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Hotfix for 1.21 - 01.03.2013

By #[Troyle] March 01, 2013, 15:00:01


  • Not Dead Yet: Will only trigger on MP spells.


  • Gobgob: It will be possible to tame a monster if one of your summons is already in the fight.


  • Coagulation: Will now correctly split the damage 70/30 and no longer 50/50
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Score : 119
Wait what.., So its 2 hours down for 3 fixes??

Not that I care but I expected a bigger update then just 3 things tongue

Anyway, keep up the good work of making the game as good as possible ^^
Score : 788
Only 1 hour. But it's still a joke. There's so much left to fix for the enu and they just fix this part sad
Score : 582
now i can play my osa again..
Score : 555
how about bum sack, still no effect? sad 
Score : 30
Next update to remove the heal resi pleas!!!!!!
Score : 4089
3 shut downs, basically the Anniversary gift Ankama is giving away is all the days that we lost, which is really not fair, I am not one to complain for a compensation but this is ridiculous.
Score : 1202
Gosh! I'd imagine the "eniraiser a faking it enu" bug would take priority.
Come on! Raising a faking enu and healing it to full health only to have his health drop to 20% of max the next turn is simply stupid.
Score : 144
After this patch whenever pressing "Left Alt" button, screen flickers very annoyingly (atleast in Full Screen Windowed Mode), my eyes started hurting in like 10min ingame (use alt alot for alt tabing).
Score : 3993
Server is still laggy and we are still getting random disconnects and spinning wheels on reconnnect
Score : 312
Yessssssssss Cog, thanks laugh 
Score : 19274
Ever going to fix the BUM SACK?

Als, thanks for letting Osas capture monsters again. Kinda an important core mechanic of the class, that.
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