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Hotfix 1.68.4

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - July 29, 2020, 11:45:00
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  • The maximum amount of Shield that can be attained by a character is 50% of max HP.
  • The maximum amount of Shield that can be attained by a summon is 100% of max HP.

Changes on Armor Values

The following spells give an additional 50% Armor:

  • Wave
  • Defensive orb

  • Up to Scratch

  • Barrier

  • Backband
  • Rift

  • Bramble
  • Fertilizer


Main Changes

  • The effects of glyphs change depending on their element.
  • Passives are unlocked from level 1 to 100, instead of 1 to 200. It also applies to Foggernauts.
  • Improvements in ranges and lines of sight.
  • Better armor values.
  • The maximum amount of armor reaches 50% of the character's HP (previously 100%).


  • The glyph gives 2 levels of Inner peace per trigger and per glyph.

  • Earth spells create a glyph which takes 60% of the spell base or adds 60% of the spell base to the glyph.
  • The Feca removes -1 MP to the targets in the glyph.
    • The loss of MP is multiplied by the spell's AP cost.

  • Water spells create a glyph that takes 60% of the spell base or adds 60% of the spell base to the glyph.
  • The Feca gains 5% Armor received (1 turn) and 5 Elemental Resistance (1 turn) each time a river glyph is triggered. 4 triggers max per turn.
    • The gain in stats is multiplied by the spell's AP cost.

  • No changes.


  • Meteorite: 1 to 3 -> 1 to 5 and without a line of sight
  • Natural Attack: 1 to 4 -> 1 to 5
  • Volcano: 1 to 3 -> 1 to 4
  • Drip: without a line of sight
  • Wave: 1 to 3 -> 1 to 4

  • The effect of Meteorite Shield becomes:
    • At the end of the target's turn:
      • Stabilized and +20% Critical Hit for the next turn

  • Cast on an ally:
    • 87 water damage around the target
  • Cast on an enemy:
    • Pulls toward the Feca (4 cells)

  • 4 AP, 1 to 5 non-changeable range
  • No longer applies Shield
  • Only inflicts damage to enemies
    • Teleports the target to the central cell of the nearest glyph (5 cells maximum)
    • Switches position if the central cell is occupied
  • 2 uses per turn

  • The effect of the shield becomes:
  • At the start of the turn:
    • 35% damage inflicted in close combat
    • Removed if the bearer ends his turn without enemy into close combat 

  • Pacified (the state cooldown) now lasts 4 turns.

  • Corrected latency issues.


The Best Defense is an Attack
  • The passive's values are doubled

Combat Armor
  • 50% of the damage inflicted on the allies is converted into Armor
  • The Feca has a -100% Armor received malus rather than a Damage inflicted one.

Removed Passive

Elemental Glyphs

New Passives

Understanding Wakfu
  • 100% Armor generated as long as the Feca has at least 1 WP
  • The Feca loses 1 WP each time he gives Armor to a target
  • The passive improves the Armor that the Feca gives to his allies or himself, but each time he does it, he loses a WP.

Map Knowledge
  • Glyphs cost 2 WP less
  • Glyphs inflict 50% less damage
  • The passive makes the glyphs much cheaper to use by lessening their damage.

Protecting the Herd
  • 200% level in HP
  • -20% Damage inflicted
  • The Feca is healed for 4% of his missing HP for each ally that was not hit during the previous turn
  • The passive strengthens the tank side of the Feca and rewards him if he fulfills his role.


  • Participating Heroes will now be properly counted in environmental quests when starting a new quest in the same area.
  • The Boss Hunt quests: Stompion, Cerebratacean, and Flamboyffalo will properly be validated.


  • Three new bread crafting recipes has been added for level 201-215 resources.


  • The music for Ogrest's fight has been remastered.
Reactions 18
Score : 5645

Oh my my my Feca can pull an enemy finally. "Nice Storm there"
The melee oriented will be more happy. "Hi Staff"

Ah!!! new bread!!! where is the jam and butter?

1 0
Score : 3

Magma did it before.

0 0
Score : 2723

Fecas are saved!

2 -6
Score : 5645

I mean no new recipe for Chef? Or there is a hidden one? 

2 0
Score : 95

Thank you! With my low level, I can enjoy my fogger now that all passives can be attained at lvl 100! Wish we had less to no negative stats on our passives though. I still don't know how to play the new Feca, it feels weird haha but I'm just level 100 and quite new, so I don't know much about the class except that it feels really different from how I played it before the rework.

4 0
Score : 5462
exclReturned mobility to fecaexcl

and improved many aspects...
as Siu said, the class now has a nice core. with the new hotfix it got even better.

6 -1
Score : 1127

Very nice improvements & buffs across the board. Specially the Armor generation, my Feca definitely gives more Armor than it did before 1.68 Feca Revamp even with 3K+ Earth Mastery.

8 -4
Score : 3

Of course, but know you can't stack armor that easily.

0 0
Score : -808

again, all of this things usefull for a mele team.Meteorite give crit is the goodone.Storm cast onglyp only. Avalanche can save this feca alot if dont have condition: 5 cells near glyp, 4 ap and 1glyp for 5 cells move?, another update force u to build a DD feca. that all. nice change, clap,clap!!

1 -7
Score : -11

When is tank fogger revamp comping?

0 0
Score : 4866

Fogger is in a very good spot to tank right now. Easy armor generation (without sacrificing damage), Blockades are very reliable, rails were streamlined for better deployment, can keep his 100 res bonus with just 1 turn of cooldown... perhaps the armor could increase a little bit, 600~ on endgame is laughable.

0 0
Score : 142

These Feca changes seem interesting!
Like the new passives a lot and spells seem to be more dynamic as well. Need to test it all to see how the numbers hold up smile
Thank you, Ankama, for listening biggrin

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Score : 113

The changes on the feca are nice but... why experiment on the live server with your players builds and so on when you could work harder on the beta and release a DECENT CLASS? bah... since Siu didn't care about "monocibles" builds i am not surprised at all...

4 -1
Score : 840

wow a good update!

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Score : 1

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!! Thank you Ankama!

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Score : 5462

the graphical changes are also very good. for example, they added an animation at the fountain

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Score : 180

Thanks for die my dog tank build ankama

0 0
Score : 197

I like the changes, it addressed a lot of the problems I had with the class. The 15% damage bonus from elemental shields doesn't show up on the character sheet but does show up in the game log, I am not sure if it's working or not but I think it used to show up.

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