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Thirst of Saharash

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - March 18, 2014, 15:39:00
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where is enripsa chart/changes?.
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Regarding the update, not bad, but I'm not going to have much of anything positive to say until we get a scrap of news on the broken drop tables. I've lost good friends and guild members due to the frustration of drops in this game. Patience is really dwindling, it's been 4 months now with no news.

What I want to share, is that the Haven Worlds have some glitches with the new update.
I'm really not sure where to post problems anymore. Here, as it relates to the update? In the bug section of the forum? Or on the new support site which was announced, then never addressed or fixed since?

Glitches: -When you walk into houses (straw houses) you can see the upstairs decorative items floating above the downstairs one's. If you walk upstairs, everything disappears, even the chest. Very trippy.
-Decorative items in the Haven World randomly disappear inside the Guild Hall and half the time you can not click the bank to access it.

People really put a lot into their Haven Worlds. It's a lot of time and resources, this really needs to be fixed.^
I'll move this to the correct area if here is not sufficient.  
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sooo I guess my feedback on the Chromatic not affecting pet healing was not addressed, so I guess its working as intended... another lone sadida build. great..
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Are Mahogany Trees supposed to have Cashews ever bearing instead of a rare harvest now?
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