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Lard of Combat

By #[Troyle] May 20, 2013, 16:00:00
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Black Crow
* Modification of the random aspect of the spell rebound,

when i read this i think "oh hell rebound every shot, but still take damage, makabrakfire style"

Elistah|2013-05-20 18:49:15
'Call of the Moowolf Pack: this summon spell will no longer destroy areas'

Does this mean he won't destroy barrels/boombots/beacons anymore?
thats how i read it
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"Fleahopper: Cost reduced to 2 AP (instead of 3). Damages reduced to 17 (instead of 26) and CH bonus reduced to +3% (instead of +7%)."

OFC, after all, the heal given by this spell is not calculated by the damage done, right?...

"Black Bow Meow: Winning Streak changed to +2 in CH with a Fire spell and bonus changed to +40% Earth dmg (instead of +50%)."

Water Ecaflips will no longer benefit from this?.... Wth?...
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Wow osa changes, much? Glad to see the heals increasing, and you made my day with the Scarafly pet! FOR CUTE
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"Ecaflip Die: Changed to +2x lvl of Winning Streak to Fire dmg (instead of +2x lvl of Winning Streak to CH dmg)."

Ok, fck you Grou, that's it. Eternal BS.
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Macawker: Since it’s an achievement reward, it can no longer be traded.

but no news of fixing the quest, i see. can't trade it, can't obtain it.
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Wooooowwwwww, nerf my already nerfed poison.....


"Maximum damage has been lowered but the chances to apply stay the same."

Nerf my already nerfed totem.

Dude I hate ankama so much.

So happy I canceled all my subscriptions, I def don't want to help pay for Grou's salary. ~_____~
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Well, was a good OP month ecas.
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Good job destroying assassins cape
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DeMetz... they gave it 1ap ._.
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Score : -36 much fails again
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I imagine Grou sitting on his desk at Ankama: "Man, I must nerf this Water Ecaflips, they are so o/p now!! Let me see.... Oh! Let me make 2 specs useless to them, increase AP costs and decrease dmg and buff of a dmg-heal based spell ~~ sweeeet ~~"
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You better fix three-cards bug.
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Cool changes... But.... can anyone tell me why Ankama does not want summons to do anything other than damage, push, and heal? I'm all for balance, but not allowing creatures whose only useful ability and actions are their spells effects, to never be able to use those spells or never be able to proc those effects when they are captured is just.... awful? What ever happened to compromise?

Im a sour Susan when it comes to how badly they alter summons for the sake of "balance". First Chafer Lancers were too "over powered" since they had their shields. So what do they do? They get rid of its ability to use the shield altogether instead of putting a limit to its charges, having it only work if they don't attack, making it castable by the creature instead of a passive.

Then it was Cracklers summoning those larva was too much, so they reduced the numbers of larva summoned and lowered the level of those larva; making them weaker. This then was followed by a barrage of other summons just plain old being unable to have access to their summoning spells all together. Though this remains untrue for certain summons. Around this time the crobak was given a restriction on its Tornado Glyph spell and Osamodas were no longer able to use the spell when the crobak was being controlled, since it was far too strong a spell to be allowed to control completely.

More or less when new summons were coming out from whispers they gave them a purely justifiable "nerf" by riding them of their resists passives and lowering infantry counters and other abilities. This was a good thing and I praise them for their decisions when it came to whisper island monsters.

However, my nerve snapped about their decisions when the level 70 crobak was sucker punched once more due to the new summoning arts passive. Now the poor crobak can no longer use the one spell that sets it apart from its other family members, its very reason for existing as a viable and useful summon was stripped away in that moment. There is absolutely no reason to use it now, it's female counter part is merely a few levels higher and can do everything it can do currently from pushing and having the tornado wall passive, but she can also heal and buff damage for the entire group. Can anyone give me a real reason to use a crobak now.

This all points to lazy and time saving decisions in my opinion. Not even trying to come up with compromises before deciding to completely make things unavailable is what many would call lazy.

If you really wish to try and balance summons for the osamodas then try to make things in combat more about intriguing encounters rather than about all summons having a basic function in the form of push, pull, heal, -ap/mp, big damage, big resists.

The variety in a summons spell pool is the most important and appealing element that a summon osamodas has in order to keep game play alive and enjoyable. You gave whispers great tactical depth as summons when they are paired with one another. Blibli are even intriguing with a Glai's support spells. The new Summons also have good synergy.

All I am asking is... Where did Ankama developers in charge of balancing this games creatures get the idea, that in order to "balance" the summons available to the Osamodas, they would have to strip every creature of any form of status aliments (poisons, stuns, etc)?

Why did the entire team decide that it was okay to not even compromise the idea behind these status effects by making things harder to proc or altering spells a bit?

Will they in turn buff these summons in any way shape or form since many of them actually have no real use outside these effects? Will they add more unique spells to their move pools? Will they create a type of synergy similar to more late game summons?

I would love a response but If it never happens then at least I have cleared my mind of this and expressed my views as clearly as I could. No regrets.
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I wish you would give people some reason to have Gemlins. They were very special to me in Closed Beta and it hurts me to see them constantly demoted. Even the description of them in the game makes them look bad. I wouldn't be as bothered by their stats being less useful than any other pet if their description at least didn't make them seem awful.

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Troyle|2013-05-20 16:00:00

Excarnus Herd Spirit: Excarnus will now automatically summon 2 Gobballs at the end of each turn (after the first) in specific and displayed areas,
Can I get a clarification of this? Does it mean after the first turn he starts to summon 2 gobballs each turn?
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And air cra's just became soooo much weaker
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plz fix 3 cards too. Nice that ecas aren't as hellishly OP. Hopefully we won't see them 1 turn people in PvP with DoQ anymore.

I'll keep my tokens thank you. Turning them all in wouldn't get me enough to buy a new belt for an alt.

No rebirth mark on chill chafers...fine. If you don't adjust the buff they get when they rez, though, you can stick them all up your right nose hole. Exception would be if the experience truly is worth it now.

Some of the osa's pet effects were OP but just stripping all of the effects is really going to simplify their gameplay. Seems harsh.

All in all looking forward to the update though. I whine a lot over some stuff because I want the game to improve but I do recognize the little bits of good these updates bring.
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I love how Ecas got a ton of changes while Sadis got... three changes. I was hoping for Sadis to receive more changes then that.

Troyle, I didn't see any mention of Sadida Doll A.I. bugs being fixed. Do you know if there will be any changes to the way the Doll A.I. currently operates?
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