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Mount Zinit - Part 4

By [Flatops] - ADMINISTRATOR - August 25, 2017, 15:00:00
DevTracker AnkaTracker


  • An epic battle with Ogrest that will have a real impact on the world!
  • A community event with a global scoring system on the server.
  • Ogrest's Chaos: When Ogrest has been calmed down, all the players on the server can acquire Ogrest's Tears until the end of the current season. These Ogrest's Tears can be used to upgrade Ogrest's equipment, but also to upgrade epic and relic items and to craft items in an all-new rarity category: Souvenir items.



Environmental quests

Added the missing environmental quests in all zones and associated meta-achievements. Therefore, Souper-Glou can now be acquired in all zones of the game. The new zones affected by this are:

  • Calamar Island
  • Monk Island
  • Bilbiza
  • Shukrute
  • Frigost
  • Wabbit Island

Certain families in the game do not have any archmonsters and/or dominant monsters yet.

Boss Hunt

The quest has been updated along the same lines as "Bosses Hunt", and can now be accomplished for more bosses from the level bracket.

Calamar Island

In the "Chowder's Gate" stage, the reward is no longer the Macawker, but a Macawker that has lost its flame. Players will then have to find its flame in order to get the real Macawker. But beware: collecting its flame might not be as easy as you'd think!

This change follows up on the fact that the Macawker now has much better stats, equivalent to other pets of the same type.


The stages of the main Astrub quest that takes players into the sewers now have two compasses: one that points towards the objective when the player is in the sewers, and another that points to the sewer entrance.

"A new function now allows us to add multiple compasses to a single objective, depending on the instance in which the player is currently located. We will be gradually adding it to a number of different quests, and we will use it for upcoming quests as well."




We've changed the way we confirm the profession achievements that allow players to acquire the Seal of Companionship: they will now be confirmed when the character reaches level 100 in the given profession, or upon their first connection if the player is already level 100 or above in that profession.

The profession achievements that allow players to acquire the other profession Seals will be confirmed in the same way from now on, upon reaching level 100. They will no longer award the Seal for the profession. From now on, that Seal can only be acquired by crafting it.

After the fusion, the three "King of Crafters" achievements for Weapons Masters have gotten an overhaul.

  • The first is now "Apprentice Crafter": reach level 30 in the profession.
  • The second is "Prince of Crafters": craft the Seal for the profession.
  • The third is still "King of Crafters": reach level 100 in the profession.

Players who had already confirmed these achievements, but who no longer meet the conditions, will keep their confirmed achievements.



Weapons Master

Merged the three Weapons Master professions into a single new Weapons Master profession.

The experience that you'll have in this new Weapons Master profession is equivalent to:

  • Your XP for the highest-level profession of the three,
  • + XP / 2 for the second-highest-level profession of the three,
  • + XP / 4 for the third-highest-level profession of the three.
  • The total is capped at 1,687,500 XP, which corresponds to level 150 in the new profession.

Similarly, your counters in the three professions will be correctly combined in the new Weapons Master profession.

And finally, the recipes you've learned (through blueprints) will be correctly carried over to the new profession.

The image used for this new profession corresponds to the image for the old "Close-Combat Weapons Master" profession.

The following elements have been modified accordingly:

  • The book for the profession
  • The crafting machines placed throughout the world
  • The profession achievements (see the "Achievements" section of this changelog)
  • The different ways of learning the profession

As for the machines that can be placed in the Haven Bag, they will all be transformed into the new machine. However, it's the Close Combat Weapons Forge machine that will become the new true machine. If you pick up one of the Ranged Weapons Forges or Area-of-Effect Weapons Forges, you'll get an "Ancient Weapons Forge" that you'll have to double-click on in order to get the new true Weapons Forge.

As for the Weapons Master Seals, your Seals now become "Ancient Seals" that must be transformed into the new Weapons Master Seal that is used in all the associated recipes.

Note that it will no longer be possible to acquire the Weapons Master Seal through an achievement, as explained in the "Achievements" section of this changelog. From now on, Seals can only be acquired by crafting them.

Kama Recipes

Kama recipes are now made in the Miner profession. They now have a Miner level that depends on the resources used, and they also give XP.

The experience earned is as follows:

  • 50 XP (non-BP), 75 XP (BP) for classic recipes
  • 200 XP (non-BP), 300 XP (BP) for Haven World recipes that include a rare resource

These changes will make it even easier to progress in the Miner profession, since there is a Kama recipe every 15 levels.

Following these changes, the "Money Island" achievement has been modified to require that you craft 10 recipes at 40 Kamas each.


Redesign of Haven Bag decoration recipes:

They have been simplified and made more consistent so that the same number are available for each level bracket, with recipes that require similar amounts of ingredients. The results are as follows:

  • Common recipes (6 per bracket) give 3,000 XP to a player using a Booster Pack.
  • Rare recipes (2 per bracket) give 6,000 XP to a player using a Booster Pack.

Many decorations can also be acquired after being dropped by monsters in the ecosystem (not in dungeons or in Haven World), or by dungeon bosses.

  • For monsters from specific families: 0.1% drop, 0.5% for a dominant monster of the family.
  • For bosses and archmonsters from specific families: 0.5% drop
  • Special case: nation chairs and stools will now be found as World Drops for each nation (at the same rate as musical emotes).

Redesign of professions interface:

  • The parchment look has been replaced with a visual design that is more in line with our most recent interfaces.
  • Scroll bar removed: Recipes have been moved back to a more central location and now have their own dedicated space.
  • Added and updated various information about crafts and harvests:
  • The experience gained is shown on each recipe;
  • Resource harvest time is updated correctly;
  • The rarity frame is displayed.
  • Recipes are now sorted by: Level (ascending) / Rarity (ascending) / Non-upgrade before upgrade / Alphabetical order
  • Access to harvests is more visible.
  • Ingredient lists have been arranged to be presented in a consistent order
  • Added list of places where players can find the resources to be harvested
Item Upgrades

Mimisymbics are now kept when using an item upgrade recipe.

Legendary Items

The following items can now be upgraded to legendary rarity through the use of crafting recipes:

  • Ratty Riot Shield
  • The Celestial Brooch
  • Tot' Belt
  • No Limit Ring
  • Enraged Tofu Boots
  • The Zumbado
  • Tauxik Hammer
  • The Toxispike
  • Fhenris's Frozen Fang
  • Zombo
  • Orrok's Wings
Epics and Relics

New special upgrade recipes for epic and relic items. These items will keep their level and their statistics, but will gain a new slot for an epic or relic gem.

New epic and relic runes can be embedded in these slots.

Linked items will be unlinked after applying the recipe.

Warning: an epic rune can only be embedded in an upgraded epic item, and conversely, a relic rune can only be embedded in an upgraded relic item.

Epic and Relic Runes

New runes can be acquired from end-of-season chests (you can acquire them by getting ranked in the dungeons). These runes have only one level, and can therefore be applied to all items that have a special gem slot. There are two types:

  • Epic runes that can be embedded in upgraded epic items provide a stats boost.
  • Relic runes that can be embedded in upgraded relic items provide a passive state.
Harvesting Professions

Refinement recipes for harvesting professions are all increased by 5 levels, for more consistency with regard to the resources required.

Lumberjack Book

The Lumberjack Book will no longer state that farmers harvest fruits from trees.

Arcen Bow

The legendary upgrade to the Arcen Bow will be correctly visible in the interface for players who have learned the blueprint.

Secret Hydawhey

Catching a Secret Hydawhey will correctly give double XP.



Crackler Family

The Crackler family has gotten a complete makeover. Their simple and effective mechanic makes them an excellent family for the 36-50 bracket.

Like the other Crackler families, their mechanic is based on resistances. They don't have a lot of MP, but they are resistant to ranged attacks and dangerous in close combat.

Riktus Family

The Riktus family has some new tricks to show you, so hang on to your kamas and enjoy the show!

Based on their ancestral tradition of robbing travelers with a smile, the Riktus' mechanic is based on the pincer move. Although not especially skilled on their own, the Riktus stand out for their effectiveness as a group and their coordination against isolated targets.

The four dungeon entrances now lead to the same Riktus dungeon, where a somewhat unique Boss is waiting for you.

Field Plant Family

The Field Plant family has gotten a more contemporary redesign. No good just letting them grow wild!

Using the terrain to their advantage, the Field Plants have the skills they need to defend themselves from attacks both near and far. They drain their opponents' vital energy while weakening their resistances.

Their dungeon features many different monsters from the family, and includes a somewhat special mechanic with random monsters in each room, including one monster with a very low chance of appearing.

Royal Gobball

Royal Gobball and Archmonster Filholl the Forsaken: the bonus to Damage inflicted when the monster falls below 50% of its health points has been increased from 4 to 30.

Voodoo Kanniball

The Voodoo Kanniball's Kamouflage state now correctly indicates that he will become invisible below 40% of his health points.


Schneks will correctly leave a corpse when they die.


Dreggon Archmonsters and Dominants will correctly display an icon appropriate to their rank in the overview of their battle group.


The Phase 0: Ancient state will be capped at level 50. The transition to Phase 1 will therefore happen at this level.

Minibulia's health points have been increased: base HP changed from 80,000 to 100,000.

Minibulia the Poached Dragon will correctly play its P1 spells when changing from P1 to P2.

The boss had no Critical Hit %; it will now have one that depends on its Empty Shell state.

Minibulia's stats in P2 are no longer influenced by the level of the Poached Fragments state.

The Revenge state will correctly remove resistances from the Soft-Boiled Dreggon.


The "Rikoshell" state will no longer send out multiple lines of damage when he's hit multiple times from behind.


The Whirlaugh and Silmawhirly monsters will die correctly when they have the Sadist Mark.


Sor'Hon, Lord of the Flame will correctly play his Lava Javelin when changing from P2 to P3.


Hordes will correctly appear when all wishes have been respected for the zone.


The "Asphyxiation" poison becomes a non-reducible HP loss based on the % of the target's current HP (4% per state level).

The Jail glyph stabilizes a player as long as they are standing on the glyph.

Modified the Fumerole and Deadly Cloud zones, whose instant KO effect did not apply in certain cases.

Removed the Schisterical's stabilization effects, which contradicted its other mechanics

The Ammaniac will correctly take damage from an attack it cannot dodge when it is stabilized.

Hot Rocks / Cold Rocks: summoned closer to players. Their elemental mastery is heavily increased.

Sulfury: the Surge Protector spell can no longer be cast on turn 1. Instead of "Stunned", it now applies the High Tension state, inflicting damage on nearby allies and transferring the Static Charge to them, or transferring itself if Static Charge is already present.

Archmonster: the effect of the "Frozen" state has changed. It now causes 1 AP to be lost for each movement, and for each spell, 1 MP is lost per spell level. The state is transferred to nearby allies.

The size of Schisterical and Schistophrenic has been reduced by 15%.




Nation Machines

The machines in the Nation dungeons have switched over to the Astrub model.

The old nation tokens can be exchanged for tokens of the dungeon's level bracket.

Royal Puddly

Mama Pudd correctly summons Dinky Puddly inside the dungeon.




Damage from the "Aging Tick" and "Aging Tock" states will now be influenced by Damage inflicted.


The Sram now uses a new, more fluid system for its traps:

  • Having the Shadow Trap spell in its deck will unlock all three of its trap spells in an additional trap bar (bar 3), which will be visible only in combat.
  • From now on, the only function of the Shadow Trap spell will be to remove traps.

The range of the Shadow Trap spell has changed to 1-5 modifiable and with no line of sight.

Traps can no longer be placed on a cell that already contains the center of another trap.


The Bloodthirsty Punishment and Bold Punishment spells specify that only one Punishment can be active at a time.


Casting Dance of Death with a Masked Spirit in play will no longer remove the In Recovery state from KO'd targets who have already been resuscitated once.




Auras no longer disappear after a battle

Improvement to Mystery Boxes

  • The content of a box can now be previewed in its description (popup and detail in the inventory)
  • It is no longer necessary to open the interface every time you open the same Mystery Box: a button now allows you to open the next box if there are any left.
  • This same button lets you instantly skip the wheel when opening a box.
  • You can also press the spacebar instead of using the button.
Season Chest (Dungeon Leaderboard)

The description and content of the end-of-season rewards for the dungeon leaderboard can be accessed from the rewards interface.

Owin Girlde

The Owin Girdle will have a female visual for all of its rarity categories.

Thork's Gobball Horn

This resource will correctly be present in the machine in the Bwork Dungeon.

Souvenir Items

Souvenir items are special Level 200 items. They are created by upgrading a much lower-level object, and have the statistics of a legendary Level 200 item.

Zinit Set

The Zinit Set is now a level 141-155 set. Its statistics have been increased accordingly. Players will be able to acquire it from the various archmonsters and dominants of this level bracket.

Shiver Ring

Due to the unique nature of the Shiver Ring, it will now be impossible to equip two of them at the same time, even if their rarity categories are different.


The Cäpraire (cosmetic cloak for La Mädrague) no longer has a rune slot, in accordance with this type of item. Any rune previously used on this object will be lost.

Zinit Boss Resources

The resources of the Poached Eggs and Hot Ashes bosses will correctly increase in quantity based on the Stasis level of their respective dungeons.

Added a Relic in the Villainy Vineyards dungeon.


Rarity is now shown in text form under the item's level in its description.



Booster Pack

All of the active Booster Packs of the account are now displayed. A tooltip details the remaining time of each Booster Pack.


Combat Interface

Health Bar

Three options are now available for displaying health bars in combat:

  • Never show
  • Always show
  • Show only when HP have changed at least once (smart mode)

In Smart mode, the health bars of monsters that have gained armor will now be shown, even if they have all their HP.

  • Added a turn counter at the top of the timeline.
  • The colours of the fighters now display correctly.
  • Global rebalancing and upgrade of pets, inspired by the ones in DOFUS Pets.
  • Increased Prospecting & Wisdom caps from 150 to 200.
  • The Ancient Token Machine is available in the basement of the Astrub Tavern to let players exchange old tokens for new ones.
  • In the character creation interface, after changing roles when the female gender is selected, the class images are no longer changed by the male images.
  • When using a booster pack: Pets do not lose health points, so we have removed an incorrect chat feedback that indicated a 1-HP loss for the pet after it was fed too often, even though no HP had actually been lost.
First Ankama intervention

Hello everyone,

We added a sentence to the changelog:


  • The colours of the fighters now display correctly.
See message in context
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maybe after this nogrod will finally be beatable :3

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He's already beatable. Yeah it's annoying fight but just saying.

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2020 Wafku: Note that access to Mount Zinit (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Nations, and Adventure Islands) will only be available to Booster Pack holders with special redesign of Bow Meow monster family.

Bugfixes: You will now correctly be able to craft items again for 2 hours after viewing a 30 second ad. With Booster this ad is only 10 seconds. The time remaining will be shown in a tiny size 50 font.

The Server merge has been delayed again, and will occur in January 2021.

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Excellent !! can't wait for it

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This topic doesn't give a date for the update, but a date is presented in the linked news post.

Tuesday, August 29th!

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Thanks, man. I have time to recover the seals from the NPCs yet, and possibly the Macawker?

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"A new spell mechanic that the Srams are going to love..."

Oooooh, definitely want some more info on this!

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It explains it.

The Sram now uses a new, more fluid system for its traps:

  • Having the Shadow Trap spell in its deck will unlock all three of its trap spells in an additional trap bar (bar 3), which will be visible only in combat.
  • From now on, the only function of the Shadow Trap spell will be to remove traps.

The range of the Shadow Trap spell has changed to 1-5 modifiable and with no line of sight.

Traps can no longer be placed on a cell that already contains the center of another trap.
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Have you considered rebalancing materials needed for Leather dealer profession? It just does not seem fair to get 10 monster drops while you can just harvest resources for other crafting professions. At high levels that becomes troublesome.

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Agree. It would make more sense with materials from corpses rather than with drops.

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I always find it funny how they improbe stuff and everyone says "Man, why didn't they do this before", but everyone got so used to the bad design they didn't even notice it so it looks so natural now.

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Hello everyone,

We added a sentence to the changelog:


  • The colours of the fighters now display correctly.
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I wonder if that problem is related to the "flashy/glitchy" colors problem that some users are getting everywhere too. Any new info about that?

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So if Ogrest is "for everyone" will zinit be F2P now?
Or at least the lower slopes?

I mean you said that the latest content will be for booster players only, but you released the higehr slopes and now Ogrest, and the lower slopes are still locked.
If you plant to unlock  it once you release a new zone, due to your schedule, would that mean zinit will be release to all players next year (since I kinda find it hard to believe you plan to lock the nations as you revamp them)?

I mean I assumed you'd just lock it untill the next major update, since it's not "the latest content" anymore.

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Considering that they made the "revealed in 3 days" page, it would have little sense to keep it locked after that. I suspect that the whole area will be liberalized. At least that will make it easier to find parties there.

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I'm still stuck trying to get that key in Monk Island.

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Still hate the new booster system, why can't I just buy 6 months or 12-month booster instead of doing it every 30 days.

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Cant wait to see it

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ı checked and saw ı cant enter Mount Zinit Peak  ,  what is requirement for enter lol

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Probably we'll have to wait the 1st of september,because we have to wait the end of this season (end of august)

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Leather Dealer still need drop res, for up equip orange-legendary still need 14 rare res, gg ankama, you listening your playrs.

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"A new spell mechanic that the Srams are going to love"


I just saw that I cannot stack traps anymore, theres other changes?

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The traps were merged into 1 spell

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yeeeeeeeeeeee, srams love that traps change a lot!!!

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