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By #[Troyle] June 24, 2013, 16:00:00
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they change everything but no restat . seriously ? sleep 

Gynrei|2013-06-25 13:08:28
Shaleigh1|2013-06-25 respec? sad

OMG no respec. This game, my brain hurts.

Was thinking about the same thing...

I guess i better start collecting those 1400 items :/
Soeki|2013-06-25 14:23:26WHERE MY RESPEC ANKAMA

Also, i'm just laughing at amount of bugs happened.
Guys, I found an update note that got missed in translation:

  • Guilds - Players were exploiting in game mechanics to defeat content. Players were teaming up. Guilds have been removed temporarily. Hopefully they will be fixed and added again next update.
Seguchi-sama|2013-06-25 14:40:24
Soeki|2013-06-25 14:23:26WHERE MY RESPEC ANKAMA

Also, i'm just laughing at amount of bugs happened.

Aside from the obvious bugs i'm very angry about the fact that the emotes and guildsymbols are blocked again. Not my understanding of "you keep what you've already got."

I'm wondering if there is anybody saying: "Oh, wow now i've got to swap through over 70 pages of inactive guilds to see the actual ranking, genious!"

Like with the Nations bonus: Yes its nice we've got so many, but i don't want to see all of their characterless symbols all the time.
you can sort the guild ranking :s
Chrolo|2013-06-25 15:45:58you can sort the guild ranking :s
Nice to know, but still it's counter-intuitive.
I would like to point out that if Iop's had a long range skill, maybe the -1 range on the enemy would make sense. However, since all the skills are close-range or lightly medium range, there is no point in -1 range, everything that was able to hit you before will still be able to without much hindrance at all.
MasqueraiderAir Branch: Damages will be correctly located What does this mean?
Testimony|2013-06-25 16:40:25MasqueraiderAir Branch: Damages will be correctly located What does this mean?
obviously they weren't correctly located and they fixed it, you should be grateful
As in the damage buff they were supposed to get before are now applied?
Disappointing if thats the case because I swapped from air because it wasn't doing enough Q_Q.
HateSpawn|2013-06-25 10:16:33
Brokonaut|2013-06-25 05:36:14Oh my lord did anyone actually think Destructive Arrow was balanced?

For God sake it was a 6AP skill that when maxed could spit out 560 base damage. Maybe now it'll be used properly with a lot of built up Riddling seeing as it still has a potential of 355 base damage without a critical hit.

Then some people are losing one base damage on some skills and they think the build is completely ruined. FotM is a problem with Wakfu PvP. Maybe now there will be some more Air and Fire Cra again.

Fire Enutrof buff was nice. And I agree with others that it was silly to change our spells instead of Dragon Pig, since the changes to Blindness were clearly created out of abusing the state to easily beat Dragon Pig. Most bosses are immune to it anyways, and with all classes unable to cause it now there's no point to make him vulnerable to it anymore either.

• Mango
Oh yeah, and you know

punishment and execution are just fine. Nothin like dropping 170 base of something with 200% final damage, or 213 base several times a fight.



Because, you see, often times than not Destructive Arrow does not need remotely close to 100 Riddling stacks to finish off a target after having dealt the Riddling stacks with primary attacks (Lashing & Riddling Arrow). It has no MP cost, and no WP cost as well, as well as very high range. All things Punishment is restricted by.

As far as Execution goes, its power is acceptable for the time it takes to build as well as the close-combat factor, and having to be in close combat all the time to do so.

As far as all this falls into line with PvM, 9 times out of 10 you want to hit things from a distance anyways. Another point for Destructive Arrow.

I really hope you're not using PvP as a scale.

It's still a damn powerful spell even after the latest changes. Anyone who thinks otherwise is being falsely fooled by the numbers they used to hit as a scale.

• Mango
Give us respec !!!
next patch :

crâ has ben delete cause this class is now useless and dont need to be playd anymore.
lol xD
I don't get how there isn't a respec, at least for enus. my main is a 111 enu and these changes actually affect me sad

If you haven't seen, click here.

O Respeitador 
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