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Class revamp: Iop and Cra

By #[Troyle] February 08, 2013, 16:00:00
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with this revamp you've changed nothing, keep up the lawlz!
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Rokugatsu|2013-02-11 02:06:05Is it really so hard to understand that ALL the classes will be revamped? You can't compare revamped Cra with other classes as they are NOW.
Agreed 100%.

Ankama knows what they are doing.. I personally love changes. Whenever a revamp comes it brings good surprises. Look at cra's revamp... so many new powerful builds are about to come out, instead of the average, and why not awesome (got boring), 2 piercings.
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So far so good....revamps going good biggrin
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Devs,increase air cra damage,make plaguing arrow:4 ap -55 hp,storm arrow 5 ap 1 mp -65 hp.
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are u killing me ??? what are u doing with earth cra, wake up !!!
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You kidding me now i feel like playing my iop yeah baby but power and damage cmon why change it not cool
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That stealth change to long distance combat ....
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How much fun can you have by being OP? Pretty much I see all these OP people calling others that liked other classes more noobs and behaving arrogant. I like the way Ankama is being proactive balancing stuff. For those who claim that are quitting playing because cant stand being regular and having to think about strategies instead of just clicking around, too bad.

Ankama is criative and dynamic. They are always supplying us with new stuff. Above all, they just dont close eyes to side effects like OPs.

About the connection issues we have sometimes I might say they are annoying and must be more effectively avoided.
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You're NERFING the cra? Lol. This is insane. Pandas are like WAY OVERPOWERED, you could even say SRAMS are OVERPOWERED..... masqs are still insanely powerful... cras are completely useless in pvp right now... pve they are OK if you are FIRE. but... you're going to NERF cra's range, NERF cra's beacons and BUFF riddling?


whomever went on steroids for the pandas (even srams), can you come back and stop this NONSENSE with CRAS????

Makes me want to CLASS CHANGE???!!!! What a surprise... how does ankama boost revenue? LETS JUST NERF CLASSES AND FORCE PEOPLE TO PAY 1000000000 ORIGINES BWAHAHAHA.


They should remove the " Cra's Range " title for Cra's to: "Cra's ... no beacons, no range.. ugh.. ok let's make them a different class"
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You do realize that this is a very very VERY outdated thread right? It's from January 2013. Same with all the linked threads.

Non of this is relevant anymore as this is what they (relatively) currently are.

- Kat
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I'm assuming he was looking for this thread Click here lmao

way to go skull
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Air cras survived the first nerf they will be fine now.
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