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Return of the Thirsters

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - September 24, 2019, 06:48:46
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The Thirster Invasion

Pandalucia is dealing with mysterious temporal anomalies… The island famous for its bamboo milk got rid of the Thirster threat once, but now they're returning through time portals.

An altar requiring many offerings is available in Pandalucia.
Once the receptacle is full, a huge environmental quest begins. It requires you to defeat as many Thirsters as possible as a group, with the chance to earn new equipment.


The stele system on Moon Island and Mount Zinit has been changed. Only one resource is required to open each stele. This resource can be acquired through the new "Thirster Invasion" challenge in Pandalucia.

As you may recall, three steles (inactive by default) are present in certain dungeons.
When one is activated, a "mechanic" state and exclusive loot (including Sublimations) are added to the dungeon boss.
Characters also receive a Wisdom and Prospecting bonus based on the number of active steles.

The steles can no longer be opened below Stasis level 11.

New steles are available in the following dungeons:

  • Wellspring of Evil
  • Mecha Factory
  • Ow El Dungeon
  • Forbidden City
  • Blightopard Canyon
  • Pandala Tomb

Equipment previously linked to steles can now be acquired as loot by Bosses.

Mount Skins

Harnesses now work on all mounts in the game.
Accordingly, they have been renamed "mount skins".
This change is retroactive. Learn more.


  • The quantities of ingredients necessary for item improvement recipes have been reduced by 25%.
    This change simplifies rarity level increases for items and indirectly makes the Enchantment feature more accessible.
  • Chef: There are now recipes to craft consumables that apply an Initiative penalty.



Max AP while out of combat has been increased to 16. Max MP while out of combat is still 8.


The control bonus for the natural state "Master of Time" has been removed.

The Dial no longer counts in the Xelor's available Summons.



  • Active spells have been improved to make them clearer.
  • Certain spells' damage has been increased to make them more competitive.
  • The Shock and Slugger mechanics have been removed.
  • Certain passives have changed to offer alternative mechanics.

Overall Changes:

  • Earth path spells no longer apply Slugger.
  • Air path spells no longer apply Shock.

Fire Path:

Sword of Judgment

  • Increased base damage (8%).
  • The spell gives 7 Increase levels, regardless of the spell caster's level.

Super Iop Punch

  • Having Super Iop Punch in your deck now unlocks the Punch spell in the third spell bar.


  • 2 AP / 0 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Applies the Punch state on the Iop's next turn.
  • 3 turns to recharge.

Earth Path:


  • Removes Armor from the target before doing damage (18 at spell level 1, 180 at level 200).
  • No longer has an additional effect in the "Pillar" state.


  • Increased base damage (8%).


  • Increased damage (10%).

Active Spells:

Defensive Stance

  • 2 AP / 1 WP / 0 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Applies the Defensive Stance state to the Iop (lasts one turn).
  • The Defensive Stance state reduces damage dealt to the Iop by 20%, if the attacker has a greater % of HP than the Iop.
  • A Connection has been added:
  • Earth spells steal 120% of damage inflicted. When under the effects of this connection, total Armor cannot exceed 40% of the Iop's max HP.
  • 1 use per turn.


  • 1 WP - 1 RA - non-modifiable.
  • No longer removes Elemental Resistance.
  • No longer increases the target's Rear Resistance.

Focus is still an extremely powerful active. It can stabilize the target and lower the heals the target receives by also applying Punch on the Iop's next turn.
Resistance removal is a mechanic that should in time only be found on support-focused classes.
It is not a mechanic that should be found on an emblematic damage class.

Hour of Glory

  • 3 AP / 0 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Costs nothing to cast the first time, and reduces cooldown by 1.
  • Consumes all the Iop's Power and prevents the Iop from gaining any until the next time Hour of Glory is cast.
  • At the next casting of Hour of Glory, converts all the Iop's Power in the form of % of damage inflicted (0.2 damage inflicted per level of Power for 2 turns). Power can then increase again.
  • 3 turns to recharge.


Locking Pro

  • Per adjacent enemy at the start of the Iop's turn: Higher damage inflicted % (3/5) for 1 turn
  • Per adjacent enemy at the end of the Iop's turn: Increased Elemental Resistance (15/20) and Force of Will (10) for 1 turn.


  • When the Iop begins their turn with Punch, they earn 1 MP (1 turn) and 10% damage inflicted (1 turn).

Furious Charge

  • Increases the range of Focus by 2 at level 1 of the passive, and by 3 at level 2 of the passive.
  • Modifies the Impact spell:
  • After its other effects, Impact sets the value of the target's Armor to 20% of the Iop's max HP (once per turn).

Seismic Rift

  • The passive's previous effects have been removed.
  • When Hour of Glory is first cast, the Iop gains 50 Elemental Resistance until the second casting.
  • On a second casting of Hour of Glory, the Iop's Power is reapplied instead of being consumed.
  • The passive also gives 50/200 Dodge.


  • No longer removes close-combat damage %.
  • Reduction in the bonus to ranged damage %.



  • The Reach and Flamboyant mechanics have been removed.
  • Riddled is used to trigger special effects on targets.
  • Improved mobility.
  • Diverse specializations have been revalued, via passives.
  • A new active and a new passive.

The class has been made simpler and more flexible.
The removal of Reach and Flamboyant makes it possible to not have too many "gauges" to keep an eye on in addition to Riddled and Sharpening.
A few Connection states (that you may have noticed make their appearance for Rogues) make it possible to set up combos and make gameplay more dynamic.

Overall Changes:

  • Riddled: The Critical Resistance penalty has been removed; the state serves to trigger specific effects on certain spells.
  • Beacons have increased damage if they are activated with a critical hit.
  • Spells no longer apply Reach or Flamboyant.

Fire Path:

Blazing Arrow

  • Applies Riddled (5 levels).

Voracious Arrow

  • Consumes Riddled to steal health.
  • No longer applies Riddled.

Blinding Arrow

  • Applies Riddled (10 levels).
  • A Connection has been added: Increases Storm Arrow damage by 10%.

Burning Arrow

  • Increased base damage (+10%).
  • Applies Riddled (10 levels).

Explosive Arrow

  • The "adds even more damage based on the number of beacons in the area of effect" effect has been removed.
  • For every beacon in the area of effect, the Cra recovers 1 AP and 10 Sharpening.

We think that Explosive Arrow is a spell that rewards good placement, rather than a spell that must become more powerful through an interventionist mechanic such as Riddled.

Earth Path:

Riddling Arrow

  • Reduced base damage (-8%).
  • Increased damage under Evasive (regains the difference in the base damage change).

The change aims to make the spell weaker without Evasive.

Piercing Arrow

  • A third natural rebound has been added.

Air Path:

Retreat Arrow

  • Increased base damage (+8%).
  • Applies Riddled (15 levels).

Homing Arrow

  • Applies Riddled (5 levels).

Plaguing Arrow

  • Increased value of Armor removal (+100%).
  • The Armor removal value is no longer modified by a critical hit.
  • Applies Riddled (15 levels).

Storm Arrow

  • Reduced base damage (-10%).
  • Increased damage under Evasive (+10%).
  • Applies Riddled (10 levels).
  • A Connection has been added: Increases the next Storm Arrow damage by 10%.

The change aims to make the spell weaker without Evasive.

Poisoned Arrow

  • Now applies the poison based on the Riddled state on the target.

Active Spells:


  • Changed to 3 RA max.

Eagle Eye

  • A Connection has been added: +20 Riddled on the spell's direct target.

Beacon Sneakin'

  • If Beacon has not been cast during the turn: Beacon Sneakin' costs only 1 WP.

New Active: Scout

  • 2 AP / 0 RA / non-modifiable.
  • For one turn:
  • Fire beacons do non-reducible damage (the base is cut in half).
  • Earth beacons remove Armor in addition to their other effects.
  • Air beacons push targets by 4 cells rather than 2.
  • 3 turns to recharge.


Heightened Vision

  • The "final damage based on Range" effect is now a Natural state.
  • The passive simply provides 2/3 RA.

Pyrolysis Fusion: now Perforation

  • May apply Riddled up to level 100 max.
  • On consuming Riddled: 1% damage inflicted per 5 levels of Riddled (2 turns) (max 30).

Cra Precision

  • Increases damage inflicted on targets aligned with the caster, based on the number of cells crossed by the Cra in the current turn (3 per MP, 6 MP max).
  • Applies 40 levels of Sharpening (versus 20 before) at level 6 of the state.
  • At start of turn: Connection: 30% damage inflicted on targets in a line.

The Cra Precision mechanic was debatable in that the ability to move 6 cells to go back to one's initial position without any other constraints was not tactically interesting.
We preferred to make the passive stronger but more difficult to take full advantage of.

The Way of the Bow

  • 10/20% area-of-effect damage.
    The area of effect for Burning Arrow is larger.
    Spells that apply Riddled apply 5 additional levels.

Powerful Shooting

  • The non-critical damage penalty has been removed.

New Passive: Converging Fire

  • 10/20% single-target damage.
  • Raining Arrows is now 1 use per turn, and gains an aftershock effect. On the Cra's next turn, the Cra casts the effects of the spell for free from the same place.
  • If cast on an empty cell, Raining Arrows returns 3 AP.



  • Improved actives.
  • Karchamrak has been split into Karcham and Chamrak, two spells that are unlocked as soon as the Pandawa has the Barrel spell in their "deck".
  • Two new actives and a new passive have been added to diversify the class's capacities.
  • The barrel is no longer despawned if carried when a dungeon boss's or Ultimate Boss's swiftness bonus spell is cast.

Elemental Spells:

Light My Fire

  • Increased spell base damage (8%).
  • If cast on a barrel, instead of applying Flaming on the barrel, it now destroys the barrel and applies Dizzy (10 levels) on adjacent targets.

The spell does not apply Dizzy, which justifies this buff.

Explosive Flask

  • Now only applies 4 levels of Dizzy (instead of 6 before) when an entity is thrown with the spell.

Bubble Trouble

  • The spell no longer inflicts damage on opponents, no longer has an enlarged area of effect on the barrel, and no longer has the Dodge Gain effect based on the target's level of Dizzy.
  • The spell heals the target and applies Dizzy (3 levels).
  • If the Pandawa is in line with their target, they push the target two cells back.
  • Maximum spell Range is now 0. The pushback effect is not triggered when the Pandawa targets itself with the spell.
  • 2 uses per target.

Bubble Trouble is now a useful spell for positioners and for healers.

Splash of Milk

  • The glyph placed by the spell is no longer removed when the Barrel is moved or destroyed.
  • The spell description no longer says that it stabilizes the Barrel.

Active Spells


  • Automatically unlocked when the Pandawa has Barrel in their deck.
  • 1 AP / 1 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Carries the target (character or Barrel).
  • 3 uses per turn.


  • Automatically unlocked when the Pandawa has Barrel in their deck.
  • 1 AP / 1 to 4 RA in a line / non-modifiable.
  • Throws the carried target.

Karcham's mechanic needed a limit on the number of uses.
It was unbalanced in relation to the placement capacities found in the game, both in other classes and in monsters.
It is still possible to place effectively using other tools.
The move to 1 AP strengthens its "carrier of an ally" effect at the end of a turn, as well as the Milky Breath and Explosive Flask spells.

New Active: Thirst

  • 1 AP - 1 to 2 RA - non-modifiable.
  • Switches places with an ally and applies 2 levels of Dizzy.
  • The spell can be used only when carrying a barrel.
  • 1 use per turn.

New Active: Exhilaration

  • 1 WP - 0 to 4 RA - non-modifiable.
  • Cast on self, applies (or maintains) Merriment. Cast on an enemy or ally, applies 5 levels of Dizzy.
  • 3 turns to recharge.



  • The "cast on one's barrel, Bubble Trouble heals by a value of 50% of spell damage in a 3-by-3" square area of effect" effect has become:
    Cast on one's barrel, Bubble Trouble heals by a value of 80% of spell healing in a 3-by-3 square area of effect.

Master of Merriment

  • The passive gives the Pandawa 2 WP if 30 levels of Dizzy are consumed at once.

Aggressive Barrel

  • The "Reduces the AP cost of Karchamrak by 1 on the barrel" effect has become "Reduces the AP cost of Chamrak by 1 when the barrel is carried".
  • New effect added: Increases the range of the Barrel by 1.

New Passive: Buzzed

  • Dizzy can be applied up to level 30.
  • Triple Whammy pushes targets by 4 cells instead of 2 (at level 2 of the passive).



  • Reduced health steal at low and medium levels.
  • Increased damage.
  • A new active offers an alternative for WP regeneration while giving more value to traps.

Elemental Spells:

First Blood

  • Increased base damage (+8%).


  • Doubles Hemorrhage damage on the next turn, Hemorrhage will be removed.
  • No longer applies increases to the indirect damage received %.

Cold Blood

  • 2 AP - 1 RA.
  • Now 4 uses per target.


  • Increased damage (+9%).

Forceful Blow

  • Increased base damage (+7%).

Active Spells:


  • Unlocks Go and Return.

New Active: Assassination

  • 2 AP - 1 RA - non-modifiable.
  • Applies Scalded. If the target dies after having been hit by one of the Sram's traps, the Sram regains 1 WP and gains 10% damage inflicted for 1 turn.
  • 2 turns to recharge.


Bloody Blade

  • The health steal bonus at level 1 of the passive has been reduced (10 compared to 25 before), for the same value at level 2 (50).
  • Increased damage from Bloody Blade at level 2 of the passive (+50%).



  • Were-Ouginak is now a free spell that unlocks automatically in combat starting at level 1.
  • Prey increases damage received by the target with progressive turns, which fosters burst capacities.
  • Air branch poisons have been enhanced.
  • The class now has unique capacities and a stronger identity.

General Mechanics

Ouginaks gain Fury per AP/WP spent in spells, up to a maximum of 30. Fury can be used to transform into a Were-Ouginak (which lasts two turns). As a Were-Ouginak, Fury can no longer increase. When Were-Ouginak is over, Fury falls back to 0 and the Ouginak recovers all their WP.

Water Path

Weigh Down

  • 3 AP / 1 WP / 1 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Damage in a 3-cell line.
  • 3 uses per turn.


  • 4 AP / 1 WP / 1 to 3 RA in a line.
  • Damage with 40% Health Steal in a 3-cell horizontal line.
  • Applies Incurable level 3.


  • 2 AP / 1 to 2 RA in a line / non-modifiable.
  • Single-target damage with 100% Health Steal. If cast on an empty cell, teleports to the cell.
  • 2 uses per turn.


  • 5 AP / 1 to 4 RA in a line.
  • Armor theft and single-target damage.
  • Value of Armor theft: 20 to 500.


  • 4 AP / 1 to 2 RA in a line / non-modifiable.
  • Single-target damage. Bow Wows riposte the spell (if the Ouginak casts the spell 2 cells in front of them, the Bow Wow immediately does the same thing).
  • 2 uses per turn.

Earth Path

Fits and Starts

  • 4 AP / 1 to 2 RA.
  • Single-target damage; Armor-piercing base damage.
  • 2 uses per target.


  • 2 AP / 1 WP.
  • Single-target damage.
  • +1% extra damage per Fury point.
  • 3 uses per target.


  • 4 AP / 1 WP.
  • Inflicts single-target damage.
  • The Ouginak gains Armor (440 at level 200, +5% per Fury point).
  • 2 uses per turn.

Fang in the Works

  • 2 AP / 0 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Removes 2 MP and inflicts damage in a 1-cell cross.
  • 2 uses per turn.


  • 5 AP / 0 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Damage in a 2-cell cross area of effect. For each target hit, gain a fixed amount of Armor based on the Ouginak's level and Fury.
  • Value of Armor per target hit: 8 (160 at level 200), 5% extra for 1 Fury.

Air Path


  • 4 AP / 1 to 3 RA.
  • Single-target damage.
  • If the Ouginak has 30 Fury or more: Inflicts 40 extra Air damage and loses 10 Fury.
  • 2 uses per turn.


  • 3 AP / 1 WP / 2 RA.
  • Can be cast on self, in addition to the minimum Range of 2 (as with the Feca's Drip or the Enutrof's Ember).
  • No longer applies poison.
  • Damage in a 1-cell cross; doesn't hurt the spell caster.
  • If Fury is >= 25, does 20% extra damage and consumes 5 Fury.

Big Dog

  • 3 AP / 1 WP / 1 to 3 RA in a line / non-modifiable.
  • Single-target damage. Teleports to behind the target.
  • 2 uses per turn.


  • 2 AP / 1 to 3 RA.
  • No longer inflicts damage.
  • .Applies the Fracture and Bleeding poisons.
  • 1 use per target.


  • 6 AP / 1 to 3 RA.
  • Single-target damage.
  • Applies a poison (2 turns) that inflicts damage on the state bearer if they are in close combat with the Ouginak at the end of their turn.
  • The Pugnacity poison also applies 5 Fury to the Ouginak when triggered.
  • 2 turns to recharge.

Active Spells

Were-Ouginak (automatically unlocked in the third spell bar)

  • 0 AP / 0 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Turns the Ouginak into a Were-Ouginak.
  • For the duration of the transformation (2 turns): 1% damage inflicted per Fury point at the time of transformation.
  • Fury can no longer increase while the Ouginak is a Were-Ouginak.
  • 2 turns to recharge.


  • 1 WP / 1 to 4 RA in a line.
  • Applies Prey at level 1. Prey increases by one level per turn (max 7).
  • Per level of Prey, increases the damage inflicted by the Ouginak on the target by 10%.
  • Only one Prey per team. If the Prey ends their turn 7 or more cells from the Ouginak, Prey disappears.

Bow Wow

  • The Sniffing spell no longer awards the Ouginak with Fury based on the number of enemies around the Bow Wow.
  • Sniffing: Costs 2 AP and 1 WP; can be cast at 1-3 RA (non-modifiable).
  • Sniffing: Stabilizes the target. If the target is an ally, the Ouginak gains 5 Fury.
  • Sniffing: 2 turns to recharge.


  • 2 AP / 2 to 4 RA in a line / non-modifiable.
  • When cast on an ally, attracts the target by 3 cells. When cast on an enemy, the Ouginak moves 3 cells closer.
  • 3 uses per turn.


  • 3 AP / 1 WP / 0 to 4 RA / non-modifiable.
  • No longer stabilizes the target.
  • At the start of their next turn, the Tracker state bearer teleports to the cell opposite the target, and the Ouginak gains 10 Fury.
  • Unlocks the Tracker spell (adds Tracker to the third spell bar if the spell is present in the deck).
  • 3 turns to recharge.


  • 0 AP (costs 10 Fury points) / 1 to 4 RA / modifiable.
  • By default, the Tracker that teleports to the Tracked is the Ouginak.
  • This active lets you change the Tracker (and therefore be teleported to another target at the start of the turn).
  • If cast on the Bow Wow, it is immediately teleported.


  • 3 AP / 2 to 3 RA in a line / no line of sight.
  • Places a Canine glyph (1-cell cross).
  • Entities that start their turn on the glyph lose 3 MP and suffer Light damage.
  • 3 turns to recharge.


  • 3 AP / 1 WP / 0 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Heals: 1% of caster's max HP per 1 Fury. Gains 2 max MP (1 turn).



  • Disables straight-line casting for Prey.
  • Increases the number of casts per turn for Hunter by 1.
  • Increases the range of Tracking.


  • Indirect damage inflicted bonus (+30/50%).


  • -30% Heals received from allies.
  • 1 Range.
  • 1 Distance Mastery for 2 Melee Mastery (max 150/600).
  • Maximum Fury is now 40.

Dog Handler

  • 30% Health Steal inflicted.
  • Bow Wow: +1 MP, +1% max HP for 1% of the Ouginak's missing HP when the creature is summoned.
  • The Bow Wow's Licky spell (consumes 50% of the Bow Wow's HP to give them to the Ouginak) applies Dog Handler (20% damage inflicted for 1 turn).


  • The Armor penalty is now an Armor bonus (+30%).
  • No longer turns Health Steal into Armor Steal.
  • At start of turn, per adjacent enemy: 6% of the Ouginak's current HP as Armor.


  • -1 max MP (permanent).
  • When no Prey is in play, the Ouginak earns 15% damage inflicted.
  • HP bonus for the Ouginak (200/400% of their level).

Canine Art

  • Canine Glyph: Reduces the recast time by 1; the Ouginak no longer suffers the effects of Canine Glyph.
  • The Ouginak is healed for 3% of their missing HP and gains 2 Fury each time the Canine Glyph or a poison (Bleeding, Fracture, Pugnacity) is triggered.


  • Reduces the recast time of Bow Wow by 1. The Bow Wow can use the last WP-based elemental spell cast by the Ouginak.
  • When the Bow Wow dies, the Ouginak recovers 2 WP.

Cunning Fang

  • 1 Block for 2% CH (max 15/25).
  • During Were-Ouginak: +20% Critical Hit.


  • -2 max WP (instead of -3).
  • No longer reduces the AP cost of non-elemental spells.
  • Increases Force of Will (+20).
  • For each Fury point, the Ouginak gains 2/3 Elemental Resistance.


  • The Enthusiasm swiftness bonus (+2 AP) is no longer stackable.
  • Nation wings no longer prevent you from clicking on a cell during combat.
  • Healing linked to Health Steal properly accounts for the target's resistance to healing.
  • Stasis damage is applied properly to targets without a Resistance stat.


Mercenary Quests: Two new quests are available from the mercenary posts in Bonta and Brakmar.


  • It is no longer necessary to dismount and mount again for the newly equipped mount skin to update visually.
  • It is now possible to change from one mount to another using shortcuts (before, you needed to click twice, once to dismount and once to equip the new mount).
  • The "Mount/Dismount" icon in the item description of mounts is now grayed out for mounts that are not equipped.
  • Mount skin changes are now properly displayed for other players.
  • The minimum interval between two meals has changed from 24 to 20 hours in order to facilitate mount advancement.
  • It is no longer possible to get on a mount when the mount is dead.
  • Characters will no longer dismount before following the path leading to the interactive element they just activated; the same goes for monsters and harvested resources. They will instead dismount at the end of the movement.
  • The command to force walking also works when on a mount.
  • You no longer need to finish the quest to get the mount permit in order to use a mount. This quest now simply allows you to get your first mount; its objectives have been simplified.


  • The minimum interval between two meals has changed from 24 to 20 hours to facilitate pet advancement.


  • Protoflex: The Elemental Resistance exchange from Burst of Energy now only concerns entities of the player character type.


  • Nogord:
    • The Hurricane phase change can no longer teleport to an area summoned by the Domination state.
    • The Hurricane phase change now teleports at a maximum Range of 4.
  • Pandora:
    • Destroying an Altar in Phase 1 blocks the boss's Armor gain for one turn.
    • The bonuses applied by Altars have been increased.
    • The boss no longer casts Ancestral Lightning when going into Phase 2.
    • The number of reinforcements summoned in Phase 2 when Altars are destroyed has been reduced.


  • Guild interface: The button to open the Haven World auction program in the Haven World tab has been removed.
  • It will now be possible to reverse the position of 2 spells in the shortcut bars, either out of combat, or in combat but only during the placement phase.


  • Equipment that applies a penalty to Elemental Resistance no longer impacts the maximum value of the penalty.​​​​​​​


  • The tutorial on Smithmagic has been removed (as this functionality has been replaced by Enchantment, which has its own tutorial).
  • The tutorial on Canoons has been removed (this mode of transportation is no longer available).
  • A Guildalogem can only be used to indicate the position of the Astrub Guild-o-Mat while in Astrub.
  • Pending rewards linked to a character that include kamas, experience points, or Glory Orbs will be automatically collected when the character logs in.
First Ankama intervention

Replying to ChefSquirrel

Hi ChefSquirrel,

Haven Worlds can be obtained via an auction that we manually host. Here are the rules for your reference. Thanks!


See message in context
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  • Guild interface: The button to open the Haven World auction program in the Haven World tab has been removed.
How can Haven Worlds be obtained now? I'm fairly new and would like to know how if it is still possible.
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Hi ChefSquirrel,

Haven Worlds can be obtained via an auction that we manually host. Here are the rules for your reference. Thanks!


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Hmmm, I am not that OCD.... but...but...but... 

and then this is definitely not a passive skill, right? 
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Hi JSKy,

Thanks for the feedback, we've updated the texts.


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why not remove sram class, it was being nerfed down to earth even now. I am a returning player and sram was my 1st char and yes its sad it was being nerfed so hard.

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Ok I will put it nicecely after my comments were removed. 
This patch broke another yet character, I have now 6 terrible chars. Worst design changes I ever seen in games.
If someone is new and wonders if he should start, then think of it as lottery where you randomly lose any sensible way to play your characters.

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Amazing !!! Crafts are easier now.

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Hi, can we have anyway to trace back the information of Stele added during Beta feedback 1.65? Those discuss detail is needed as reference please. 

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Xelorium Past

Stele 1 – Backwards
The hour spins backwards.

Stèle 2 – Reversed
Reverses moves of less than 6 cells

Stele 3 – Opposed
The boss is immune to AP and MP removal, and is stabilized.

Xelorium Present

Stele 1 – Time Pact II
Time Pact does ten times its damage.

Stele 2 – Sight
For each obstacle in the boss' line of sight at the start of its turn :
+1 MP (1 turn)

Stele 3 – Temporal Suspension
When a player character is moved by a push/teleport effect, he is stabilized (1 turn)


Stele 1 – Cursed earth
The plantala glyph on which the boss stands are spread through the entire fight map.
20% Damage Inflicted on every monster.

Stele 2 – Plantala after Plantala
If the monsters aren't killed in the given order, they come back to life with a permanent bonus.
100 Elemental Resistance on every monster.

Stele 3 – Oppressive air
For each plantala glyph on the fight map at the start of the table turn, an effect is played on every fighter
For each Ozate Glyph : -25 Resistance (infinite) on player characters
For each Shrub Glyph : 25 Resistance (infinite) on monsters
For each Bamboo Glyph : 10 Willpower (infinite) on monsters
2 MP 2 Range on every monster


Stele 1 – Zig Zag
Finishing your turn in alignment with an ally (summons count) instant kills you.

Stele 2 – Meteor shower
The boss casts six more orbital strikes every turn (on given spots).

Stele 3 – Thuglife
The reinforcement monsters are stabilized and gain %damage inflicted.


Stele 1 – Hide and Spotted
Spotted can no longer be decreased
2 MP on the boss
1 MP on every monster

Stele 2 – Unity
Finishing your turn not in alignment with an ally (summons count) instant kills you.

Stele 3 – Statue
Every monster in the fight is stabilized

Pandala Ghost

Stele 1 – Fright
The fight map has instant death cells on borders.

Stele 2 – Vampiric energy
30% of the heals executed in fights are also received by the monsters.

Stele 3 – Super Tanukouï Strike
Tanukouï Strike now summons 3 lines of fire instead of one.
Score : 3841

Utmost thank you. 

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Score : 3841

Return of God Pack? OMG there is new pet and new bag in new God pack !? 

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Hello I Just came back to the game and I'm really confused on what the question marks on all my equipment means and how to solve it. I really do not know what it means or what to do; Any help would be appreciated TX


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Double click them to make them 'identified'. You can't stack them if they're identified, though.

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