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Magmog the Gobbalrog

By [Zeorus] October 16, 2012, 16:00:00

The story of Magmog the Gobbalrog has been revealed! Discover his tragic past and begin your quest to defeat this Ultimate Boss located within the depths of the imposing volcano of Brakmar.Far away from civilization, in the volcanic and desert lands of Sidimote Moors, a fiery beast awaits…

Located deep within the heart of the volcano of Brakmar, lurks a creature bleeding of molten fire and rock. Confined to his lair of unbearable heat, he silently awaits adventurers who have the audacity to enter the gates of his estate. Nobody knows where he comes from or how he came to be… but fortunately, we have carried out some extensive research so you will be able to discover this creature for yourself.

Magmog is a Gobbalrog. A fire Gobball that was created by the brothers Karibd and Silar, the same two brothers who allowed the Shushus to invade the World of Twelve.

Karibd’s Journal

Here are excerpts from the Journal of Karibd that have been uncovered:

Journal of Karibd - Part 1

  • Novamaire 3rd:

Silar received a book by sheer luck today. It looks pretty old and seems to whisper words of an ancient type of magic.

  • Novamaire 18th:

I feel that we are approaching our goal. This time, the Gobball doesn't seem to be in pain and feel the heat so much when he's lit up. Unfortunately, that didn't stop him from turning into a burnt Gobball in the end though. At least now we have something to eat tonight…

  • Novamaire 21st:

This is it! We finally managed to ignite a Gobball without killing him! I nicknamed this one: Magmog. He even appears to be heating up the whole room. He’s even better than a fireplace! Regrettably, he has already burned two of my pants, as well as the carpet, by rolling over them. This little experiment might just end up costing me a lot.

Journal of Karibd - Part 2

  • Descendre 3rd, 20:

Magmog has grown a lot recently. He doesn't eat that much but he seems to absorb any flame that happens to be nearby. There's absolutely no hope of lighting a fire in the fireplace, and even less chance of lighting up the lanterns. He has become our only source of light in the house. The problem is that we can't figure out how to switch him off at night so that we can finally sleep.

  • Descendre 7th, 20:

This cannot go on! He set my Wodent on fire, just by rubbing up next to it. We'll have to separate ourselves from Magmog. Silar has spotted this grotto near the volcano in Brakmar. Magmog will feel much more at home there, and he will be less likely to burn anyone.

Brakmar’s Gate

The Magmog quest begins in the Sidimote Moors in Brakmar. When approaching the lair of this nightmarish creature, you can see a mysterious door at the foot of the volcano. This door is engraved with an inscription of an unknown language. The sight of skeletons lying on the entrance of the alleged cave can only make you shudder with fear, or excitement, at the idea of ​​what you may find behind the wall...

Deciphering this message will not be an easy task, and your journey will take you to the Undieworld where a riddle will be waiting for you, and then to Forfut, its castle, and its library...


The Burning Crusade

Once you have gathered all the elements required to understand the message, you learn that you will need to get the fire of the Brakmar volcano to open the door. To retrieve it, you find a well hidden Zaap that will take you directly to the heart of the volcano. Once inside, inflamed monsters awaits you.

Embers of Fire: Magmog Awaits

You are almost there! You will just need to continue through the mysterious door (thanks to the Volcano Fire) to find yourself in Magmog's antechamber, and then discover the warm companion awaiting your visit.



There are many great rewards that await the courageous adventurers who passed this fiery test without the fear of being roasted.

Legendary Items



Gobbalrog Set

Magmog Set

So what are you waiting for!? The Magmog is eager to set you on fire! Encounter him in Brakmar today!
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I'm waiting for :
  • unlock level 120
  • have more chance to fight this boss each week ._.
  • more player
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Nice opening image
Score : 1252
Ppl if anyone found the way to kill magmog , just do not publish it no youtube movies ,nothing not let anyone to know it how u did it. Couz i have noticed that ankama have damn plan to not let anyone find the way to kill it . Everytime that som1 found the way they "fixed it in the next patch"

Its simple plan to keep ppl in motivation and playing sleep
They want us to wait for new equips lv new cups to win with it thats all
Simple psychology...
Score : 3992
People on the FR server managed to kill it, but they used water ecas so its down to luck.

I had a multi feca team planned so -160% water res on magmog but Intimidate aura no longer stacks. according to the calculations the team should have been able to kill magmog in 6-7 full turns.

So now you can get magmog to only -40 water res with a feca, you can get it lower with other classes, magmog should be perfectly doable with a few practice runs.
Score : 1252
The ankama judgement will get ya
U can tell good bye to your plan...
Score : 3992
Batmanoman|2012-10-16 23:57:02
The ankama judgement will get ya
U can tell good bye to your plan...

My planes went straight out the window with the Intimidate Aura changes.
Score : 1252
But they will not let u do it, u r not getting that what im trying to tell u xD
Maybe u will win once but if u will show how then they will change it .
Score : 3992
Well magmog is ment to be fought by lvl 115 players.
Score : 1252
Exactly, everything what happened till lv 115 is unreachabble will be taken by them as bug xD
Or lets just call it"Failed plan"

They are like annoying boss in the work ." When he sees someone who is such clever to finish that what he had to do and now doing nothing , then he will just give him another work to do" xD
Score : 558
Er. I'm not sure I understand - wasn't all of this already in the game? or have they changed something?
Score : 1850
that is cool!
Score : 582
Silus87|2012-10-17 04:14:12
Er. I'm not sure I understand - wasn't all of this already in the game? or have they changed something?

They just promoting it "again" tongue 
Score : 7500
I have to agree, if anyone finds a way to kill it, keep it in a close circle. Or else Ankama will buff it more. Maybe they will make it immune to dmg or smthin... idk
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