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Hotfix for 1.28 - 15.10.2013

By #[Troyle] October 14, 2013, 14:00:00
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Several of us still can't play the game! Please fix!
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Psykosis Flask still doesnt work with master propagator...... fix please!
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My combat freezes every time, the people I play with say that I'm just sitting there. I know this because I can still use chat or check my inventory if I want to. I can't give up because it never registers the battle has officially started so those buttons at the bottom left haven't shown up yet.

Also, I went to my jonk to use my restat and I could not chose a response to prompt anything, not even the response to stop talking to him. I had to press escape and still no cooperation when I tried relogging.

Game is unplayable still, has anyone from Ankama responded to any of these comments yet? Not getting frustrated, I actually want to know.
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bandersnitch|2013-10-15 14:08:08
Game is unplayable after the hotfix. Take the servers down again. All fights are freezing.

This. I run on a Mac. Yes, java is up to date. Software is up to date. I even tried reinstalling the game. I am paying for four accounts and I cannot use any of them. I don't even have the gift interface anymore.

Like Graceface said, I can also use the chat, trade. I can do everything but participate in fights.
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Also run on Mac. Software up to date. We cannot participate in fights!
Hi everyone,

If you are still running into issues with playing the game, please make sure to check the information given: here, and reply to that thread if you are still experiencing any, so that we have a central place to keep monitoring them.

It is important that you make sure to use the links provided in the mentioned thread to use the correct updater, which should now fix the fighting issue for Mac users as well.

Another advice when reinstalling the updater is to verify that you have completely removed all the WAKFU files and to restart your computer after uninstalling WAKFU.
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Thanks Sabi.

On Mac OS-X 10.6.8 the old updater runs and crashes, but the versioner thinks the game is up-to-date, and allows people to login on macs even though the update failed miserably.

Try updating the 'unofficial updater' it fixed the fight freezing problem for me.
The hotfix changelog has been updated with the following part, which may only be a temporary change:

  • Stools & Interactive Seating: All interactive stools or seats will again become "non-interactive" and will be renamed "imperfect". The following stools will become all "imperfect" and reappear in your HB or HW: Screwloose Stool, Cawwot Stool, Mint Beach Seat (still a reward of the quest Plants vs. Jellies: Invasion), Blue Raspberry Beach Seat, Strawberry Beach Seat, Lemon Beach Seat.To make these interactive again, you will have to craft them using the handymen profession. We have implemented new recipes: they have the same level as the stool in question and require the stool as an ingredient to make it interactive (nothing else needed).

Please note that the icon images for these "imperfect" items may not appear correctly and are in the process of being fixed. If you have any questions regarding this change please feel free to share them with us and we will be glad to answer them. smile 
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Says respec for xelors but no list of any actual changes for xelors... uh.. so.... what?

Also, I think the whole "community feedback about wisdom sets" is bs. I certainly am not complaining about the wisdom sets. Maybe you should have some polls with results visible to the entire community (unless they exist somewhere and I am blind?) meh.
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FeldePard|2013-10-17 08:45:29
Also, I think the whole "community feedback about wisdom sets" is bs. I certainly am not complaining about the wisdom sets. Maybe you should have some polls with results visible to the entire community (unless they exist somewhere and I am blind?) meh.

The community feedback was basically "WHOA THESE SETS ARE OP!" and then Ankama realized the sets were too good for the level. The seriously outclassed all other gear in terms of damage/resists and had a heap of wisdom on them.

The are still pretty decent for fillers and still way useful for a leveling set, they just shifted around some damage and wisdom into other stats I heard.
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Troyle|2013-10-14 14:00:00

SadidaBrambly Armor: It will now be possible to place Brambly Armors on different characters in a same turn, each with the correct level of Armor at the end of the turn of the Sadida.
This is not fixed properly. We can indeed place one brambly armor with the use of Bramble spell and another brambly armor on second target with Wild Grass spell, but when we want to use for example Wild Grass twice - each on different target, then the bramble armor will appear only on second one, while the first one will remain with "armor-to-be".

A solution could be to remove Armor-to-Be state and make Brambly Armor appear right away when we cast it (in our turn) and either make it dissapear at start of Sadida next turn or make it last untill it is removed with damage. Personally i would like second option as we are wasting all of our AP's each turn while doing close-to-none dmg. The second option will also allow Sadida to make brambly armors in advance - before ally will face enemy attacks.
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