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Hotfix for 1.28 - 15.10.2013

By #[Troyle] October 14, 2013, 14:00:00


  • Respec for Rogue, Foggernaut, Sadida, Xelor, Pandawa & Eniripsa: Due to the many changes brought with this update, a spell and aptitude respec will be offered to Rogue, Foggernaut, Sadida, Xelor, Pandawa and Eniripsa characters, with the quest “Restate of Emergency”. Please note: To all characters that already have a respec quest running, if you are at the last step with the Jonk (“I’m ready to see Master Kano to redistribute my experience!”), completing the new Respec quest will also complete your current one. If you want to benefit from your current quest, we invite you to visit the instance before the update tomorrow. This way, you will stay in the instance tomorrow and therefore receive 48h to operate a new Respec.


  • Rebirth Mark: Placing a second Rebirth Mark will no longer remove the first one.
  • Aggressive Barrel: Will now work correctly.
  • Brambly Armor: It will now be possible to place Brambly Armors on different characters in a same turn, each with the correct level of Armor at the end of the turn of the Sadida.
  • Motherfogger, Spittleborg, Repositioning: Their descriptions have been corrected.
  • Motherfogger & Repositioning: It will now be possible to move on the rails for 1 MP with Motherfogger and Repositioning, even if the Foggernaut doesn’t have enough MP to travel this distance in “normal” case.
  • Moving a Motherfogger: The terrain relief will no longer prevent movement of the Motherfogger.
  • Bomber Fan: At level 20, it will correctly give back its AP when bombs explode.
  • Boombot: It will now correctly apply the resists loss of Piercing Shot.


  • Quester’s Block: This state will only apply to characters who received rewards at the end of an environmental quest.
  • Zinit: Ullu will correctly send players back to Astrub.


  • Alkatrool: Combats against bosses of Alkatrool will now have unlimited tries, but lock as soon as victory is achieved. As Ultimate Bosses, they will unlock once a week (at the same time).


  • Missiz Freezz: AoE damages will correctly apply to her when she is under Gruesome Essence.


  • Wisdom sets: Their damage values have been rebalanced. Based on community feedback, it appeared that these sets were deemed too easy to get, or too powerful. Our intention was to facilitate XP gain in combat while keeping them efficient and useful to a group. The fact that they are easy to get comes from the idea that they were not meant to be ultimate equipment, since they are less powerful than other combat items. Recipes will not be modified to save the accessibility and keep it easier than a Mythical item of similar level. However, the items will suffer an overall decreased of their damage bonus by 3% for each piece, and other small tweaks. This should enhance their role as support XP equipment, without making them too efficient in fight.
  • Mythical and Legendary Rings: They will now have their “Unique” condition.
  • Snowfoux Legs: Its stats will be +1 MP, +50 HP, +33 Dodge, +2% Critical Hits, +23% Water Dmg, +23% Air Dmg, +12% Air Resist, +12% Water Resist.
  • Stools & Interactive Seating: All interactive stools or seats will again become "non-interactive" and will be renamed "imperfect". The following stools will become all "imperfect" and reappear in your HB or HW: Screwloose Stool, Cawwot Stool, Mint Beach Seat (still a reward of the quest Plants vs. Jellies: Invasion), Blue Raspberry Beach Seat, Strawberry Beach Seat, Lemon Beach Seat.
    To make these interactive again, you will have to craft them using the handymen profession. We have implemented new recipes: they have the same level as the stool in question and require the stool as an ingredient to make it interactive (nothing else needed).
First Ankama intervention
Score : 30679
Unfortunately the Xelor point has to be removed as this change will not be ready for tomorrow.

We added these two points however:
  • Boombot: It will now correctly apply the resists loss of Piercing Shot.
  • Zinit: Ullu will correctly send players back to Astrub.
See message in context
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" Our intention was to facilitate XP" .... dont make me laugh, if you want to facilitate XP... why did you nerf it globaly? why did u nerf sets and items with wisdom? with those sets we will be getting a bit more of the exp we used to get... "hey, we nerfed exp globaly by 50% but with these sets you can get 55% more XP, ankama rules, love us"
I dont do profesions because is boring as fk, i dont have kamas either, so why are you limiting us? those sets should be dropable by any monster around the lvl of that gear and also craftable...

Edit. i said 50% exp as an example, just in case, some ppl in the forum is really .... :\
Score : 1756
Wisdom sets: Their damage values have been rebalanced. Based on community feedback,

Score : 957
Do you have more bug fixes that you forgot to mention or are you not mentioning on pourpouse.

You covered like 30% of the bugs.

.....Based on community feedback (aka cry babies) we dicided to nerf a good set that peopla had a LOT of work to farm annoying dungeons like Hagen to make it.....
Score : 633
+CMC Damage for sadida dolls?
Score : 7670
If you want to facilitate XP gain, put the XP rate back to what it was before release. You cut it in half when Wakfu came out and now that's not working because of your XP curve, so just buff it up back to 100%.

Why bother touching the wisdom sets when they make great filler pieces? I don't understand why we can't just have nice, accessible gear for everybody for once. Explain to me, exactly what is the issue with us having fun?
Score : 3084
The new wisdom sets, they were fine as they were... Why do you all of the sudden listen to this kind of feedback, there is feedback far more important than this, and it was not taken into any consideration.

Also, are you planning on fixing the cmc damage??? CMC damage is not working with bombs, it's always as if you had 0 cmc damage when using bombs.
Score : 1407
Lol, seriously, who gives these "community feedbacks" ? All I see from community is rage each time that "feedback" retarded changes are introduced.
And no MP for xel for moving on dial - really? How long will it take ankama to realize that it is too good and introduce huge nerf bringing xelors below current status.
BTW, fifth month is passing since my hb was wiped by bug and still no fix. Just to let you know.
Score : 24139
I belive it was FR community feedback as i haven't seen anything about it on this forum.

In my opinion wisdom and prospecting should have no "weight" or very small one and they should be as addition to normal set. What's the point to have set with wisdom if you will struggle in it to kill anything?
Score : 3396
i really tried pretending i dont like this hotfix, but hey! \@[email protected]/
is this first april secretely or is this cristmas pre-celebration?
Score : 415
Sage equips are lvl 135, don't frik with them too much or i'll hate you!
Score : 12066
what i think people are ignoring is how they are changing xelor dial..... no mp cost while on it... thats massive people.
Score : 3396
shh, we are doing it on purpose ,)

any ideas why did they come up with this finally?
Score : 30679
Unfortunately the Xelor point has to be removed as this change will not be ready for tomorrow.

We added these two points however:
  • Boombot: It will now correctly apply the resists loss of Piercing Shot.
  • Zinit: Ullu will correctly send players back to Astrub.
Score : 14056
thank you for fixing brambly armorhappy
no thank you for giving us useful equips and then making unique crafting equips bad.

I just really wonder what happened to "making exp easier"
Is there an explanation please? Troyle please ask Azael, we at least want to know why? 
Score : 140
and CMC for bombs ? rogue....

CMC not this increasing damage from explosions
Score : 744
I want to play the class that I want in the gear that I worked hard for and without being punished on XP. Is that just too much to ask?
Score : 849
So no fixes to the launcher or client? ... I would think the priority would be to make sure people can actually play the game.
Score : 5790
New sets was TOO OP,yes.

Thx for nerf.
Score : 2832
There we tons of people who said they were skipping straight to the new wisdom sets due to their power, I don't think anyone said to nerf the sets, but when you have so many people planning to build those sets for the sake of power, and then adding faster leveling on top of that, its kinda obvious that Ankama would take an action such as this.
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