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Fiesta in Bilbiza

By #[Troyle] July 29, 2013, 16:00:00
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Sincappp|2013-07-30 16:08:57

So how long will it take now?
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Probly forever.
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Sincappp|2013-07-30 16:12:55
Probly forever.
Woho! so much win... as allways.
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Is there a new developer that accidently backspaced the codes for the whole game?
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Troyle|2013-07-30 15:58:54
sdofgdo|2013-07-30 15:56:11
Any estimated time for servers to be up yet troyle?

Sadly no.
Oh yeah i meant to ask, but is there any plans to reopen the arenas soon? i havent gotten to try them out yet x.x
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wtf with game window?i cannot make game window small!!!WTF???
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Sram is still PVP King. Thank you.
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Awesome so my already mediocre Earth Feca gets the nerf of a life time, reduced range, AP and MP. You know I wouldn't mind but as a class it's only any use in really long drawn out fights where we need a really solid tank, yeah I'm apparently OP because I can support with range MP and AP but if Ankama gave us an alternative I'm sure we'd damn well use it!
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As I expected, Ankama is unable to beta-test their updates before releasing to public.
That's why I always wait at least 24 hours before updating the game.
And since this time I'm going to migrate all non-essential programs to a new hard drive (to ease the burden on my SSD), I'll take the chance and reinstall the game from scratch in there.
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I know Ankama likes to work on graphics and stuff, so I made the proper changes for the website so they can focus more on getting the game to work.

So close MS Paint and open up that code editor, no need to thank me.

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"due to unexpected complications, the percentage couldn't be added with this update and should be added in the next update" more like "due the lack of testing..."
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Still cant get on I dont know why sad
0Cataclyst0|2013-07-30 19:58:33
Still cant get on I dont know why sad

The Update has been completed, you should be able to connect to your server, please let us know if that isn't the case.

Thank you.
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Im still not able to complete the download :S
OverrFiend|2013-07-30 21:16:01
Im still not able to complete the download :S

I am sorry to hear that you are still unable to complete the download but let's get you back on WAKFU!
I have sent you an Ankabox message to request more information from you and shared with you this information, just in case it might help you already.
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When I summon my double I am unable to do any other elemental skills other than fire (I am a fire masq)

ALSO BIG HUGE BUG: My double CANNOT cast Psyk-out!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS CRUCIAL. I relied on being able to use psyk out on my double so much that I feel this is an UNMENTIONED REVAMP (nerf)

please please PLEASE fix this asap
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Please note that we will deploy a Hotfix tomorrow (August 1st), in the afternoon (GMT +2). We will come back to you as soon as we have the exact time.
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So apparently jellies are f2p friendly. Wonder why that was left out of the notes.
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negativeresistance|2013-08-14 00:19:31
So apparently jellies are f2p friendly. Wonder why that was left out of the notes.
You cannot use boat to get to blibliza island as f2p. However i have no idea what happens if your subscribtion ends while you are still there.
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Troyle|2013-07-29 16:00:00
Haven Worlds

Addition of 16 Haven Worlds: 16 new Haven Worlds will be put on auctions following this schedule:
July 31
Amakna - Fertile Prairie – East
Bonta - Cania Plains – South
Brakmar - Mourning Wood – North
Sufokia - Terrana Dune – East
August 7
Amakna – Singing fields – Tip
Bonta – Kara – South
Brakmar – Pabong Fields – West
Sufokia – Turfo Canyon – Bay
August 14
Amakna - Fertile Prairie – West
Bonta – Cania Plains – Bay
Brakmar - Mourning Wood – South
Sufokia - Terrana Dune – West
August 21
Amakna – Singing Fields – North
Bonta – Kara – Center
Brakmar – Pabong Fields – Pathway
Sufokia – Turfo Canyon – Center

Where are the HW locations of the auctions that are supposed to end today?
I can't find them blink

Edit: I do not visit the Forum Index, so I missed this:
Update 1.26:
Respec & Haven Worlds Auctions 06 August 2013, 19:16 By : [Sabi]

Hello everyone,
All current Haven Worlds auctions have been pushed to the next update due to an issue that cannot be resolved until then. The Haven Worlds auctions will resume the day after the next update, which we will communicate the date soon. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

So, the auctions that should have started on August 7 will start this evening?
Or the ones from August 14?
*looking very confused*
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