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Calamar Island

By [Fhenris] - ANKAMA - November 20, 2012, 10:00:01
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Cool Revamp, and good explanation topic, even for f2p players, like me! xD!
And about "Wakfu map editor"? It seems a good program to the players keep their time! It would be cool if Ankama unlocked that program, just a idea xD!

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I just wanted to give you more information about the logic behind conquest islands.

First, the bonus of Calamar Island will not be “+10PP” but:
  • +10PP for 1 CM whish
  • +10PP/+13Dodge for 2 CM wishes
  • +10PP/+13Lock for 2 CM wishes

Why a low PP bonus?

The idea is to bring a PP bonus that cumulates with the more conquest islands your nation controls.

We planned to do it with the big RvR revamp to come, but we also wanted to implement this on the islands already in game.

That’s why the bonus on each island has to stay rather low, since each new island released will cumulate with the existing bonus!

In this intent, the “Wild Estate” will also receive a bonus of +10PP to the nation that owns it (in the next patch).

Note: This Island is different since it doesn’t have any CM wish, so the bonus will only be +10PP.

Why paying Kamas to take the island?

We decided to keep this rule for two reasons:
  • Avoid having groups starting a fight only to “test” a fight against a CM
  • The 500 kamas will go to the CM treasury and therefore to the nation controling the island. A good defense might just fill in the nation treasury! smile

Why Calamar and not another island?

We decided to work on this island before releasing new ones, due to its obvious lack of content.

This island had nothing to offer, whereas we want all contents of the game to bring their share of monsters, rewards, quests and achievements!

But don’t worry; the islands you knew during Beta are not far away…

Exclusive content

Concerning exclusive content for the nation owning the island, nothing’s done yet. There will not be any limitation for the dungeon as long as the RvR revamp isn’t implemented.

However, we intend to offer exclusive content to the nation controlling the island (only the nation, and not the allies) for two reasons:
  • Taking the island will be harder now. A nation that invested time and kamas should be rewarded accordingly: what could be better than exclusive content?
  • These are PvP islands where alliances are made and broken. If the content is available to everyone, why waging war?

But as I said, the RvR revamp is not here yet, and we will have many occasions to talk about it together. All of these are just ideas; nothing’s been set in stone yet.

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Hi there,

The Nation restriction on dungeons will probably not be applied based on the feedback we received.

I talked about exclusive content but dungeons are too restrictive. We will look into keeping the idea of exclusive content, without restricting access to the dungeons.

I’ll tell you more when we have a clearer concept.

Concerning allied/enemy Nations, what was planned (and not yet implemented) would be as follows:
  • Base content accessible to all
  • Content accessible to allies and nation controlling the island
  • Exclusive content for the nation controlling the island

We really worked on having 3 different levels of content in order to save the idea of alliance.

This is one of the main points, find the balance between the use of an alliance, and content that could lead to breaking one.

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Nillii|2012-11-20 11:11:07
I want that level editor to be released as a playground, I would love to make fan maps even though they would only be visual and non-interactive.

Arahitogami|2012-11-21 03:32:14
I want to get my hands on that development suite so bad! having the kit to design a wakfu island would be a serious labour of joy ^^

A million times this. I'm sad that the image of the island concept art is such high resolution, while the image of the map editor (what I really wanted to see in detail!) is so small... sad 
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