dofus.

Epic and Relic Sublimations

Certain epic and relic sublimations have been rebalanced:

  • Elemental Concentration grants 20% mastery (up from 15%).
  • Constant grants 15% damage inflicted and 50 Critical Resistance (up from 10% damage).
  • Unraveling converts 75% of Critical Mastery (up from 50%).
  • Herculean Strength grants 250% of level as Lock and Dodge (up from 150%).
  • Inflexible earns a +10 Force of Will bonus in addition to its effects on characters level 100 or higher.
  • Wield type: Dagger gives 15% damage inflicted on targets hit from the front (up from 10%).
  • Wield type: Dagger gives 10% damage inflicted on targets hit from the side (up from 0%).
  • Wield type: The condition for two-handed is now "maximum 12 AP before the sublimation's effect."
  • Wakfu Pact grants 15% Block (up from 10%).
  • Robust Health applies a penalty of -30% to the HP modifier (up from -40%).
  • Light Armor inflicts 10 damage per AP (up from 5).
  • Flame Aura grants 15 Flaming (up from 10).
  • Trust grants 30% Block (up from 20%).
  • Heartbreaking Blood grants 25% damage inflicted (down from 30%).

New Epic Sublimations:


  • At the start of combat, if the state bearer has less than 100% of their level as Dodge:
    • 15% damage inflicted as Berserk
    • 100% of level as Lock

Fury II

  • At the start of combat, if the state bearer has 4 Range or greater:
    • 15% damage inflicted as Berserk + Ranged simultaneously
    • 1 Range


  • At the start of combat, if the state bearer has 50% Block or greater:
    • Bonus of +30% on the HP modifier
    • -50% Armor received

Space Control

  • At the start of combat, if the state bearer has exactly 1 Range:
    • 15% damage inflicted and healing performed on targets between 2 and 4 cells away from the caster

New Relic Sublimations:


  • When taking damage from the front and in close combat, once per turn:
    • 10% of missing HP as Armor
    • 40% Armor given (1 turn)

Ancestral Energy

  • At the start of the turn, with 6 WP or greater (500 QB or greater):
    • 5% damage inflicted and 25 Elemental Resistance.
    • The state is stackable; maximum is 15% damage inflicted and 75 Elemental Resistance.
    • The state is removed if the character starts their turn with less than 6 WP (or 500 QB).


  • -50 Elemental Resistance
  • Once per turn, when below 50% HP:
    • 15% damage inflicted, 50 Elemental Resistance, 1 MP (1 turn)


  • Per MP used for a movement:
    • +3% Block (1 turn) (max 18)
  • If the state bearer performs a block when it's not their turn:
    • This bonus is transformed into Critical Hit on the next turn


  • The recipe for the Mythical Shieldovore now requires Blop resources instead of Treechnid resources.

Meridia Costume

  • The Meridia Costume can no longer be learned by a character who hasn't completed the achievement The Meridian Effect.


  • The Enchanting Hat and Garbfather Jacket, level 200, can be obtained on Ogrest with a minimum score of 4M.
  • These items serve to make their Souvenir 215 versions.


  • The mysterious Amaknian House may be accessed by characters who have met certain requirements.
  • We've increased the allowance for zone activation on the ground in order to reduce instances of blocking in a quest that require the player to travel back and forth to complete the objective (especially in the tutorial).


Changes to how often Archmonsters appear in the world:

  • Archmonsters from levels 51 to 140 will have a waiting time of 2h30 between each attempted appearance.
  • Archmonsters from levels 141 to 200 will have a waiting time of 4h00 between each attempted appearance.
  • Appearance attempts make up to 4 archmonsters appear instead of 3.



Friend List

  • The unique ID is displayed next to the nickname in the list of friends and ignored players.

Character Selection

  • The character selection looks all new and fresh!


  • We've added an experience bar to the section with character names in order to simply view their progress in their level.


  • It is now possible to swap 2 bags when one is equipped and the other one is in your inventory, as long as the bag in the inventory has the required capacity.


  • Governor statues no longer have the beginner tag next to their name.
  • Displaying the names of nearby characters (V by default) now displays your friends' character names in color (light blue).*
  • Areas of effect in the shape of a cone, inverted cone, and ax are now correctly displayed in the spell description.
  • Zaaps can now be added to favorites.

*This is the same blue as the blue used in private messages.


  • A setting that allows you to define a zoom level in the interfaces has been added to the "Video" tab in the options menu.




  • Private message bubbles display correctly above friends.
  • The Ankama friends list has been added to the chat's auto-complete command (shortcut CTRL + Enter).
  • The "Trade" and "Recruitment" channels now allow you to communicate with all the people who have these channels activated on the server.

The game client will not receive messages from these channels unless they are activated on at least one of the chat tabs. If they are hidden on all the tabs, the messages received between full deactivation and reactivation will not be visible.


  • Temporary guild bonuses will queue properly after being purchased. Their duration will also properly count down.
  • There was a bug that applied guild bonuses during the learning phase; this has been fixed.

Ankama Launcher

The RAM allocated by default has increased from from 256MB/512MB to 512MB/768MB

Two scenarios are possible:

  • You already, or never, opened the settings, and haven't activated the advanced settings. In this scenario, the change is automatic.
  • You activated the advance settings. In this scenario, this must be changed manually.
    • If this is the case, you can enter 512MB in XMS and 768MB in XMX
  • If you wish to allocate more RAM to the game, you can do so in the advanced settings. Make sure you use the right values (XMS less than XMX) and use and indicator after the numbers entered (M for MB, G for GB)

Although, live, we said we didn't want to increase these values, we took a second look at the RAM value distribution numbers and determined it would be a better idea to increase them and encourage players having trouble to lower them rather than keep them too low to the detriment of the vast majority of players.


  • Changing a main character with several rapid clicks on a hero's portrait will no longer cause the client to act abnormally.


  • A period of time has been added when using mounts from the inventory interface.


  • The recast time for some emotes has increased in order to limit performance problems when they are cast repeatedly.

Achievements Steam

  • Achievements Steam are now functional again
  • The Achievements list on Steam is fixed (many outdated Achievements have been removed, others have been fixed) and the validation status of achievements is updated correctly now.
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Neo-Genessis


It's actually supposed to be fixed in the 1.70 patch.

See message in context
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Please fix the order on Heroes tab (K tab) .. This is totally random now and I can't find my chars properly :v 

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Hi Datsuki,

Thanks for the feedback, it has been shared with the team.


Score : 1117

I am so so so happy about these changes! Especially the Interface and Miscellaneous sound really great! Also thank you so much for adressing the blackscreen/RAM problem by increasing the assigned RAM automatically. I am sure those who did not know about the advanced settings will be happy about it.
All the changes lately are going in a wonderful direction. Thank you!

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Score : -2599

boots spell of rogue ;it says gain 1 mp but rogue doesnt get +1 mp after cast, do i know or do somethng wrong? maybe you should remake about gaining mp and range by force of will stealing?

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Score : 48

It doesn't gain MP anymore (since revamp). New connection is giving back 1MP on next movement. So if you have 0 MP and use Boot u won't get MP back and if u have at least 1MP and will use Boot and will move after that for 1 cell, you will have 1MP still and you can move 1 cell again.

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Score : 14791

Awesome changes! The game totally needed global Trading and Recruitment channels. I hope this improves the communication between the players and search of groups.

Would it be possible to make the chat window deployable? Sometimes it can be a little annoying when you are moving around the map (doing enviromental quests for example) and accidentally click on it resulting in disabled channels or having to zoom in & out to interact with certain objects that the screen is blocking. It would be a nice QoL improvement 

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Score : 600

can we up this message so that in next update they gonna repaire the collaborative Hordes of Stalagmotes in Brakmar because it has  a level require from 156 - 200  (so if your 201+ you can't do it ) its been like that for  sooooooooo long i kinda lost hope and  i made a ticket also like many other player , thank you  * update  thank you Siu din't see it in the Changelogs was a bit scard 

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It's actually supposed to be fixed in the 1.70 patch.

Score : 223

Good update, thanks

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Score : 1460
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Score : 1

Not bad... All is perfect, Ankama, but.... When u add Russian language? :3 

(in 30 birthday i think xD)

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Hi ColderyForest,

There are no plans at the moment.


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ProIOOBot|2020-12-08 18:49:10
It doesn't gain MP anymore (since revamp). New connection is giving back 1MP on next movement. So if you have 0 MP and use Boot u won't get MP back and if u have at least 1MP and will use Boot and will move after that for 1 cell, you will have 1MP still and you can move 1 cell again.

thank you for answer, you meant it has got connection by Movement  without increment MP but this is really being hard to imagine (to dodge) when there is a monster with "lock" next you. i think it could be better if +1 max mp if boot is in deck.
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Score : 48

It increment but after movement. Like you have 6MP, locked and need to spend 3MP to move 1 cell. You use boot, move one cell and now you have not 3 but 4MP.
Before revamp you just get 2MP for next action that is movement.

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Score : 54

Yay for steam achievents

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