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Hotfix for 1.26 - 01.08.2013

By #[Troyle] August 01, 2013, 12:15:00


  • Bug Report button: Will be back and functioning.


  • Xelor Punishment: Targeting the current hour will no longer destroy the cell under the Xelor.
  • Xelor Punishment: Targeting the current hour will no longer deal double damage.
  • Tempus Fugit: Placing Temporal Twists will now be mentioned in the chat.
  • Dial: The Xelor will now be able to carry on his movement on his dial, even if he is stabilized.

  • Aynaloxide & Stasis Thrower: Mechanisms will no longer cancel the damages of this spell.

Adventure Islands

  • Bilbiza
    • Welcome Kiosk: The chat feedback will only display to the player who interacted with the kiosk
    • Recipes: Bilbiza recipes of level 95 that used Elm Wood will now require Yew Wood instead.


    • Ratacombs: We rebalanced the “Rat” summons from this dungeon
      • Rats from this dungeon tamed by an Osamodas will no longer apply the state Orvalus-driven Exhilaration,
      • Rats from this dungeon (the ones that also exist in the ecosystems) will no longer be tamable, while those in the ecosystems will be.
      • Note that the Rats from these dungeons will have their name changed for more clarity in a later update.

      Haven Worlds

      • Auctions: Will be working again.
      • Sand ground: It will be possible to plant seeds on it.
      • Combat: A combat interrupted by the repositioning of a building will no longer provide XP.
      • Doors and combat areas: Combat bubbles will now correctly consider doors as blocking elements.


      • Plants vs. Jellies: Jellosynthesis: This achievement will complete correctly when the player begins his turn with more than 50 Energy.


      • Relics: Relics (starting with the Gelano) will no longer drop in Haven Worlds from monsters that could drop them. They will only drop from the dedicated monsters, in their “natural environment”, or specific dungeons.


      • Prims: When hovering, they will correctly indicate that GvG is not yet available.
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So stasified and cybots killing themselves are not being fixed in this hotfix, then? Bummer.
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Bank bug...anyone, anyone?
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Troyle|2013-08-01 12:15:00
  • Plants vs. Jellies: Jellosynthesis: This achievement will complete correctly when the player begins his turn with more than 50 Energy.
Oh, so that's why I didn't get it tongue 
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When we know bonus from new sets ??
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Aww, i thought that punishment bug was fun. you had to manipulate your opponent to get there and its ate a dial cell as payment.

It actually made sense mathematically too punishment is 5 AP, it costs 5 ap and 1-2 mp to move them there.

The only real bonus you got was the 2 ap distortion damage in exchange for the cel you are standing on, and for another cell and 2mp 5ap you got another shot and it used your whole dial because you cant have enough ap to get on after that.

This is 17 ap 3-4 mp and 1 wp. With 2 extra mp to save the 2ap 1wp of dial but with dial cells missing to pull of 4 punishments and a distortion. I think its worth it.

Of course if the cell was under them already it was easier, but that requires intelligent play in itself.

I actually thought this may have been intentional but whatever.
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What time to return the sever "remington "??
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stasified state and average stasis % not fixed ? oh wow
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It was more tactical, logical and fun to play with punishment bug.

You could use it on current hour cell for cheaper but filling punishment per turn limit and losing hour cell below you. Than had to spend mp to go to next hour cell in order to save dial which could prevent you from using devotion if you waste last mp on saving dial.

So you can't attack two different location if you cast punishment on hour cell.
Xelor had to teleport enemies around current hour cell to make it worth it.

I thought that this was intentional "bug" too.

Well... it was good addition to new combinations that we gained after revamp, too bad we lost it.
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Candles still doesn't allow interactions at least in Asturb. I know its not important but i thought it was supposed to be fixed with patch ... well it didn't so just wanted to mention this.

p.s. Funny that double dmg from punishment was removed while ecaflip's ALL IN spell still get profit from the double dmg overpowerness. Just did pvp vs Ecaflip... ok i "did" is too much to be told as i simply died on 2nd turn. There was no place for my tactic or to use my build/stats/equipements in any way. Ecaflips are killing this game, making it not worth to think about anything when you will get killed anyway by them no matter what you do.
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What about Foggernauts and Stasified? Isn't that like... important?
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