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Updating the Updater

By #[Ourson] February 05, 2013, 16:00:00

Today Ourson, Tool developer for WAKFU, will show you the brand new Updater that he developed, and that should soon be in your hands…

What’s an Updater?

We always make sure to implement new content, features and fixes in WAKFU. These updates are pretty frequent, and since the release of WAKFU in February 2012, we deployed about ten updates and around forty hotfixes!

These updates allowed you for example to discover the Foggernauts, Ultimate Bosses or even the Trool Fair!

Therefore, it is essential that these should be easy and quick to apply. Nothing more annoying than not be able to play because of an update taking ages to apply, or that doesn’t work correctly… We all experienced this issue at some point!

That’s the reason why we developed a program, the “Updater”, installing each update in a few minutes, and with only one click. The Updater is the interface that appears when you click on the WAKFU icon on your desktop:

This “tool” evolved quite a lot. That’s why we decided to show you the new version, on which I have been working for the last month:

The current version was just starting to age, and lacked stability: hence the new version. A good way to start 2013!


The new update system will be orientated toward performance and reliability.
For example, it will be able to determine the smallest patches for each file, ensuring that you won’t have to download anything you don’t need.
Unzipping the files will be done in the memory, simultaneously to the download, minimizing the writing required on the disk. Additionally to better performance, this also helps improve the durability of SSD disks that are used more and more, particularly on Laptop computers.
Several downloads/unzipping will be handled in parallel thanks to multi-core processors. The amount of files to update will only be based on your version and the latest one. You won’t have to install 36 patches if you didn’t log in for a few weeks!
All in all, with this new system, updates will apply much more quickly. Keep in mind however that the actual speed will always depend on your internet connection.
I’ll finish by adding that the architecture of this Updater will allow automatic repair of the game in case of corruption of one or more files… No more errors like “a file couldn’t be patched”!


We also improved the interface as you’ve seen earlier.
It will display a slider similar to the one already used on the login page. You will find all the latest news in colorful versions, as well as videos, such as trailers of the latest updates.
We hope that this system will be easier to read and provide better visibility of the news. Enough to keep you entertained while the game update!


We also decided to simplify the interface in order to limit the display of irrelevant information. Depending on the advance of the update, different elements will display.

On these screens you’ll notice an “Update” button. It will display on Windows Vista (and more recent versions) when you don’t have enough rights to update WAKFU.
Until now, you had to start the game as an administrator, which could lead to many issues, especially to play on a computer that doesn’t belong to you (at a friend’s place for example).
The new updater will install by default in your “User” folder: you won’t need specific rights anymore!
If you decide to install it on the “Program Files” folder, the UAC will only trigger when an update is required. You won’t be bothered anymore by this window.


These are some of the new features that will soon be available to you, note however that this tool will evolve throughout the year.
This updater will be compatible with:
  • Windows XP and more
  • Mac OS X 10.5 and more
  • Linux, notably Ubuntu and Mint.

It will be deployed in the next weeks progressively, until finally replacing the current updater completely.

At first it will only be installed with fresh installations of the game. Later on, the old Updater will automatically update to this new system. We will keep you informed!

As for me… I hope you’ll like this new tool!
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I actually like the look of the old one better :E But it doesn't really matter, it's just updater after all, if it's gonna work better, then great, though I never complained about the old one.
Score : 91
I like the look, keep up the good work!
Score : 5317
Sweet! I rarely had problems with updating, but this sounds like an excellent new system. smile
Cheers! biggrin 
Score : 268
Awesome!! Good work! now... give us 64bit Java 7 also and we're perfect! :-)
Score : 642
Ossum \o/

- Stylia
Score : 135
Work it harder, make it better
Do it faster, makes us stronger

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plz, add hidden option to show logs(%home%\wakfu\log\update.log) (to see connection problems like unavailable proxy e.t.c.), and Please!, PLEASE! write into this log in English language if it choosed by default lang of updater.
TY! °~°
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DPOH|2013-02-08 08:38:59
plz, add hidden option to show logs(%home%\wakfu\log\update.log) (to see connection problems like unavailable proxy e.t.c.), and Please!, PLEASE! write into this log in English language if it choosed by default lang of updater.
TY! °~°

Tha'ts the plan ! The will be a button for opening the folder containing the logs and the game preferences.
Still, the logs are not meant no be understood by non-techies players
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It's great to see improved functionality and stability.

As for improved user experience, I hope you also plan to give us patch notes directly in the updater whenever a patch is deployed. It's such a hassle to have to go to an external source (the website) to read text that could easily have been provided in simple txt format within the updater itself. Not to mention how nice it is to have something to do while waiting for a big download.

I also enjoy seeing information such as the file size of whatever patch it is downloading (preferably the total file size of all queued downloads) so that I can feel like I am in control of my own storage space, internet bandwidth, and time.

Thank you for reading.
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Please fix that administrator problem, its a bit annoying.
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