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By #[Troyle]#5413 October 21, 2013, 14:00:00
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Another update and yet spells still stuck to level... sad

Since I returned to Wakfu after 8 months I'm so disappointed. I pay my account and 2 others which are my brothers accounts and all of them are stuck with spell leveling. I can't pay for a bug which isn't my fault, and no time to collect materials for quest.
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semcorda|2013-11-12 17:46:31
Will somebody from Ankama tell me how to launch the damn game? After this patch client is closing down right after attempting to update.
Wakfu.exe started the game but because your mighty new updater derped, it cannot be played ('old version" communicate).

Seems like updater almost literally "derped", because it finally worked at 4th attempt. What a piece of cr... coding masterpiece.

We apologize for any problems encountered with the new updater but we are currently working on it and have compiled a list of issues, thanks to the community's reports.

In the meantime you can also find extra information on how to fix the updater: here.
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WHISPERER COSTUME THAT I BOUGHT WITH MAG IS NOT TRADEABLE!! dark hurl is. DELIVER ON UR WORDS ANKAMA. u doubled the month subs price unless u buy 80 dollars of orgines now ur tripling the lies and bugs. thank u. that is all.
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Expected bugs, It never fails; patch, after patch.

Anyways, Ankama should be working on them....

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Shaleigh1|2013-11-12 09:43:13
Yes, there has to be a replacement system put into place. No, it cannot just be after 45 days and no it cannot be some arbitrary fall back system. The fall back system going down all the way to the bottom is horrible... Otherwise you will have smaller guilds run by some fresh recruit in no time just because of a small chain of bad coincedences.

The people arguing in favour of this change have no realistic relationship towards time in the real world.
Neither do they have any understanding of how arbitrary trust is being handled by a majority of plasers, so the proposal to put a proper vice and then a vice of the vice of the vice of the vice in place is idiotic at best.

Btw what happens if two people are tied for the same vice rank?

" [New] Automatic inactive Leader change: If a guild leader doesn’t log in for 45 days, his rank will automatically be changed to a lower hierarchy rank (see above for hierarchy). The highest hierarchy member, if not inactive in the last 15 days, will automatically be named Leader. If no member fulfills these requirements, nothing will happen until a member does."

1) A LOWER rank, not the lowest.
2) It's not "arbitrary" as you put it, it's decided by rank.

Also note the "it's possible that no change will occur if that's just how things are".

You need to cool off. You look ridiculous. Mad because you can't use the F word on the forums? Mad about things you don't seem to understand because you jump to conclusions before reading the patch notes? Mad because the majority of players are too trusting? Get over it. 
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The fogger class on stasis is still weak,may be the weakest...
you lose +900 hp when you are preparing a lovely cybot only for teleport or reposition.
two main feature : Cybot and Microbot has any damage! then why for use?mmm,for teleport near enemis.or may be you want to tell other group member that:
Hey guys! really this class has this nice looking actions too.^^.also look at my cybot xD
do back that micro damage again if possible... but thanks for other revamp.
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I didn't get my respec (Im eni) ._.
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with all these respecs not working the obvious answer is to give one to everyone smile

however it would appear that the wrong achievements were removed from the unhuntable monster. According to what it says here on the patch notes anyways :/
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Respec was not ordered to me for my eniripsa and foggernaut. (Remington)
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Finally! Black hair!...Well I just hope you'll allow us to change our characters now...
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Updating speed is damn slow on this one for me. It randomly freezes for some reason, gonna take forever.

Also plz fix the captain costumes for sram's sake. Ears doesnt displays propably on male chars and that DOES at excarnus lair. So i basically beholding my earrings hovering in the air.

thay does*
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Where are those new roleplay elements like class statues and such? I would love to see those...
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I've been in Incarnam again, but when i returned to Asturb my status screen was showing only 4 stats - strength, agility etc Please fix thissad
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I didn't get my Eni Respec either... RESPECS FOR ALL
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gladitorium|2013-11-12 23:53:49
I didn't get my Eni Respec either... RESPECS FOR ALL
Why should everyone get them just because Enis didn't get them? lol
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Hi everyone,

We are have received your reports regarding the respec issue for the Eniripsa - Foggernaut and the team is working on resolving it. smile 
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On linux...
he game did not exit correctly.
Please report the issue and show the text in the "details" frame to a developer.
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i had that in windows 7 as well, had to restart
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Gujuh|2013-11-13 00:58:33
On linux...
he game did not exit correctly.
Please report the issue and show the text in the "details" frame to a developer.
BrainIsAjar|2013-11-13 02:21:45
i had that in windows 7 as well, had to restart

Thank you both for reporting these to us but please make sure to also do so in the "Technical Issues" subforum so that we can give your reports the best visibility and stay organized.

You also may find in that subforum, reports similar to yours.
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another usless update
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