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Hotfix 1.64.2 - 9.7.19

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - July 08, 2019, 16:33:00


  • It is not possible to consume an item with a sublimation to enchant another item.
  • Shields and daggers can be identified.
  • Enchanting items will no longer be possible during fights or exchanges.
  • Transmuting an unidentified item will no longer identify it.
  • The Visibility sublimation is no longer active when a range bonus from Exquisite Rune of Acuity is active.
  • Swiftness sublimation is no longer active while an MP bonus from Exquisite Rune of Velocity is active.
  • Converting an item is now possible even if the item has a higher level than the character.



  • Healing sublimation will no longer be obtainable on this monster. Devastation sublimation will replace it.

Nyl King

  • Condemnation sublimation will no longer be obtainable on this monster. Condemnation II sublimation will replace it.

Bilby Queen

  • The state "Keep in Step" will no longer reflect damage if the entity inflicting damage respect distance orders.


  • The animation of Blightoxious will no longer be stuck in a loop when it receives damage.


  • The barrel Counterattack is now immune to ranged damage, same as the other barrels in fights.


Bamboo Milk for Everyone!

  • The shadow behind the barrels is properly removed after a push.

Main Quest Pandalucia

  • Pandiego will no longer follow the character after the quest is completed.

A Roaring Trade in Pandala Ghostoplasm Essence

  • Giving Pandala Ghostoplasm to the Guild of Hunters is now possible.

Direly Departed II

  • Ambush fight can be started again when the fight is lost the first time.

Secondary Quests level 186

  • The quests "Forest of Fire" and "Direly Departed" offer coherent amount of experience according to their level.
  • Missing experience is restored for the characters who completed these quests before the fix.



  • Eye of the Abysses Costume displays correctly.

Some resources' rarity has been decreased

  • Ogrest's Tears
  • All Precious Stones
  • Rare resources from harvesting professions
  • Sublimations

Shards' rarity has been increased.

Pandawa Cub

  • Critical Mastery has been increased.


  • Cyclothymia max stacking is 1.


  • Erogenulet can be upgraded to its legendary version.

Bagus Shushu

  • The epic item Bagus Shushu can be obtained on Spectrex the Tormentor and Flaxhid the Impaler for the characters who accomplished the quest.



Haven Bag

  • Haven Bags are now available in Pandalucia.

Guild of Hunters

  • Hunter quests 186-200 are now obtainable via Nation Hunters.
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Quick list of changes, There goes tears. Thank you for the Fixes.

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But there is no news about issue of same rarity items and unidentified gears cannot be stack in same pile? 

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Score : 5735

I am indeed curious about this too - Any official word on this issue?

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i dont find any hunter quest level 200 on nation hunter guild's camp.

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uh, sorry , i forget to click "update"

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Even if the rarity of special ressources is decreased, the way they are gathered through mining and fishing must be changed to avoid the theft of ressources.

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By the way, there is no point in reducing rarity at all since the spawn rate still 1% for rare resources for most case. 

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