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Shu'Far Away From Home

By [Sabi] - ADMINISTRATOR - January 17, 2014, 07:00:00
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while we were able to copy your character for the Beta server, it is impossible currently for us to move characters from one server to another, but we have made note of the interest of the community in doing so. I would say to stay tuned on that part.

Thx Sabi

if u can copy them cant you copy the and then symply delet it on the old server?
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Pokiehls|2014-01-17 19:20:07
Sabi|2014-01-17 07:00:00
Dungeons Dungeon Keys: Entering a dungeon will consume a key per Sidekick in your group (from the owner of the Sidekick/s).
How will this work on Hushed Dungeon?
Sidekick don't receive Haikus from the other 3 dungeons, making it impossible to get them a key per run.

You'll have to run the each of the three dungeons again for each MM. I doubt Ankama will do anything to make this process easier.

I am truly dismayed by this change. Using MM without keys was actually helpful.
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Any word on when we can expect to see the drop revamp? For some reason I was expecting to see that this patch seeing as how the current prospecting formula isn't conducive with the current drop rates.
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Dungeon Keys: Entering a dungeon will consume a key per Sidekick in your group (from the owner of the Sidekick/s).
So.. they should drop too
I will not use anymore sidekicks in dungeon then
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ThyHolyOverlord|2014-01-17 18:01:14
Please don't make "Elite" equal to "time consuming" sad

New year without drop revamp?..ankama I really wonder where your priorities are o.o
Until we get tokens or a better way to drop equips wakfu will always have low subscriptions.

I hope they dont make this shushu island like strich dungeon..things that are easy but take 2-3 hours just because they have 10mp and can dodge all damage.
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i am upset about the multimen and keys... that seems kinda harsh.
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So happy about feca revamp and the exp thingy! But february means when? Is there a set date already?
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what if you enter dung and then add sidekick/...
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Well, you simply can't do that...
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Buff Astrub knight XD
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will have for restat of emergency for other classes in fecas revamp?
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Why would they? They already said billion times, no restat if there are no big changes.
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No universal increase in drop rates? I'm deeply disappointed.
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Sabi|2014-01-17 07:00:00
Equipment Items: Modifying the Sidekick equipment items will update its statistics in the interface. The range bonus from an equipment item on a Sidekick will no longer be displayed twice.
Let's hope you mean that str/agility/water/fire will affect dmg/res like should be.... And about range bonus I hope u mean "The range bonus will be working properly with modifiable range spells".
And btw please try to fix all those bugged almanax quests already.... 2nd year, guys, c'mon! We got at least 2 bugged quests per week, this is like 30% alma bugs!
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Very disappointed about the Key change for Multimen. They were advertised and sold as not needing keys for dungeons, and that is one of the deciding factors that led me to purchase two complete sets in December.

What will be done to reimburse us for the change to the value of Multimen, should this go forward?

I propose a credit of Ogrines to our account each time we use a key on a Multiman, equal to the level of the Dungeon.

Alternatively, a server-average Kama price for the consumed key, credited to each Character, each time their Multimen consume a key.
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Inb4 they push something back due to not enough time.
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The majority of the updates are great, thank you for addressing these issues. The Feca revamp is very overdue, I hope Fecas get the fixes they need. I would also like to see the drop rate and dungeon bugs fixed asap, as mentioned.
I agree with my fellow players about MM keys. It was helpful, and for how broken everything else is, you could have at least left this broke to kind of even the scales until the drop table is fixed. I mean come on, give us a break xD
I'm very excited about the new dungeon thou!
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The change to sidekicks requiring keys is concerning. I hope you reconsider it, since I think it's really, REALLY bad mojo backing off on previously advertised features. Remember that you guys even said from the very beginning that Multimen, and sidekicks in general needed no keys to enter dungeons or required healing after a battle.
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Sabi, I don't want to complain since this is a work in progress, but the devs mentioned in the November Letter to the Community that all Player summons (including Sadida Dolls) were going to be modified so that the Player controls them instead of an A.I..

Is it possible to check with the devs to see if they are indeed working on allowing us to control all summons, especially Sadida Dolls? (personally, I don't care about Osa Summons, so it's fine if those remain inept). This will greatly enhance my game play experiences, so I'm highly concerned as to whether this modification will make it into this update.

Thank you in advance.
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grrr why i remove character sad 
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