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New Respec System

By #[Grou] January 15, 2013, 16:00:00
Hi everyone, my name is Grou, and I take care of balancing and equipment items in WAKFU. Today, I would like to introduce a feature that will surely delight more than one of you: The new Spells and Abilities Respec System, deployed in the next update!

Why change the Respec system?

As you might have noticed in the recent months, any Respec in WAKFU has always been put forward as an exceptional event. But the latest evolution of the game and the work on balancing forced us to have more regular Respec during recent Content Updates.

This posed several problems for the team.

In fact, each update returned the crucial question: "Has there been a change to major spells? "" Did we fix a bug that will drastically change the gameplay of a class?", "Do these changes warrant a Respec?”. It was a lot of wasted time for us, not to mention the risk of making the wrong decision that would be very badly received by the community, generating a lot of frustration: Which is exactly the opposite of what we seek.

Therefore this was also posing problems for you.

Yes, the players are nowadays used to be able to Respec at will (almost) a character in their other games. This showing us as going against this now more standard practice. Result: The players who were not sure of a build, would not try anything, because of the fear of destroying their character. It is a shame for a tactical game where amazing and well thought out strategy can really make the difference!

Finally, it often happened that after a Respec, a player had missed the distribution of his spells, which required him to wait for the next Respec, which isn’t something very pleasant to have to go through…

For all these reasons, the approach of the Respec is about to be standardized in WAKFU.

How will the new system work?

It will be implemented through two in game quests and one consumable item that will be available in the Boutique.

1st Respect automatically offered at Level 30

The first quest offering you a Respec will trigger automatically at level 30. It will give you 48 hours to go to the Jonk of your nation and ask for your Respec. Overall, this quest will work the same way as the current "Restate of emergency", but its duration is 2 days instead of 7. Note that we're talking about two days in real time, and not ingame time.

If you are already level 30 or higher by the next content update, this Respec quest will automatically be offered to you: be careful, as you will then have 2 days from the end of the content update and the re-opening of the server to complete it. So do not wait too long to complete it!

Speaking to Jonk will teleport you also to a special instance dedicated to Respec. We will come back to this at the end of the article.

The decision to give you "free" access to this first Respec at level 30 is intended to allow you to correct errors early in the game that new players can commit. We do know and understand that it is difficult to understand the full impact of choices in early game, and it is important to be able to Respec when comes the time to "get serious."

2nd activable Respec starting at Level 30

The second quest offering you a Respec will be available starting level 30. To get it you have to go talk to the Jonk of your nation. He will ask you to bring him a large number of low-level resources, in exchange for which he will give you access to a Respec by sending you to the dedicated instance (as explained above). But be careful: This quest can only be completed once per month.

So it will be a long but accessible quest, which will make the Respec feasible by all characters, even if they are not level 105.

Incidentally, the low level resources required for the completion of this quest will gain value: even beginners will have an interest in harvesting them to sell them to players of higher levels interested in such goods.

3rd Respect via Boutique

There will be a third way to get a Respec: with a scroll available in our Boutique, which can be bought once a week and per account. This will allow you to simply be teleported into the Respec instance and make your changes. This scroll can be used at any character level. Subscribers and non-subscribers will be able to use it. It will not be tradable but will have no use limitation.

The Respect instance: How does it work?

To minimize “build” creation errors during a Respec, we abandoned the idea of simply giving back all the points and let the player make their changes without a safety net.

Now when you get a Respec, you will be teleported to a dedicated instance where Master Kano will offer you as many Respec as you want as long as you do not leave the instance. Near him, you can find a training dummy with 10 000 HP that will heal at every turn: ideal for testing all builds that run through your head! Note that if you leave the battle, you will not be returned to your phoenix and you will leave the battle without the De Darm state, and with all your HP points.

As soon as you leave the instance you will need to reactivate a Respec to be able to return to it, using one of the methods described above!

I hope that this special Dev Blog gives you an idea of what awaits you: the whole team hopes that these different Respec methods will be close to the expectations that you have shared with us in the last few months!

First Ankama intervention
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TheLockFilm|2013-01-16 14:11:04
just a question before i will gonna use my respec when it out. if i going to the testing area and i log out will i still be in it or will i send back but can come in agian. tell me please what happend when you log out in testing area thnx tongue

If you log out while in the Respec instance, you will be out of the instance when you come back in, and will have to do the quest again in order to get in (and therefore wait the 1 week or 1 month).

In other words: you will keep the last build you validated before logging off, and will not be able to change it again until you use another Respec.
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Well this will please some people, I like the training dummy.
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Another step in the right direction. Keep up the good work.
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The long awaited Respec System is here PRAISE THE TWELVE GODS!
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Awesome. The testing arena is a great idea.

Also loving that this isn't just a cash shop only thing wink 
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One word: PERFECT!!!
Congratz Ankama, you have earned yet another subscription from me!

Sorry for double posting, but I have some last minute doubts:

1 - The training dummy, will it be affected by spells that modify the target position?
For example, Osamodas Bwork Trump in Dragon form or any such spell, will it expose the dummy back for attack? Sacrier Attraction, will it move the dummy closer to the Sacrier?

2 - The second Respec quest, is it available once per month per character or per account?

Again, very nice addition, congratulations!
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This is pretty awesome Ankama, thanks a bunch :3
I'm already re-listing all the builds, I've been wanting to try for quite some time now, in my head x)

exciting indeed happy

~ Kanade
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"3rd Respect via Boutique" -- Ankama will get rich with this! xD
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NIGGA PLEAZE RESPAC MI VERY MACH?! ye i'd use it righ away
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Yay! I like the idea with the dummy. Finally we will be able to test our build as many times as we want before deciding how do we want it.
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Sweet c:
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Hey, but what can I change with a respec? Only my spells experience or can I change my specialty and ability points too?
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Finally general chat will not have to be spam by those ask for respec thread wink

so only we need now is login to the game without DC pop up.....
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I'm delighted *-*
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Thank you Jesus!
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LOVING the dummy and re-do option!! Awesome work!
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ChurroBurro|2013-01-15 18:23:38
Hey, but what can I change with a respec? Only my spells experience or can I change my specialty and ability points too?
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Thats pretty sad news. It could be nice if you could unlearn skills or abilities, then you could improve some other ones, but use the points somewhere else? Pff...

Now you can choose the easier branch to reach high levels and then put all the points in the best ending branch. No fun at all.

This game is nice the way it is. With this respec stuff its gonna be just a battle strategy game.
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Awesome , perhaps will stop all those "I need a respec topics"