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The Prisoners of Alkatrool

By #[Troyle] October 07, 2013, 16:00:01
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First Ankama intervention
Hi guys,

We are very thankful for all your feedback. Due to some of the replies, I have to remind you also that in the evolution of any game nothing is never set in stone and it keeps changing based on several factors ( creators' vision, community feedback, etc...) which is why your opinions matter but we also want to make sure that all this is done in a constructive tone.

Now here is more info from Grou:

"For the Air Eniripsa, the goal is not a "nerf" but to push to play more with the branch mechanics.

This change while it fulfills its role well, it might also actually make the increase of the bonus very slow.

Therefore while I can not adjust it in the immediate future, I will review this passive specialty for the next patch, so that it gives the bonus in a permanent way when increasing Propagator levels: this passive should then also give +3% damage at max lvl instead of +2%.

A little reminder:

Respec for all:

Due to the many changes brought with this update, a spell and aptitude respec will be offered to all characters, with the quest “Restate of Emergency”.

*Please note: To all characters that already have a respect quest running, if you are at the last step with the Jonk (“I’m ready to see Master Kano to redistribute my experience!"), completing the new Respec quest will also complete your current one. If you want to benefit from your current quest, we invite you to visit the instance before the update tomorrow. This way, you will stay in the instance tomorrow and therefore receive 48h to operate a new Respec.
See message in context
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poor pandas..

troyle what do you mean by

  • Drain: Casting Drain on a doll will correctly summon an Inflatable. Note however that, in order to summon an Inflatable, you will have to target the seed. This will not work if you target an area, of which the seed is not the center. Its description will be modified as follows: “The Sadida drains some Health Points from a target and redistributes them to nearby allies. Cast on a Seed, this spell will cause an Inflatable to grow.”

The drain changes dont make sense at all. You could never summon an inflatable if you didnt target the seed to begin with..

By the way thank you for all the modifications to classes like iop and rogue again, and ignoring modifications to sadidashappy
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Same issue with the French post

  • Hairy Moon: Will correctly summon a Super Kittikaze after God Ouginak. It will not be controlled and will attack its allies.

This should be posted in "Ecaflip" not "Dungeon"
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Lock, Dodge and reset of the abilities and Specialties: From now on, it will only be possible to invest up to 100 ability points in Lock and/or Dodge. With this update all Ability/Specialty points will be reset without need to visit the respect instance.

So instead of rebalancing the mobs by giving them higher dodge or maybe Stablized status the developers decided to cap our build stats...... Sacs, Masq's, and Possibly some enu's will really feel the brunt of this ridiculously hair brained move. If the dev's didn't bosses/mobs being lock-blocked they should've fixed them rather than punishing the rather ingenious players who discovered and implemented such strategies..... 
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Note however that if a character leaves the fight, the entire team will receive no loots in case of victory

This is a quote concerning UBs.

So, if someone disconnects (or dies?) the entire team gets no loot? WTF? Why?

Lock, Dodge and reset of the abilities and Specialties: From now on, it will only be possible to invest up to 100 ability points in Lock and/or Dodge. With this update all Ability/Specialty points will be reset without need to visit the respect instance.

You really don't like it when people beat your pet UB with a strategy you didn't specifically intent, huh?

To explain: People have been beating DP with like 700 lock Sacs. I guess Ankama got mad at that...
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[New] Survivor Pack: From October 8 (during the day), all players who participated in the Beta between April 2011 and until launch will receive a Survivor Pack on all newly created characters, as well as the existing ones. This Pack includes a Survivor Costume (replacing the Survivor set) and the Survivor title. We implemented this service for all of you who lost these gifts that were only offered once on all accounts.

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Amazing changes ! I loved them all, load of bug fixes, really really happy ! Good work !

Care to explain the “Quester's Block” state idea ?

It was said before that you are trying to provide better ways to level up besides the most used "leeching" method.

Improving the number of monsters/interactive elements/resources will definitely make solo questing more attractive, but adding a block and reducing the exp (a couple of patches ago) is a little counter productive don't you think ?

What about a bonus EXP for the environmental quests if the group players are similar in level ? (15 levels above or below).

EDIT: By the way, will you add more Dodge and Lock to equipment ? 
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Cap dodge and lock but leave initiative high XD

So they're saying that Rogues should benefit and Masqs shouldn't.

Nice ankama ^^
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Wodent pet, wodent pet, wodent osa makes a happy dance
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Yay changes biggrin
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Neneko88|2013-10-07 17:32:16
Cap dodge and lock but leave initiative high XD

So they're saying that Rogues should benefit and Masqs shouldn't.

Nice ankama ^^
My main is Rogue, but if they made limits to dodge and lock, they should do the same thing for initiative...
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May I have some clarification please?

Whip: Damages changed to 55 at level 100 (instead of 60)

This means whip will be taking a -5 damage nerf at all levels? or just won't do as much damage at level 100?
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  • Authority: Will no longer turn its target. With class revamp, other alternatives have appeared for Damage Iops. The mechanic of Authority had no reasons to remain as it was and we decided to modify it to offer more possibilities. These modifications might lead to other small tweaks in the future.

AWWWWWWW YES. Ascended to God tier with one change baby.

• Mango
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Thank goodness they will remove the citizen alert. For me, it would sometimes glitch and stay on the bottom screen, blocking use of whatever it covered. Finally they will have insignias that cover all your gear, been waiting for that for ages. Now my eni can finally wear bride without the ugly epps showing. XD
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I was really hoping citronanas would be more common so we can craft tutti fruitti lures and catch perches...
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So far everything is tolerable smile

...except Lock and Dodge... The whole development team gave the okay on that one, right?

Are the stats Lock and Dodges values being lowered on your equipment creation tool so we can have more lock and dodge on all equipment to compensate?

Are monsters going to have their lock and dodge values reduced at all? They have absolutely ridiculous stats with massive lock and the developers are telling players that don't want to stay in the tackle zone that they should just sit and die? I guess this further emphasizes the need for classes that can get another class out of the tackle zone as even more if that was your goal, then mission accomplished?...indeed

Are the mechanics of how Lock and Dodge work being changed at all in this update, so my complaints can be put to rest? What of classes with passives to lock and dodge, and abilities and passives that rely on the stats to be of any real use?

Indeed, so those classes will either feel the sting of this update in some way or reap the benefits of being one of those golden classes with a passive to boost lock or dodge so that way at least they can walk around freely in pvp...not PvE though.

Also, almost all of the abusive pandawa tactics are now pacified with this update...things that we have always been able to do...situations developers have noticed in the past and chose to let it go cause it wasn't a big deal then are now being changed in one instance because a ultimate boss was abused like any other creature or boss prior was?

... honestly it's not that big of a deal...but.... I don't see why the devs decided to do this at all considering that abusing such a tactic in the fight against a certain boss who will not be named because he is the most poorly designed being in the existence in the world of twelve mechanic wise next to every enutrof clan member design who isn't Moe Knee Torks, Baal Stroud and Alibert; is a ban-able offense, so no one would use it in the first place.

Though, don't get me wrong.... I'm pretty sure every pandawa ever saw this nerf coming at some point..just not so late in the game where it seemed like the feature was actually acceptable till recent affairs...meh, indeed.

-- Lie Lien Rou-Jian

Ah, to continue on from where Lien left off about Lock being used against Dragon pig, I can see why they were upset. Not so much because their "precious" Dragon Pig was defeated by such a tactic... but rather they were discouraged by their own design not being taken into account by players...this goes for all "abusive/ self made" strategies.

With this strategy involving Lock the players were no longer thinking about Dragon pigs mechanics as much and now instead only more so thinking about Dragon pigs stats.

I do not believe that the developers design any boss with the intention of putting players in a situation where they need to retool their characters in response to the boss's stats like dodge. These stats are always a factor, but not what their designs want to put emphasis for Stritch dungeon.

Also...a bit of respect is in I reading it right in the devlog when it says that an enutrof who ends the battle in the Faking it State gets "All" the kama?... I don't mean to sound greedy, I am just.. at a loss for words...was this always the case..? I may actually max this passive for once...

-- Argus Saffi Espen

Well, let's just see what happens, yah? I really am excited for this revamp regardless of what those wet blankets say~ I hope those incarnum and asturb critters are catch-able~ '3' OOOooh and then the fogger revamp~ wooo ^3^ I can't wait to bring Artura back from his break...sorry Qeb~ you knew what this was :3c

I hope certain summon focused gear doesn't get spanked too hard for balance reasons under the new tool~ Also, what the heck does the new damage bonus for summon and mechanic damage even mean? Does this mean you are nerfing the effects on non level capped creatures who are under the influence of summon damage bonuses from gear? :L.....

I guess you would go and nerf every branch of the osamodas class except for earth... we have had special attention lately so I guess it's fair... Q ^Q

-- Frey Haakon Erich
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lowering to the cost of underhand is all i see with this and all i have to say isYESSSSSSSSS!!!!! you made the skill not horrible.

besides that idk how i feel about some of this... ill get back to ya if i have complaints ;o
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Glyph: Will correctly benefit from elementary damage bonuses and bonuses to Controllable Creatures and Mechanisms.

Will no longer reduce damages by 30% and will be immune to bombs effects.
Um, yes. Give me more. I think I'll play a lot more often with these changes.
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I don't see why whip gets such a nerf really since it's really not as game breaking as they're making it out to be at all and kicking down the damage % for dragon form is just kicking osaswhen they're already down XD you want game breaking? i see sacs and ecas almost breaking the 3k damage in a turn.
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I had a long paragraph explaining the flawed logic of increasing the resistance of mobs on Wabbit Island, but when I submitted it I was kicked out of my account. I will just keep it short this time. For Wabbit Island gear, it appears that Ankama only redistributed the points of the gear, rather than provided more points. Thus, the player's combat efficiency, when they obtain wabbit gear, will be the same before and after patch. They gain more damage, but lose resistance, initiative, critical damage, et cetera. So after the patch, the enemies' strength will become stronger, while the player's efficiency, when they have Wabbit gear, will stay the same. Sure, in lower islands, the added resistance would seem logical, but this affects 110+ monsters, and the high resistance buff affects only high level Wabbit mobs. In summary, Ankama is trying to hide the fact that they want to make Wabbit Island harder by saying it is because of the damage increase, despite the best gear in the game keeping the same combat efficiency.
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