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Mount Zinit - Part 1

By $[Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - March 21, 2017, 11:00:00
DevTracker AnkaTracker

New Zone: Mount Zinit

A new zone appears in the game: Mount Zinit!

  • 1 new narrative quest
  • 3 new zones
  • 5 dungeons
  • 5 families of monsters. Each family is based on the “Astrub model”:
    • New environmental quests (EQ)
    • Archmonsters, dominants and invasions
    • Recipes and item rarity improvements up to legendary (mythical for items <110 level) using crafting
    • Automatic dash to next dungeon room
    • Random positioning and composition of monster groups in dungeon rooms
    • Epic items to retrieve from monsters
  • New artifacts

You can read the full devblog here.

Dungeon Leaderboard

Be ranked in dungeons and earn rewards!

You can read the full devblog here.

Sacrier Revamp

In short:

  • Tanking mechanic revision for Sacrier class
  • Synergy between the branches and the roles
  • New mechanics, especially for punishments
  • Lots of other things too!

Note that a restat scroll is given free to all Sacriers.

You can read the full devblog here.



  • Very rare and specific bug fix for cases where the Die Alright could inflict damage to a target that it shouldn’t have damaged.                


  • Fixed bug where Eniripsa earns the Lock and Dodge bonus from the Here Mark during a summons or when a sidekick inflicted damage on a bearer of the state.   


  • Peace Armor now applies to Painless (4 turns) instead of Peaceful (5 turns).
  • As well as stopping a target from receiving Immunity, Painless also stops the target from receiving Peace Armor.        
  • The Leather Plating passive spell has a totally different effect. The new effect:
    • 0/20% MP reduction (level 1/2)
    • Immunizes to MP loss from Fecablades
    • Your glyphs apply to all enemies:
      • -20% Damage inflicted on Feca allies (1 turn)


  • Bug fix for when a Pandawa did not earn more resistance granted by the Bravery Standard when carrying a target.


Hot Hot Hunt     

  • The achievement can be correctly achieved. From now on you have to complete the repeatable quest “Boss Hunt” and beat the designated boss in the achievement’s description.

Be Vewy Vewy Quiet...

  • The achievement can be correctly achieved. From now on you have to complete the repeatable quest “Boss Hunt” and beat the designated boss in the achievement’s description.

Sanctuary of Oktapodas II

  • The achievement can be correctly achieved. Due to the nature of the last dungeon fight, you now have to beat Gankr first and last to validate this achievement.

Stasis Achievements

  • Achievements that require you to complete all the dungeons of Stasis difficulty level 21, 31 and 41 have been added for all dungeons.

Dungeon Achievements

  • Achievements linked to the following dungeons have been removed:
    • Mollusky Dungeon (Sufokia & Brakmar)
    • Whirligig Dungeon (Bonta)
    • Drheller Dungeon (4 Nations)
    • Shark Dungeon (Sufokia)

Hunter Quests

  • Hunter quests linked to the following families have been removed:
    • Mollusky Family (Sufokia & Brakmar)
    • Whirligig Family (Bonta)
    • Shark Family (Sufokia)


Nogord Wungleezared

  • During the switch from Phase 2 to Phase 3, Nogord normally gains bonus WP and the Combat Fervor state if the 18,000 HP weren’t imposed in the previous turn.

Badosaurus (Enurado)

  • Change of function for Laura Kresus: she now only plays her effects once per turn at the start of the monster turn, to avoid resistance increasing to infinity.


  • New dungeon added to Astrub: the Treechnid Dungeon! A level 21 dungeon.

Dungeon Balancing

We took the new mechanics involving dungeons as an opportunity to carry out some other general improvements, in this case balancing out a few of them.

As a general rule the dungeons won’t all be the same because monsters have different starting positions and their initiatives are defined randomly. Hence, the order in the timeline never follows the exact same pattern. Similarly, the level of monsters also varies to make certain monsters either more or less difficult and give you more or less rewards.

Like the Astrub dungeons model, players run automatically to the next room.

Concerning dungeon balancing, here is a preview:

Group 81-95

Undieworld Dungeon

  • Damage from the Damage Dealer state has been increased to make it more competitive with player health points.

Trool Academy Dungeon

  • The dungeon has been made more accessible: there is now a Zaap to go to the Trool Fair and Dragoturkeys, simplifying movement around the zone.
  • Level adjustment and characteristics for Trools to adapt them to the level bracket.
  • Gameplay adjustment for Trools (changes to the Stunned and Rooted states and excessive Range and WP penalties, etc.).
  • Adjustment of level for equipment obtained from Trools
  • Bug fix for Troolish Rage state, which inflicted twice the damage it should have inflicted.

Miseryeum Dungeon

  • Various gameplay debugging and adjustments (optimization of Solitary state, better feedback, etc.).
  • Monster level adjustments.
  • Changes to family gameplay to make it richer and less of a gamebreaker.
  • Bug fix: Viktoria will no longer summon two waves of Gore-Goners.
Mussly Hammam
  • Adjustment of health points for Bilbibeach monsters due to the absence of mob tank in the family. 

Group 96-110

Whisperers - General

  • Balancing of characteristics for the Bosses in the three Shhhudoku's Kingdom dungeons to make them more consistent with XP gained. They now have more HP but please note that the two Crackler bosses lose two levels more resistance control state per blow received.
  • Increased damage inflicted by the Infantry Whisperers’ Damage Dealer state

Whisper Crisper Dungeon

  • The Whisper Crisper boss summons the Immobilized Cracklers at the start of fighting. The group size changes as a consequence (increasing to 3 Infantry Whisperers + 3 Crossbow Whisperers).

Dancehall Arena Dungeon

  • Increased damage inflicted by Out of Sync to be more competitive.
  • The way Out of Sync works has changed: the state must be at level 15 at the end of the turn to proc the dance. Each AP used increased the level of the state by 1.
  • Added fragments of the Gelano relic in drop/loot on the family and the boss.

Jelly Dungeon

  • Dungeon switches to the "classic" model: 3 rooms + 1 Boss fix (removal of Sweet Jelys). The Boss is still the Emperor Jellix.
  • New mechanic for flavors of monsters in the family, which covers the Boss: the mobs are now a real part of gameplay.
  • Huge changes to the damage values of the family’s monsters and the range of their spells.

Ambassador's Wing Dungeon

  • Adjustment to states (switch to final damage).
  • Changes to fight bubbles

Hâgen Glass Dungeon

  • Icy Armor no longer immunizes against fire/water damage. The concept is the same.
  • The Cracktite no longer dodges 25% of spells cast at a distance. However, it will block some of damage received at a distance (Frostbite state).
  • The boss now applies the Icebreaker state (via the Sabering/ Sabering II spells). This state lets you push the boss in certain conditions.
  • The boss loses 1 level of supreme icy armor per AP removed.
  • When the boss’s Icy Armor falls to 0 the boss damages enemies around him in a 2-cell circle.

Stasis Affix

A new Stasis Affixing system that replaces the effects of Stasis Difficulty on monsters:

  1. The affix is selected randomly for each dungeon room.
  2. The affix applies to 3 monsters.
  3. The affix is the same for all 3 monsters.
  4. The affix does not change in the event of a loss.

Here are the affixes available:


At start of turn:

  • Launches 3 Projectiles in the zone
  • Projectile: -10% HP max
  • Targets a cell containing an enemy (0 to 1 Range)
  • The effect is inactive on the first turn


When the carrier receives damage:

  • Pushes the attacker back 2 cells
  • The attacker must be on an adjacent cell


At end of turn:

  • Teleports an enemy facing you
  • Requires an empty cell to be teleported
  • Priority to the furthest target (excluding summons)
  • The effect is active every other turn


When the carrier receives damage:

  • Reflects 20% of Damage received back on the attacker
  • Damage reflected cannot be reduced
  • The effect is active every other turn


When an ally is K.O.:

  • +30% Damage inflicted (permanent)


When the carrier inflicts damage:

  • Steals 20% of Damage inflicted


For each movement:

  • Place Plague glyph on the cell (-5% HP max)
  • The glyph lasts 3 turns


At end of turn:

  • Place Freezing glyph (-4 AP & -2 MP for 1 turn)
  • The glyph is placed on the cell at the start of turn
  • Must be placed on an empty cell
  • The effect is inactive on the first turn

Stasis Difficulty

Effects linked to Stasis Difficulty no longer apply to monsters. Effects linked to Stasis Difficulty apply uniquely to the Boss.

Stasis 21+

Every turn, starting on the 7th:

  • + 15% Damage inflicted (permanent)
  • + 20 Elementary resistance (permanent)

Stasis 31+

Every 10 turns, starting on the 3rd:

  • + 1 MP and 1 Range (permanent)
  • Destroys summons and mechanisms in close vicinity (in a 5 cells circle)

Stasis 41+

On turns 25 and 35:

  • Players lose 50% of their HP max

On turns 45 and higher:

  • Players are K.O.

Ow El Dungeon

  • In P2, Robowl no longer reduces damage to zero when at the center of the map.
  • In P2, Robowl no longer steals a percentage of damage that he inflicts (percentage which was abnormally increased by Stasis characteristics). Instead, he heals himself by 600 HP per line of damage that he inflicts.

Kannivore Dungeon

  • When only one enemy is left in the fight, no matter who it is, they will no longer be subject to the immunity effect of the Mother-of-Pearl Stele.

Movement between Rooms

Automatic movement between dungeon rooms has been added for the following dungeons:

  • Freezz's Manor Dungeon
  • The Rock Dungeon
  • Undieworld Dungeon
  • Polar Crackler Dungeon
  • Trool Dungeon
  • Treechnee Dungeon
  • Tropikokos Dungeon
  • Kanniball Dungeon
  • Crocodyl Dungeon
  • Kannivore Dungeon
  • Jelly Dungeon
  • Pearly Bilbimussel Dungeon
  • Miseryeum Dungeon
  • Brrrbli Dungeon
  • Boohemoth Dungeon
  • Whisper Crisper Dungeon


The following dungeons and machines are no longer accessible:

  • Mollusky Dungeon (Sufokia & Brakmar)
  • Whirligig Dungeon (Bonta)
  • Drheller Dungeon (4 Nations)
  • Shark Dungeon (Sufokia)


Runic Powders

Runic powders become simply “powders” (they will have new uses) and come in 13 level brackets instead of 20.

Powders of rank 6-18 become the 13 new powders.

Powders that are no longer used can be converted (one click for an entire pile) depending on the model:

  • Old powders of rank 1-5 are transformed by a ratio of 1:1 into new powders of the min rank.
  • Old powders of rank 19 are transformed by a ratio of 1:2 into new powders of the max rank.
  • Old powders of rank 20 are transformed by a ratio of 1:4 into new powders of the max rank.


  • Transmutations also switch to 13 level brackets instead of 20. In their case, Transmutations 40, 70, 100, 130, 160 and 190 are transformed into new Transmutations (of higher rank) at a ratio of 1:1.


  • Cockabootsledo obtained are no longer linked to an account.


  • All mercenary quests in the game give you tokens for their appropriate level bracket. Warning: This modification is not retroactive for characters who have already completed these achievements.


  • Powder boxes (formerly dungeon keys) are removed.
  • In order to simplify the group search interface, you can no longer do a group search for a family of monsters outside.
  • Characters are no longer added automatically to the PVP ladder: you must have at least one PVP combat to be shown here.
  • Bug fixed that gave incorrect XP for certain quests when the character wasn’t using a booster pack.
  • The emotes “Call a Cat" and “Call a Dog" are now called "Call a Bow Meow" and "Call a Bow Wow”.
  • The emotes Cover Your Eyes (/eye) and Harp (/harp) are no longer cut off.
  • The rewards chests available thanks to the two new artifacts (Luminescent Amulet and Rikiki Wand) are not available with this game update, but they will be implemented later on.
  • Few sea routes have yet to be discovered in the Twelve World. Therefore, swimming is only possible in Astrub and Mount Zinit. Other routes will be made available with future game updates? Suspense...
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Score : 634

Any screens of the Otomai costume?

0 -1
Score : 8271

Tell me more...

0 -1
Score : 223

no warning before remove the Powder boxes? no fair... sad

0 -2
Score : 16156

...they gave us several warnings though?

3 -3
Score : 223

I dont see any warning said it will be removed in update 1.52 sleep

1 -2
Score : 1958
Granted it does not say 1.52 in the description, the first reaction when reading this description is "I don't want to lose any potential runes I can get from these, I should use the boxes now, just in case it'll be the next update". 
You had since the December 2016 update to use them. That is a little over 3 months.

If you needed more than 3 months, then I wonder what the heck you were hoping will happen by letting them gather dust. You could literally spend just a couple minutes of your time a day to open them (in case you have more than one character with the boxes).

TL, DR: Your fault.

PSA: Ancient Transmutations will go away in a future update (unspecified update). Use them now.
2 -2
Score : 4316

there were some, i remember seen this in the patchnotes from the beta server, on the twitter site  and on the main site
eventually it was announced in the last patchnotes too, that they want to remove them in the next future

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Score : -23

Guys how long this update will be ?

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Score : -23

I am pretty tired of waiting till selvers ill be opened sad

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Score : 3430

its been almost 5h... ive seen expansions in mmo handled better

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Oh god sad

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This game is now PAY to WIN, Goob job Ankama, your lust for money is disgusting.

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Score : 3430

how about u work for free mate, wow dis guy so smart

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Score : 8271

So, what about all the other bugs from the bug forum? Any fixes there???

Dungeon doors, Weather, not-shown-quests, OUR FRIGGING COMPANION SEALS?????

And will we get more ALS pages, cause how the f*** are we supposed to get Stasis-achievements for EVERY level group if we cannot freely change our spell, stat and equipment pages?????

Oh and did you finally make the serious crafting feature offline useable???

PS: Good job on the improved accessability to Gaga island, though...

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Score : -35

you left those powder boxes way longer then i thought you would

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Score : 213


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Score : 2052

+999 bugs

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Score : 1294

Okay. While everyone goes around getting mad at the servers going down again, I'd like to ask a question. Do you need to do all quests of Nations for Mount Zinit since you need to get an artifact from Oktopodas temple?

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Score : 8271

Yeah, since you get the ocarina from the last Nation quest (Sufokia), you need to do them all.

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Score : 29

Okay somebody explain, what swimming they are talking about?

"Few sea routes have yet to be discovered in the Twelve World. Therefore, swimming is only possible in Astrub and Mount Zinit. Other routes will be made available with future game updates? Suspense..."

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Score : 6915
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every enemy can teleport now...
every enemy can steal life now...
every enemy can reflect your damage now...
every enemy can set damage gryph now...
By them, Ankama again insist that the dungeon level is not for three heroes but for six men. Unite, adventurers.

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Score : 39

"New dungeon added to Astrub: the Treechnid Dungeon! A level 21 dungeon."
Is it Treechnid or Treechnee? still very confusing :/

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Score : 16156

Not really a fan of the Stasis Affix mechanic as implemented.

Stuff like that has worked in other games as voluntary challenge increases in exchange for some reward. Or as a marker for elite versions of common enemies. Here though, it just feels like arbitrarily making dungeons a random degree more difficult (because not every affix is as effective on every enemy). We already have Stasis levels as a difficulty selector, so adding random mechanics that can be downright lethal to all difficulty levels doesn't make much sense to me.

At least the Sacrier revamp is working pretty well in practice.

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